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Happy Plugs Launches Noise Cancelling, Wireless Headphones

With 6 different ergonomically shaped ear tips sizes the Air 1 ANC fit securely to ensure an optimized fit in your ears.

Happy Plugs has announced the addition of the Air 1 ANC to their family of truly wireless headphones at an extremely competitive price point of $149.99. This marks the sixth generation of true wireless headphones for the brand and an exciting upgrade to their portfolio already consisting of Air 1 Go and Air 1 Plus. The Air 1 ANC allows the user to remove unwanted sounds by blocking out the world around you to enjoy the music or the sweet sound of silence.

Designed in Sweden to bring you the latest in fashion, function, and technology; the Air 1 ANC offers a battery life of 5.5 hours (7h without ANC on) of battery in a single charge and a total 30 hours (38 hours without ANC on) with the included storage and charging case. 

The best of both worlds, Hybrid ANC combines feedforward and feedback ANC (≥30DB, Peak 35db) noise cancelling technology, capturing both the noise outside and inside the headphones. Equipped with double ANC microphones that counter external sound with anti-noise cancelling. 

The Air 1 ANC provides a reliable Bluetooth connection maximizing the use of the antenna. In addition, the independent right/left (R/L) earphones maintain stable connection with proper sound balance between right and left channels, allowing users to enjoy immersive content and viewing experiences in any environment, regardless of the smartphone or operating system (OS). Charge in the speed of light with Type-C USB or wireless charging. A 10 minute Type-C USB charge gives you an additional 60 minutes of playtime.

With the software algorithm, the microphones pick up speech and suppress ambient noise for the clearest possible calls of all our true wireless earphones. 

The touch sensor allows the users to easily switch among Transparency Sound mode, Noise Cancelling mode and Off with the tap of a finger, further enhancing and personalizing the listening experience. Transparency mode lets you amplify the sounds of your ambient environment. It enables you to hear what is going on around you as well as engaging in a conversation without having to remove the Air 1 ANC from your ears. 

With 6 different ergonomically shaped ear tips sizes the Air 1 ANC fit securely to ensure an optimized fit in your ears. Designed with a contemporary look that remains faithful to the Happy Plugs’ spirit of fashion tech, the Air 1 ANC blends seamlessly with your everyday style, whether it’s a street look, tailored suit, or gym gear.  

 The Air 1 ANC, retailing for just USD $149.99 (EUR €149.99, CAD $199.99, GBP 119.99, JPY 16,980, SEK 1,499), will be available for presale on happyplugs.com on July 23 and will come in five fashion forward colorways – White, Black, Blue, Green and the online exclusive Gold . The Air 1 ANC will be available in Happy Plugs worldwide retail accounts and shipping from happyplugs.com August 12, 2020. For more information, please visit www.happyplus.com.