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Finishing the Year Strong: Rebranding for a New Year


As the year ends, most consumer electronics retailers are in the same place: What will the next year bring for them? Most take this time to reflect and consider what the business can do better next year. For some retailers, this means a rebrand. Do you know where to start if a rebrand is in your business’ future?

Logo and Branding Materials

The best place to start with any rebrand is with the look and name of your company. If you specialize in audio, you could have an image of a microphone or headphones and a related term. Home automation quickly identifies with a house and Wi-Fi symbol.

If rebranding brings a new name, keep your social media channels in mind as you pick a name. Keep it short to not take up many characters on Twitter and test it out on the social channels if you already have an established audience, just in case the name is taken by someone else. It is also often overlooked that the URL of your website should reflect the name change and then have the old RUL point to the new site in case of old business cards floating around.

Marketing Plan

Next is moving to a marketing plan. Begin with the basics: business cards, mailers and websites. Then plan a content calendar of how you want to announce the rebranding. Giving a few weeks notice to your customers is a great idea. If you surprise your customers and change names and images overnight, it could cause confusion and a loss of customers. The content calendar should include a blog post about the change for your site, any press releases to local news and then plan out social posts across the platforms.

After the planning comes the launch of your rebranding. Use all the avenues, from social to word of mouth, to show off your business’ new look and direction.