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Panasonic to Debut a New 4K Studio Camera Early Next Year

Panasonic release new camera for next year

Panasonic Connect Co., Ltd., has announced the coming arrival of a new high-end video camera for professional use, the PLV100GSJ 4K studio camera.

The product, which features a 5.7K Super 35 mm sensor and PL mount, is set to arrive on the market in 2023.

Panasonic is positioning the new studio camera for the motion picture, news and other such industries, stating in the announcement that 4K is becoming the standard that audiences expect from what they watch.

Users can also swap the camera head with the AK-PLV100GSJ, in order to take “cinematic video” with the new camera.

“Audiences have grown accustomed to high quality video content from their streaming platforms, and their expectations of sports broadcasts, local news segments and streamed worship services will only grow,” Panasonic said. “The AK-PLV100GSJ studio camera will enter the market amid this proliferation of streaming to help production teams across industries make their content more exciting and engaging.”

Panasonic Connect was established back in April, as the new name of the former Panasonic Connected Solutions Company. It is now a subsidiary of the Panasonic Holdings Company, and contains the company’s consumer tech business and a lot more, including everything from entertainment to infrastructure.

“Leveraging our decades-long experience and the latest technologies, we connect everything we provide, from hardware and software to smart components and autonomous systems, to create value for customers ’business,” Panasonic Connect’s CEO, Yasu Higuchi, says on its website.

Last May, Panasonic released a video laying out the “Panasonic Connect Camera Systems Philosophy.” Illustrated with footage of the cameras themselves as well as the things they’re filming, the video includes several phrases starting with the phrase “you inspire us,” including “you are inspire us to be reliable,” “you inspire us to be sustainable,” and “you inspire us to do better.”

“Trust in over 50 years of knowledge in system camera technology,” the video says, “Deliver never before seen content with market-leading PTZ technologies,” and “achieve a brand new way to deliver production.”