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UNBOXED: Reviewing the LG CordZero A9 Kompressor Stick Vacuum with Power Mop

LG CordZero A9 Kompressor Stick Vacuum with Power Mop Review

In these unusual times of home schooling and home office work, household appliances are being tasked to perform above and beyond their normal use cycles to meet changing consumer requirements. Quick cleanups, in between all that needs to be taken care of in these times, is rather impractical with a corded vacuum cleaner. A great solution: A cord-free vacuum to bridge the gap between a portable handheld and traditional tethered vacuums. 

The LG CordZero is an ambitious offering, with its great convenience, usability, and easy maintenance. But let’s have a look at the details. 

Multiple Cleaning Options with Extra Power 

One main advantage of the LG CordZero A9 Kompressor is its versatility through its various accessories, a freestanding charging base and the extra battery. This model covers all the bases as a carpet, hardwood and furniture cleaner.  

The freestanding charging and accessory-storing base makes the LG outstanding. You don`t have to wall-mount it. Not only does it charge the vacuum while it is attached; it also charges the extra battery. This makes available an extra round of vacuuming without interruption for charging, in normal mode, as a stick vacuum – up to 60 minutes each battery. You can see that LG spent time on the charging base design, given all the attention it has paid to details. For example, there are the clamps to better manage the charging cable – it simply looks better.  

Good Suction, Large Dust Bin 

The Universal Nozzle can be used for hardwoods and carpet. With it`s three suction levels (Normal, Power, Turbo) the LG CordZero A9 Kompressor is doing a great job with smaller and finer pieces of dirt. Only for larger pieces I had to lift the vacuum because it doesn`t have a wide opening. The Kompressor in it`s name means, that you can compress the dustbin simply by using the lever, which results in a capacity of 33.8 ounces and makes it easier to empty. 

Easy Maintenance and Maneuverability 

Throughout and including its washable components and filters, the LG CordZero A9 Kompressor is designed for minimal upkeep. It offers more maneuverability than most upright vacuums and more flexibility when used as a handheld. On top of that, the LG CordZero is lightweight and runs easily around tight spaces, corners and furniture. 

Power Mop 

Hard floors get their finishing touch with the Power Mop. Simply fill tap water into the integrated tank in the mop attachment and floors can be mopped with two different humidity settings. No chemicals are needed.