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Panasonic Expands OLED TV Line-Up

The Panasonic HZW984 series is available in screen sizes of 65 and 55-inches.

In the last few weeks the demand for televisions has increased significantly. The television with the highest sales in Germany is a Panasonic OLED TV, according to Panasonic. The TV business remains one of the company’s strongest business areas in Germany. With the release of the new 4K OLED TV series HZW984 here at IFA, Panasonic is ideally positioned to build on this success. The HZW984 is particularly aimed at viewers who want to experience films at home as well as in the cinema.

The HZW984 series is available in screen sizes of 65 and 55-inches. Thanks to the HCX Pro Intelligent processor, the models have the most innovative image processing that has ever been used by Panasonic and, with their high computing power, are able to extract unsurpassed details and accuracy in color, contrast and sharpness from the image.

 Another plus is the Filmmaker Mode with Intelligent Sensing developed by the UHD Alliance, with which viewers can experience films exactly as the directors and producers intended. If the function is activated by remote control, the frame rate, aspect ratio, color and contrast of the original content are adopted and the noise reduction and sharpness optimization are switched off at the same time. The Panasonic exclusive Intelligent Sensing feature ensures that the image is intelligently adapted to the ambient light. This means that the viewer sees all details perfectly even in a bright living room environment and can enjoy HDR10, HDR10 +, HLG and SDR content with brilliant and detailed picture quality. 

But it’s not just the great pictures that create a real cinema feeling in the living room of the HZW984. The sound is also Hollywood-ready thanks to Reference Surround Sound and Dolby Atmos®, which can otherwise be found in the most modern cinemas. This gives the sound astonishing clarity, richness and depth. The integrated audio system can also be supplemented by an additional subwoofer, which provides rich bass for an even more atmospheric sound experience. Other audio devices such as sound bars, wireless speakers or Bluetooth® headphones can also be connected via HDMI 2.1 eARC or Bluetooth® Audio Link. In addition, the sound of telephones can be played through the speakers of the television. 

Like no other manufacturer, Panasonic relies on the greatest flexibility in television reception. The new OLED series is equipped with the Quattro tuner with twin concept, which is equipped for all reception channels. The television sets are therefore perfectly suited for reception via satellite, cable and antenna and an external set-top box, even when moving and the associated change in the reception path, is a thing of the past. In addition, with the integrated TV> IP Server & Client, another reception path is available, which ensures the distribution and reception of programs in the home network and is only available from Panasonic. So the viewer can choose the location of the device completely independently of an antenna connection.

Thanks to the twin concept, it is also possible to watch one program live while a second one is being recorded on a USB hard drive at the same time. Even two UHD programs can be recorded in parallel. So you are guaranteed not to miss an important program. Two CI Plus slots allow the decryption of Pay TV programs. 

Panasonic supports the HbbTV operator app standard, which was first introduced last year and which further simplifies everyday television convenience and offers new options and functions. If desired, the user can activate the HbbTV Operator App for HD + and the streaming provider Xumo (for Germany), which bundles free-to-air international TV channels in one app, as well as HD Austria (for Austria). The app starts automatically every time the TV is switched on, integrates perfectly into the Panasonic operating philosophy and provides the entire functionality of the provider. With the HbbTV Operator App, the offers from HD +, Xumo or HD Austria can be used without additional hardware such as an external module or set-top box and the associated costs. Without registration, the viewer can, for example, receive all common free channels as well as the 24 private HD and 3 UHD channels included in the HD + package for six months free of charge. In addition, numerous convenience functions are integrated that are not possible when receiving via an external module.

Netflix Calibrated Mode

The new TVs in the HZW984 series are among the models that support Netflix Calibrated Mode. This is a picture mode that configures the TV at home just as the filmmakers calibrate their monitors in post-production. Easy to use: My Home Screen 5.0 and voice control

The new OLED models offer maximum convenience thanks to the innovative My Home Screen 5.0 user interface. With fast-loading thumbnails and just one level to navigate, viewers can go straight to their favorite streaming services and applications like Netflix or Amazon. They also support the voice assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which enable the user to control the most important functions using voice commands. Without even having to use the remote control, the device can be switched on and off, the program changed or the volume adjusted with a simple sentence.