Home Business News Walmart Sues BJ’s Over Alleged Technology Infringement

Walmart Sues BJ’s Over Alleged Technology Infringement

Walmart Sues BJ's

Walmart is suing the wholesale retailer BJ’s for alleged infringement of its Scan & Go technology. First rolled out in 2016, Walmart’s Scan & Go technology allows customers to scan items on their phones as they shop in order to avoid waiting in checkout lines. And, although Walmart discontinued the use of the technology in 2018, it is still a prominent feature at Sam’s Club locations across the country. Walmart alleges that BJ’s Express Pay, which went live last year, took the technological innovation without permission

In other news, Nvidia has just developed a new Neural Radiance Field (NeRF) technology, which is able to instantly create 3D objects from 2D images. NeRF technology includes AI algorithms that are able to take the 2D images and interpolate information that the images weren’t able to capture to create a 3D image. According to Nvidia, the technology can be used to help train robots and help autonomous driving systems map out the size and shape of real-life objects.  

Finally, last week, ProjectorScreen.com in collaboration with AVS Forum hosted the first annual ultra-short throw (UST) projector showcase. The event, which took place in New Jersey, featured over 16 projectors from brands such as Hisense, LG, BenQ, Optoma, Samsung, and Epson. The purpose of the event wasn’t to name a winner; rather, it was an opportunity for retailers and attendees to compare a wide array of UST projectors on the market. ProjectorScreen.com gave attendees $200 in credit towards any item featured at the event. Events such as this are a beneficial way for retailers to get hands-on experience with a wide array of products all at once to make important inventory decisions.


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