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CARPET ONE Is Tineco’s First Smart Carpet Cleaner

Tineco Smart Carpet Cleaner

This year at CES 2022, Tineco, known for its floor care and smart home appliances, revealed the CARPET ONE. This appliance is the company’s first smart carpet and upholstery cleaner that guides users through its cleaning process.  

Apart from carpets, the CARPET ONE Smart Cleaner can clean upholstery and stairs as well. The device comes with a hose and stain remover tool to help clean any hard-to-reach areas. The water is kept at a high temperature during cleaning with its “Heated Wash” technology. Another feature the cleaner has is “Power Dry” technology, which extracts any water from surfaces while hot air is blown onto the carpet, reducing drying time by 30 minutes. If users are unsure if the carpet is dry, the dryness meter built into the screen indicates a dryness level through a humidity sensor.  

As seen in earlier models, Carpet ONE is equipped with iLoop Smart Sensor Technology. This technology can detect messes and apply the proper amount of suction and water power to clean efficiently. The CARPET ONE Smart Cleaner has 130AW of suction power and a motor power of 1300W. The LED screen will go from red to blue when an object is completely clean so users don’t clean more than necessary. The series includes two other models: the CARPET ONE PRO, which has an advanced LCD screen that displays animations and the iCARPET, which is only for carpet cleaning. 

See it in action in the video below:

Tineco’s CARPET ONE video from CES 2022.