Home Mobility USPS Will Only Buy Electric Vehicles Starting in 2026 

USPS Will Only Buy Electric Vehicles Starting in 2026 

USPS Will Only Buy Electric Vehicles Starting in 2026 

The United States postal service has announced that it will start purchasing only electric vehicles beginning in 2026. The agency said that it expects to buy 66,000 electric vehicles by 2028 to help begin replacing its aging fleet of 220,000 vehicles. The USPS expects to spend roughly $9.6 billion on the vehicles and other related infrastructure, and $3 billion of that money is set to come from the Inflation Reduction Act. The agency plans to purchase 106,000 delivery vehicles in total by 2028, 40,000 of which will still be gas powered. 

The change in plans comes after the agency announced in February that it planned to purchase 5,000 electric vehicles, according to Engadget. However, the USPS received pushback from the Biden administration and the EPA, both of whom wanted the agency to purchase a larger share of electric vehicles to add to its fleet.  

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