Home Business News How Teens Are Bailing Out Understaffed Businesses

How Teens Are Bailing Out Understaffed Businesses

How Teens Are Bailing Out Understaffed Businesses

As we reported last week, a record 4.5 million workers quit their jobs in March and the number of job openings in the economy also grew to an all-time high of 11.5 million. This dynamic has created the ideal conditions for teenagers looking to capitalize on part-time and summer job opportunities. These teens who are eager to fill vacancies in low-wage positions have come to the rescue of businesses that have struggled to fill vacancies in retail as a result of the ongoing national labor shortage. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for workers ages 16-19, typically one of the most expendable sectors in the workforce, reached 10.2 percent in April, which is just shy of the 68-year low of 9.6 percent from last May. This astounding resurgence comes just two years after teen unemployment reached an all-time high of 31.9 percent early in the pandemic. At the moment, roughly one out of every three teens holds positions within the workforce. 

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