Home Gadgets Smarter Remote Work: Helpful Gadgets for Accomplishing At-Home Goals

Smarter Remote Work: Helpful Gadgets for Accomplishing At-Home Goals

Smarter Remote Work: Helpful Gadgets for Accomplishing At-Home Goals

Husky Adjustable Height Work Table 

Spending money on a desk is rarely cheap. But for a hardworking, at-home computer user, another worry should be health. Sitting at your desk all day is never good for posture or breathing for 8-plus hours a day. Husky’s Adjustable Worktable — 26 to 42 inches in height and 46 in. width — is perfect for taking breaks and doing standstill work for a good stretch. The manually adjustable desk includes a solid wood top and stoppable wheels to make endless workdays more comfortable at home.  
MSRP: $229 

Fezibo Height-Adjustable Electronic Standing Desk with Double Drawer 

Not as friendly pricewise but more convenient and useful is Fezibo’s electronically adjustable work desk. Amazon reviewers have rated this product as one of the best adjustable desks on the market due to its extra storage space with the double drawers and middle compartment that tops it. And without having to twist your arm just to do some standing work, the price may seem more friendly. It can be used from roughly 28 to 47 inches in height, and it’s wide enough to set 30 to 48 inches worth of items.  

MSRP: $299 

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II 

Whether it’s rowdy children, barking dogs or the sound of outdoor bustle, working in a noisy environment is never ideal for most remote workers. That’s why Bose created the QuietComfort Earbuds. These second generation, easy-to-manage sound gadgets are specially designed for blocking out unwanted frequencies, even without playback. Taking extra steps to concentrate better may be the most important task to handle for many remote workers.  
MSRP: $249 

Poly Voyager 5200 

Even if you don’t mind background noise, your coworkers might. Drown it out from the background with the Poly Voyager 5200 headpiece. Designed for phone calls and clearer audio sharing, this gadget has been on the market for a long time. It probably holds its place in the industry due to the price. With clearer audio on every end, the workday will go much smoother for all parties involved.  
MSRP: $119 

Plugable UD-CA1A USB-C Docking Station 

Companies can send out devices for employees at any given time, and the number of compatible plugs available at home might not be the same as the office. Instead of using multiple different tools for any given number of devices, why not use one tool? Plugable’s UD-CAIA USB-C Docking Station is a single display docking station with compatibility to every major laptop/mobile device maker. And its standalone feature gives all the more reason to keep it at home.  
MSRP: $169