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    Gamer Girl: Why Retailers Should Consider Entering The Gaming Industry


    Video Games are universal, almost everyone who has technology has played a game before. Whether it’s an app, a console, in an arcade, or online, video games are everywhere. While some people are heavily into gaming, others do enjoy games casually and it’s a good way to kill time when waiting. According to Weplayholding.com,  around 200 million people in the US play video games, these could be new potential clients for retailers. Games can be used for multiple reasons, it could be for education, fitness, therapy, and more.

    A woman using a VR gaming headset while she exercises.
    Woman sitting on a stationary bike wearing a virtual reality headset to watch the progress of her ride and calculate distance, calories burned, and speed.

    The great thing about the gaming industry for retailers is that they don’t have to create games to be involved. Just like how technology is constantly evolving so do games. The graphics that new games have are of higher quality and require the proper equipment to play them. VR games require a headset with the ability to run a game with a high frame rate, video games require consoles, and even gaming apps need a phone with RAM to run properly. Games are not the only product sold in the industry and the technology required to enjoy games fully will always be needed. People that are PC gamers need a strong desktop or laptop, a comfortable gaming chair, multiple monitors, a spacious desk, and something to organize their wires, and that’s just the basic setup. Gamers that stream needs more items like audio equipment, and a camera with high definition. One area where gaming companies are weaker and retailers can excel is in customization options.

    Most game consoles come with a standard set of colors or just one color in general. These limited options are quite boring if you ask me and all the game consoles that I own I have customized myself. Not that the color choices for some consoles are bad, but I am tired of seeing pink as the one “girly” color choice. As a girl, this is annoying because pink isn’t the only color that we like. Pink is not even one of my top three favorite colors. This is where retailers can step in and give consumers the power of customization. Being able to have custom designs on certain items makes people feel like the device has been personalized to their tastes. On Tiktok, some creators make custom designs for controllers and consoles and people can’t get enough.

    A family gaming together
    A family playing some video games in the living room.

    Games are for everyone, which widens the potential customers’ retailers can reach. From children to adults, most gaming accessories can be used by anyone. But before retailers who are new to the gaming industry start selling gaming products, they should research what feedback people in the gaming community often give on certain products. If retailers start creating products people are asking for that will differentiate their product from a competitor. For example, if someone says they don’t like how easily the buttons on controllers get dirty, retailers should look into making a product that can clean the controller safely or something to protect the buttons from dirt and grime.

    While the gaming industry is competitive, it’s not perfect. Retailers can get involved in the gaming industry market by creating more consumer-friendly products and customization options. If you’re still wary about entering the market, try collaborating with another business that has expressed interest in the market as well. This could help create a successful long-lasting partnership.