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LG Craft Ice Feature Expands in Refrigerator Lineup

LG Craft Ice

LG Electronics is expanding its slow-melting LG Craft Ice technology to 19 refrigerator models while adding additional new features to the lineup.

These smart, Wi-Fi-connected LG refrigerators with Craft Ice can produce double the amount of Craft Ice from three to six spheres in the same amount of time for bespoke beverages at home.  Consumers can also now choose from new LG refrigerator models with a Full-Convert drawer that switches among five custom fridge-to-freezer temperatures, LG InstaView “knock on” glass technology, and what LG says is the largest capacity French-door refrigerators on the market.

Owners of 2019 models can also partake of the new Craft Ice+ feature via a software download when they connect their fridge to the LG ThinQ app. The refrigerators have the ability to store up to 25 ice spheres in the freezer drawer bin in addition to an auto-replenishment feature.

LG Craft Ice refrigerators also feature ice in the door and a water dispenser that measures the exact amount (4, 8, 16 or 32 ounces) of fresh, filtered water, automatically turning off when done.

New to the Craft Ice lineup are the new 4-door InstaView French door models featuring LG’s first Full-Convert drawer (models LRMVS3006 and LRMVC230). The drawer’s temperature can be changed with a touch of a button, enabling users to increase usable freezer space to 40 percent or refrigerator capacity by 10 percent. Five temperature profiles meet various needs: Chilled Wine (41°), Deli/Snacks (37°), Cold Drinks (33°), Meat/Seafood (29°), and Freeze (-7°).