Home Mobility Toyota Announces New Plans for Next Generation Electric Vehicles 

Toyota Announces New Plans for Next Generation Electric Vehicles 

Toyota Announces New Plans for Next Generation Electric Vehicles 

On Monday, Toyota announced that the company will be making changes to its executive structure later this spring. Former Operating Officer Koji Sato will now be the company’s new president and CEO starting April 1, taking the place of Akio Toyoda. As part of his announcement, Sato shared Toyota’s plan of creating next generation battery electric vehicles under the Lexus brand by 2026. While Sato did not share much in the way of details, he did say that Toyota will develop “everything from the battery and platform to how a car is built optimized for BEVs …” Sato also said that the company will expand its current BEV lineup.  

In other news, Howard’s has officially opened its new Murrieta experience center. The store is the latest in the Southern California appliance retailer’s portfolio of 17 locations. It will serve customers in Wildomar, Winchester, Murrieta, Menifee, Lake Elsinore, Temecula and other neighboring communities in Riverside County. The new store will feature connected appliances, in-store kiosks and live product vignettes of high-performance brands in the home appliance market. With its newest location, Howard’s plans on capturing 10 to 15 percent of the Southern California appliance retail market by 2024. 

Lastly, Otter.ai is launching a new meeting assistant program that uses artificial intelligence to help people save time and increase productivity. OtterPilot helps users by entirely automating the meeting process and features live note taking, automated slide capture and automated summaries. When a meeting is finished, the program will automatically send out a meeting summary that includes images of the meeting slides. 


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