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Naim Audio Celebrates 50th Anniversary with NAIT 50 Amplifier


Naim Audio, the leading English brand in hi-fi electronics, marks its 50th anniversary with the unveiling of the NAIT 50 amplifier. Limited to only 1,973 pieces, this exclusive product is a remaster of the original NAIT amplifier released in 1983. Built with enhanced circuits and Naim’s accumulated expertise, the NAIT 50 delivers exceptional amplification performance, precise dynamics, and the renowned authority of Naim’s integrated amplifiers. It is compatible with various loudspeakers and can be combined with a streamer to create a high-end hi-fi system.

The anniversary edition also features a headphone output for added convenience and versatility. Crafted with uncompromising design quality, the NAIT 50 showcases a sophisticated aesthetic with its aluminum construction and iconic chrome-bumper look. It pays homage to Naim’s legacy while incorporating modern design elements. The limited-edition NAIT 50 will be available from July 2023, priced at $3,599 (4,599 CAD). For more information, visit the official Naim Audio website.