Home Business News Google Adds New Tools for Retailers to Cloud Platform 

Google Adds New Tools for Retailers to Cloud Platform 

Google Adds New Tools for Retailers to Cloud Platform 

With the NRF retail conference about to begin in New York City, Google has unveiled a host of new tools powered by artificial intelligence to help retailers. Introduced to the Google Cloud platform today, the new technologies aim to assist retailers in creating a more seamless online shopping experience for their customers. Google’s new shelf checking solution gives retailers the ability to recognize billions of products to ensure shelves are stocked by utilizing Google’s fact database. Google also introduced an AI-powered browse feature that will allow retailers to upgrade their digital storefronts with more dynamic and intuitive shopping experiences. 

In other news, new research from Parks Associates that came out during CES 2023 has shown that 63 percent of U.S. households with internet access own a smart TV – a 38 percent increase from 2015. Additionally, the research also shows that 87 percent subscribe to at least one streaming service. This is most likely due to many large companies, such as Amazon, Apple and Google, building smart home controls into TV control platforms.   

Lastly, Nomad has introduced its new Nomad Ark – the first 4G/5G outdoor wireless modem from the internet technology company. The new product has been designed from the ground up as a solution for rural homes and businesses and delivers download speeds of 227 Mbps and upload speeds of 28 Mbps. The Nomad Ark is priced around $1,000 and is now available for purchase. 


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