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Sony Electronics Brings Zoom to BRAVIA TVs

Sony Electronics Partners with Zoom to Bring Video Conferencing to BRAVIA TVs
Image: Sony

Whether it be with colleagues, clients, or friends and family, being able to connect from anywhere is essential. Luckily, today, virtual connectivity is more possible than ever before and is not limited to a phone or laptop. In a major development for at-home communication solutions, Sony has announced that it has partnered with Zoom Video Communications to bring video conferencing to its BRAVIA line of TVs. 

Sony is the first major TV brand to support Zoom, which users can add to their BRAVIA TV by downloading the Zoom for TV app – available on the Google Play store. Turning your TV into a video conferencing solution only requires one additional piece of hardware: the BRAVIA CAM. The setup process for the device is extremely easy: attach BRAVIA CAM to the TV and launch the Zoom for TV app with the remote! Once launched, users can make use of Zoom’s features including video communication, screen sharing, and other collaboration tools.

BRAVIA CAM contains advanced features that will heighten the user experience of Zoom:

  • “Ambient Optimization Pro” detects a user’s location in a room and their distance from the screen and applies this information to adjust the sound and picture settings.
  • “Proximity Alert” can be useful for when a user is sitting too close to the screen.
  • “Gesture Control” grants uninterrupted access to Zoom through BRAVIA TVs without a remote.
  • “Auto Power Saving mode” ensures users can still take advantage of Zoom as their BRAVIA TV dims the screen to conserve energy without interrupting a call.