Home Business News Toys “R” Us Joins the Metaverse with New Digital Collection 

Toys “R” Us Joins the Metaverse with New Digital Collection 

Toys “R” Us Joins the Metaverse with New Digital Collection

Toys “R” Us has announced a new partnership with virtual clothing brand Anybodies that will include a digital collection inside the Metaverse. The first launch from the two companies will feature 10,000 digital collectibles, including a reimagined 3D animation of the toy store’s mascot, Geoffrey the Giraffe. Those who purchase any of the items will be able to earn exclusive access to physical and digital toys, in-store experiences and any future releases or events. The digital collection will be available starting December 9 through NFT marketplace Magic Eden. 

Toys “R” Us isn’t the only brand to recently venture into the Metaverse. Laura Mercier, a cosmetics company, joined forces with e-commerce platform Obsess to launch a virtual store called World of Beauty. The online shopping experience features three rooms with different activities and special 3D interactions. The platform also includes a hide-and-seek game where users can play to win product giveaways. 

In other news, Sony announced the expansion of its DWX series with a new plug-on transmitter. The DWT-P30 is great for studio, electronic newsgathering and location sound, and pairs perfectly with Sony’s slot-in receiver and bodypack transmitters. It boasts 375kHz spacing high-density simultaneous multi-channel operation, wideband tuning at a maximum of 148MHz, remote control transmitters and a 6-hour battery life. The DWT-P30 is expected to be available at the end of 2022. 


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