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Yeedi 3-in-1 Vac Station Cleans Rugs, Floors, and Itself

Yeedi vac station self-cleaning vacuum and mop on a pedestal

Cleaning your house can be time-consuming because you must sweep, mop, and sometimes vacuum. That’s where robo-vacs come in, and in recent years, these automated devices have become smarter and more feature-packed, the better to save you time and stress while “setting and forgetting it.” The Yeedi vac station self-emptying vacuum and mop cleaner can help clean your home in less than two hours, preparing it for any guests while you cook dinner or make other party preparations. From carpet to hardwood to tile, any surface can be automatically identified by the vacuum, which then adjusts its cleaning settings accordingly.

A woman using the Yeedi vacuum on her carpet

The device is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so it can respond to vocal commands. Another way to control the vacuum is through the Yeedi app, which allows users to control what areas and times the device will clean. Virtual boundaries can be set on the app so you can tell the device what areas are off-limits or if you want to send it to clean up a mess in a specific area. One charge gives the vacuum 200 minutes of run time, allowing up to 2,000 square feet to be covered. Once the device is done with its job, it returns to its self-cleaning station and automatically empties its dust bin. The vac station can store up to 30 days of dust and debris before the dust bag will need to be replaced. The Yeedi vac station has a 1-year warranty and comes with the robot vacuum and dust bag replacements — all for $499.99.

The Yeedi vacuum on a carpet.

To see how good this robot vacuum is, I put the Yeedi vacuum to the test. I set up the vacuum station in less than 30 minutes, connected the vacuum to my Yeedi app, and named my device. Before any cleaning happened, the vacuum used smart map navigation to learn my apartment’s floor plan and figure out what obstacles to avoid. If the device got stuck, I would get a notification from the app, but the robot’s voice assistant would ask for help in case I wasn’t near my phone. At first, the device got stuck a few times, but after it learned my floor plan, it had no problem navigating around my apartment. The Yeedi vac cleaned my carpets and hardwood floors with ease, and whenever it was low on battery it would return to its charging station to juice up. After it reaching full charge, it would resume its work and finish whatever areas it had not cleaned.

The Yeedi vac checking into its self-cleaning vac station.

One thing I did find to be vexing was how often the vacuum would get tangled on small area rugs or bathmats. The suction would be a little too strong and the vacuum would take the rug or mat with it as it went to clean other areas. If there’s nothing to secure the object onto the ground, I suggest keeping it out of the Yeedi vacuums way. While the device did avoid objects, it had difficulty avoiding my pets, but that’s not the vacuum’s fault as my cat is always curious. My cat was able to press the power button at the top, causing the machine to pause while it was cleaning. This could be a potential problem for those with pets at home because it prevents the vacuum from finishing its job. For those with pets, I suggest keeping them away from the device while it’s cleaning. Alternatively, they can schedule the vacuum to clean when they know they will be home, so they can hear if their pets have accidentally paused it. All that said, I was impressed with how well the vacuum was able to clean up pet hair from the carpet in my apartment and it ultimately put my old vacuum to shame.

The Yeedi vacuum can handle carpets and floors.

One feature I appreciated was the device’s mopping capability. The Yeedi comes with a mopping pad attachment that needs to be soaked with water before use. In my tests, the Yeedi’s mopping function didn’t remove any of the dried or hardened stains, so I would recommend using the mopping pad only for any immediate spills. The tougher stains still required me to get a traditional mop and use more force to get them off the floor. The Yeedi’s mopping pad has to be manually washed for the next use, which is a little less automated than the self-cleaning vacuum functionality, but certainly not a dealbreaker.

Overall, I enjoyed using the Yeedi vac because it was easy to operate and fit the cleaning needs of my apartment. Setting up the Yeedi vacuum took fewer than 20 minutes and I was able to operate the device from my phone with ease. While the floors were being vacuumed, I was able to focus on tidying up other parts of my apartment, which ultimately reduced the amount of time I spent cleaning. The self-cleaning station is a nice plus for those who use the device constantly and don’t like cleaning out the dust trap constantly.

The Yeedi vac station self-emptying mop & mop cleaner is currently available at Yeedi.com and Amazon for $499.99.