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Walmart’s GoLocal Expands Rapid Delivery Services Beyond Food

Walmart GoLocal more than just food

In 2021, the United States quick commerce market totaled somewhere between $20 billion and $25 billion, according to estimates from Coresight Research. At the moment, this segment is significantly focused on food delivery, but that dynamic is set to change with Walmart’s GoLocal delivery service, which is expanding fulfillment options to a variety of retail categories including consumer tech. While the service is a product of the retail behemoth, it is designed to be utilized by Walmart itself and separate retailers alike. For example, this past October, GoLocal announced that Home Depot would become its first retail client. One of the unique features of the GoLocal service is that it doesn’t have any customer-facing interface so as not to encroach on the consumer-retailer relationship of outside clients. 

This last-mile service can get products to consumers in as little as 15 minutes. Walmart currently has 5,300 retail outlets spread across the United States, with many located in rural and non-urban areas, providing vast opportunities for the last mile service’s utilization. It’s this wide footprint that puts Walmart’s GoLocal service in a position to compete with other white label delivery options; Shipt, for example, supports delivery from Best Buy, while Instacart has partnered with BigLots. “There’s a lot of smaller businesses that have been left out largely outside of the restaurant verticals,” said Walmart GoLocal General Manager Harsit Patel in an interview conducted by Retail Dive. “We’re going to extend these services to any size of local business and then work with them to help them strengthen their relationships with their customers.”

In other news, Lenco, the Dutch audio solutions provider, has just released its new 400 range turntables to celebrate the company’s 75th anniversary. The 400 range includes the 410 model, which comes with a wooden finish, the 430 model, which comes in black or brown, and the 440 model, which is available in blue or grey fabric. Each turntable is equipped with four speakers consisting of two 15 watt drivers and two 10 watt drivers. The device is also equipped with a Bluetooth receiver so the user can stream music directly to the speakers from any tablet or smartphone.


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