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    The Stars of ShowStoppers 2023

    CES is filled with multiple companies from all over the world, ready to show off their newest products which can be a bit overwhelming for first-timers. This is where the ShowStoppers event excels because it shines a light on new products that might have been missed by attendees on the CES show floor. This year there was a diverse category of tech products ranging from cyber security to AI technology.

    Nuvilab AI Food Scanner

    NuviLab is a South Korean company that created an AI Food Scanner with the ability to measure the nutritional value of each meal that you eat. The device also can register user information like food allegories and give warnings to users if any of the food they selected contains any ingredients that could be harmful. Having a food scanner in cafeterias and buffets can help people make healthier decisions when choosing what foods they want to eat. This device can help educate people on what foods are more nutritious for their bodies and reduce the amount of food waste.

    Yubico YubiKey

    Yubico was founded in Sweden with the goal of protecting consumers’ passwords and login information. All of this data is stored on a YubiKey that is about the size of a flash drive and the information is unlocked through fingerprint scanning. This new form of cybersecurity can bring safety and reduce the fear of hackers stealing important information from your accounts. This is also a great way to store passwords for those who often forget and reset their password. Now with the YubiKey passwords will no longer be needed and if a cyberattack happens users’ login information for all their accounts will be safe.

    Respiray  Wear A+

    While allergies like pollen do have medical solutions, having the side effects from taking medication can be a hassle. That’s where Respiray shines because it can help airborne allergies by keeping the air around the user clean. The device wraps around your neck and once turned on it silently filters the air, preventing any pollen, pet hair, or dust from reaching your sinuses. This creates an allergen-free zone around that face and mouth that can last up to eight hours off of a full battery.

    Iuno Personalized Skincare

    Iuno uses blood samples from the consumer to create a personalized skincare treatment based on their DNA.  As I learned last night from going to the booth, our skin goes through a 28-day cycle and after our skin regenerates, there could be new issues that arise. Iuno can use the biological data from customer DNA to see what issues their skin could have in the future. There is also an app that tracks each customer’s protein patterns in their DNA skin health history to identify the root cause for our skin concerns rather than merely identifying symptoms. The user will get a 28-day supply of personalized vials that go into a handheld mister that gently sprays on the face and can be used with the company’s recommended skincare products.

    Luminar Neo

    Luminar Neo is an AI-powered photo editing software that is compatible with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. This is a helpful tool for people like me who are in the creative field because it saves time when editing photos. Instead of editing every skin blemish by hand, the Luminar Neo can do it for me. With the Skin and Face AI feature, pictures like headshots or model photos will automatically be retouched. The AI can also remove backgrounds, increase picture resolution, brighten dark pictures, increase focus to prevent blurry pictures, improve color quality, and more.