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From Razors to EV Batteries, Panasonic Does it All

From Razors to EV Batteries, Panasonic Does it All
Kal Penn hosting the Panasonic keynote

Panasonic ripped out all the stops at its 2023 CES Keynote presentation, which was hosted by actor Kal Penn and featured a guest appearance from Olympic figure skater Nathan Chen. Though the company used the stage to touch on its new MultiShape grooming tool, the main focus of the event was the company’s commitment to sustainability, particularly in the mobility sector.

New Horizons in EV Battery Production

With over 100 years of experience in battery production, Panasonic has emerged as one of the leading battery manufacturers in the EV Space. The company currently has an EV battery production facility in Nevada and has just broken ground on a new $4 billion plant in Kansas that is expected to begin production by March of 2025.

According to Allan Swan, the president of Panasonic Energy in North America, the new Kansas plant will help the company ramp up manufacturing to, “66 batteries per second, 5.5 million batteries a day, and 2 billion batteries a year.”

Sustainability Extends to Driver Experience

Panasonic’s work in the EV sector isn’t limited to battery production. The company has also been developing a suite of solutions aimed at extending battery life while improving the audio experience for those in the car.

In regards to how the company is integrating A/V solutions into increased battery life, Andrew Poliak, the CTO of Panasonic Automotive Systems in North America, said: “Our A/V audio system not only delivers amazing sound optimized with total harmonic distortion in mind, but it also uses up to 67 percent less power, preserving your EV battery’s charged for extended driving.”