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Leica Intros SL2-S for Photography, Videography

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Leica has released its Model SL2-S, for imaging performance in both photography and video production. It features the new 24-megapixel CMOS-BSI sensor and two separate recording modes for photos and videos, and an all-metal body for long-term durability, says the company.

The Leica SL2-S expands the SL-System with a full-frame camera that serves as an option for creatives who seek the Leica Look in both still and motion pictures. It provides high-speed shooting at continuous burst rates up to 25 frames per second at full resolution, and its pro-level cinema capabilities encompass 10-bit 4K and Cine4K video with no recording length limits.

The core element of the Leica SL2-S is the newly developed backside-illuminated CMOS full-frame image sensor with a resolution of 24 megapixels. The data collected by the sensor is processed by the camera’s Maestro-III processor in conjunction with the 4-gigabyte buffer memory. This enables endless continuous shooting at up to 9 frames per second, where the burst length in JPEG format is only limited by the capacity the memory cards in the camera’s dual UHS-II card slots.

The SL2-S also features a stabilized image sensor, for multi-axis image stabilization to be used with any Leica lens mounted to the body for a steadier shot that yields sharper results choosing slower shutter speeds. This sensor-shift technology also enables multi-shot capturing, automatically combining eight shots into one image with a fourfold resolution of 96 megapixels. A sensitivity of up to ISO 100,000 – combined with fast autofocus and in-body image stabilization – enables photographers to capture excellent images in all kinds of environments and even the dimmest of light, says Leica.

The SL2-S is also the first SL model to enable direct tethered shooting with Capture One 21. This gives users the option of full remote control of the camera via the computer through the chosen software of many pro photographers and digital techs. In addition, the SL2-S can also be tethered to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic for seamless integration to Adobe’s  photographic workflow application. An extended 90-day trial of the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan is included when purchasing the camera. The Leica SL2-S shares many core attributes of its sibling model, the Leica SL2, such as the unique operating concept and high-resolution Leica EyeRes viewfinder, and uses the SL2’s full accessory range. And the all-metal SL2-S also features weather sealing with a certified IP54 rating against dust and spray water; it enables endless shooting and video recording without overheating, says the company, and, Leica adds, it is produced in Germany to the highest quality standards.

The Leica SL2-S provides not just photographers but also videographers and cinematographers with shooting possibilities which are continuously optimized via the firmware updates released for SL-System cameras on an ongoing basis. The Leica SL2-S captures 10-bit 4:2:2 videos with Leica’s L-LOG gamma profile, at frame rates of up to 60 fps. Thanks to the integrated viewing LUTs (lookup tables), the user will have full control for optimal color quality and post-processing grading throughout the recording. Another pro-level trait is the camera’s unlimited video recording time, meaning the video length is only limited by the SD card or external storage capacity. Through future firmware developments, the camera will also support the HEVC video compression standard for internal 10-bit recordings up to 4K/60p directly to the SD card. This will also allow videos to be split into one-minute segments to minimize the risk of data loss. Other enhanced features, such as an integrated waveform monitor and automatic Follow Focus, will be added with the next firmware update, further enhancing the camera’s suitability for pro applications and long-term use.

Being equipped with the L-Mount makes the Leica SL2-S compatible with not just the SL-System’s extensive lens portfolio but also with APS-C TL-Lenses and, via adapter, with lenses from the Leica M, R, and S-System. The L-Mount Alliance provides SL2-S owners with access to over 40 autofocus lenses from Leica and alliance partners. In addition, Leitz Cine lenses can also be adapted to the Leica SL2-S. All the new features of the Leica SL2-S along with its established inherited qualities stemming from the Leica SL2, make this camera, at $4,895, suitable as an all-rounder for still photography and cinematic videography, says the company.