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Sleek Lyric Therapeutic Massager Looks Good Next to an iMac

Lyric Therapeutic Massager
The Lyric therapeutic massager in "Terracota" next to its wireless charging cradle.

Whether you spend eight hours a day sitting at a desk or are an avid 5K runner, you know that taking care of your body is important. Life takes a toll on it, and no one wants to be dealing with daily pain and discomfort. So people are looking at technology now more than address their health and wellness goals. This week, Lyric unveiled its most advanced personal massager to date: The Wi-Fi-enabled Lyric therapeutic massager, which is marketed as a solution towards the average consumer who may be in the wellness market for a less aggressive massage gun than the ones marketed towards elite athletes.  

“Never before has a massage device offered the technology, aesthetic, and experience to answer so many unmet consumer needs, not just those of serious athletes,” said Hugh Williams, Lyric co-founder, in the press release. “Each detail of the Lyric has been thoughtfully designed based on extensive research and feedback to create an unmatched wellness experience. Now, people won’t have to choose between what they want and what their bodies and minds need – with the Lyric, they can have it all in one device.”

The Lyric massager features a touch-screen that allows users to directly cycle through and choose their massage therapy options. Most other personal massagers offering similar variations in therapy rely on compatible mobile apps to control message settings, which adds extra cumbersome steps for users.  Moreover, the Wi-Fi capabilities of the Lyric massager allow it to automatically receive the latest software upgrades, therapies, and wellness content. The Lyric massager operates using the typical range of frequencies found in massage guns that dictate the speed of the massage head, but the device has a lower amplitude, meaning the massage head travels a shorter distance in-between oscillations. According to Lyric, this trait yields a nonaggressive massage experience as the high frequency with low amplitude requires less pressure from the device to achieve therapeutic results. 

Finally, the Lyric massager stimulates the nervous system using Rhythm Therapy™. Instead of operating at a sole frequency, it vibrates in wavelike patterns that are designed to mimic naturally occurring rhythms. According to Lyric, these rhythmic frequencies provided by the massager positively affect the endocrine, as well as musculoskeletal and nervous systems.  

“Therapies that incorporate rhythmic frequencies have the ability to guide the body to its parasympathetic mode, allowing it to slow down and rest, but they can also activate the body’s sympathetic mode, leading to feeling alert, awake, and energized,” said Dr. Jena Gatses, DPT, LMT, SFMA, CSCS. “The therapy options provided by the Lyric offer a range of benefits, including pain relief, calm, and energy, for an intuitive and customized experience.”

Available in a coterie of different colors–light blue, soft orange, off-white, dark grey, or black–the Wi-Fi-enabled Lyric therapeutic massager features a sophisticated minimalist design that wouldn’t look too out of place next to an Apple or Sonos product.  It also can be paired with an optional extension handle to help you reach those out out-of-reach spots.

The new Wi-Fi-enabled Lyric therapeutic massager can be found online or at select retailers including Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, Meijer, REI, and Target. The device sells for $199.95.