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Sylvox Waterproof Smart Magic Mirror Bathroom TV (MSRP: $499-899)
This unique television, designed specifically for bathroom environments, seamlessly combines the functionality of a high-definition TV with an elegant mirror.  *Image courtesy of Sylvox*

Gourmia Fry ‘N Fold™ Digital Air Fryer (MSRP: $59.99)
This innovative air fryer crisps food to perfection without the use of fatty oil and conveniently folds into a space-saving size about half that of a traditional air fryer. *Image courtesy of Gourmia

Beatbot A100 Pro and A100
The cordless design, user-friendly interface, and eco-friendly features make pool maintenance effortless.
*Image courtesy of Beatbot*

Roborock Dyad Air Wet-Dry Handheld Vacuum (MSRP: $429.99)
With 17,000Pa of suction power and the ability to clean close to edges and corners, it efficiently tackles various messes across the home in a single pass. *Image courtesy of Roborock*

Hisense Delectable Series Fridges
The Delectable Series emphasizes meticulous details, from streamlined handles to charcoal-colored water dispensers, showcasing art and functionality. *Image courtesy of Hisense*

TCL NXTPAPER 11 Tablet (MSRP: $229.99)
The NXTPAPER 11 minimizes harmful blue light by up to 61 percent and offers a paper-like visual experience with its matte finish and textured screen, akin to an e-reader. *Image courtesy of TCL*

FaZe Clan and SteelSeries Exclusive Gaming Product Line
FaZe Holdings, Inc. (FaZe Clan), a renowned gaming organization, has partnered with SteelSeries, a leading gaming and esports peripherals company, to launch an exclusive line of gaming products.*Image courtesy of FaZe*

Sony XAV-AX8500 Car AV Receiver
Sony Electronics Inc. has unveiled the XAV-AX8500, an innovative addition to its car AV receiver lineup, set to hit Sony authorized dealers in winter 2024.*Image courtesy of Sony*

Klipsch Music City Series Premium Bluetooth Speakers (MSRP: $99.00-299.00)
Klipsch has unveiled the Klipsch Music City Series, featuring the Klipsch Austin, Klipsch Nashville, and Klipsch Detroit. *Image courtesy of Klipsch*