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Workers Want Remote Job Opportunities, Survey Says

Person working a remote job

According to a new survey by McKinsey & Company, flexible work arrangements are now a top three factor among those searching for new jobs, topped only by greater pay and better career opportunities. The survey goes on to show that 87 percent of workers would accept when offered flexible or remote job arrangements. These numbers indicate that a huge shift in workforce desire for a flexible job has taken place in recent years, brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The survey, which involved 25,000 Americans, also reported that 58 percent of respondents are able to work from home at least one day a week, although a smaller figure of 35 percent are able to do so five days a week. These numbers cover a wide number of occupations, from farmers to computer-based jobs, making the relatively high figures even more impressive.

But the survey does not only identify positive, eager aspects of flexible or remote work opportunities. It points out that those working in flexible models (ones that are not entirely remote or in-office) reported the most obstacles to job performance, with in-office reporting the least, though the survey report makes sure to point out that their research was unable to find out why these obstacles were more highly identified among certain groups.

Despite the potential drawbacks highlighted in the survey, it seems that the desire for remote work is here to stay, with more jobs needing to consider a more flexible environment to be attractive to job seekers, especially in industries that more easily support this kind of work environment.