people shopping online for cyber monday

The Reality of Black Friday and Cyber Monday Spending Reports Is...

There were ups and downs for both in-store and online retail on Black Friday and Cyber Monday alike this year.
the Omicron variant threatens the supply chain

How the Omicron Variant Threatens the Supply Chain

The Omicron variant is causing consumers to worry about the future of the supply chain. What does that mean for retail?
Young Man Working at Computer

New Vulnerability Puts Windows 10,11, and Server Users in Jeopardy

Shipping companies UPS and FedEx are confident that they will be able to keep up with orders this holiday season thanks to early consumer shopping.
Reasons to Be Thankful

Reasons to Be Thankful, Part One

From unprecedented demand to the reopening of stores, there is plenty to feel good about this Thanksgiving.
Woman Holiday Shopping

Why Some Retailers Are Turning ‘Black Friday’ Into a Month-Long Event

Looking to get gifts without actually shopping? Some consumers are utilizing bot services that scour the internet to do holiday shopping for you.
Twitter debuts livestream shopping with consumer electronics

Twitter to Debut Livestream Shopping Featuring Consumer Electronics

The micro-blogging platform joins Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube in experimenting with shoppable live video.
supply chain issues will last into 2023, say some experts

When Will the Supply Chain Slowdown End?

Some blame today’s supply chain issues on chip and labor shortages; others on unprecedented demand. The truth is somewhere in the middle.
Mail-order print catalogs are popular with millennial shoppers

Screen-Weary Shoppers Are Turning to Mail-Order Print Catalogs

Millennials and other consumers tired of spending days in front of screens are turning to mail-order print catalogs for holiday shopping.
Maximizing eCommerce Success This Holiday Season

How to Maximize E-Commerce Success This Holiday Season

It's not too late, consumer electronics retailers: Follow these three easy and quick moves to help you make the most of your e-commerce retail efforts this holiday season.
CVS Pharmacy interior

CVS to Close 900 Brick-and-Mortar Stores

The closures will help parent company CVS Health transform its brick-and-mortar retail stores into not only pharmacies that sell everything, but also bonafide medical health facilities.
Walmart employee greets shopper to the store's full inventory shelves

Walmart, Target, and Others Have Plenty of Inventory

Big-box stores such as Walmart and Target are not only reporting rises in revenue and sales, but also plenty of inventory andstocked shelves—all this in the midst of a supply chain slowdown.
Retail sales up 7.1 percent in October 2021

Retail Sales Up 1.7 Percent in October

At 1.7 percent, according to the Labor Department, the rise was the highest since March. This of course is in tandem with the fastest rise in prices in 30 years, but it was still good news for most retail entities, including Walmart and Home Depot.
YouTube and TikTok Influencers

How YouTube and TikTok Influencers Are Driving Top Toy Sales

If you’re wondering which electronics and toys are going to sell most this holiday season – you know, in case you want to stock up -- look no further than the top creators and influencers on YouTube and TikTok, where a 2020 study found that children ages 4-15 spend an average of 85 and 45 minutes a day respectively.
LG and the NCAA College Sports team up

Turner, CBS, LG, and the NCAA Partner to Stream Live College...

LG has announced a three-year partnership with the NCAA, Turner Sports, and CBS Sports to bring exclusive NCAA sports content straight to LG customers

Inflation Is Driving Consumers to Dollar Stores Again

The rise in inflation is good news for dollar stores, which pre-pandemic experienced slowdowns, since current sticker shocks have redirected consumers their way.
Samsung and Netflix marketing stunt

Samsung and Netflix Tempt Consumers to Steal TVs

As part of a special marketing promotion for the film 'Red Notice,' Samsung and Netflix have placed unguarded 85-inch 8K Samsung Neo QLEDs in public spaces.
out-of-stock messaages are up in 2021

Consumer Electronics Category Tops List for Out-of-Stock Messages

This ranking isn't surprising considering that the supply chain slowdown partially caused by chip shortages.
The Daily Scope

Welcome to ‘The Daily Scope’

We’ve decided to try something new with our newsletter. In 'The Daily Scope,' we'll be curating the day's most relevant news in the consumer electronics, appliances, and retail sectors.
WiSA announces WiSA Certifed Program for Retailers

The WiSA Association Announces Certified Retailers Program

The new WiSA Certified Retailers Program gives retailers access to special features on WiSA websites, and pre-release notifications on new WiSA Certified products.
Front of Supervinyl record store in Los Angeles

A Store Visit with Barry Perlman of L.A.’s Supervinyl

The Los Angeles-based Supervinyl boutique  sells a unique mix of records and audio equipment by Rega, McIntosh, Sonos Faber, and Sennheiser. We spoke with owner Barry Perlman, who co-founded Lucky Jeans, on his distinct hybrid retail concept, and how working in fashion influenced the way he sells electronics. 
social media photography

Five Ways to Elevate Your Social Media Photography

With a few quick strategies, independent retailers and brand can improve their social media imagery — even pictures of everyday cables and other accessories — for more responses.
an Office Depot store

Office Depot Preps For Holidays With 20-Minute Guarantee

Office Depot is preparing to meet its consumers needs with 20 minute pickup for online orders.

Target Adds 150 New Heyday Products and 17 In-Store Apple Shops

Target plans to release 150 new products in its Heyday store brand. The big-box store will also double the number of its in-store Apple shops this holiday season.
A picture of the front of a HomeGoods store

Shopping From Home at HomeGoods

HomeGoods has finally launched its e-commerce operation. Here's what one fan of the off-price retailer thinks of the experience shopping online for countertop appliances.
Inventory woes due to COVID domino effect on inventory for CE and appliance retailers

How CE and Appliance Retailers Counter COVID’s Domino Effect

The pandemic’s impact on chip supplies has caused seismic shifts in inventories, but CE and appliance retailers are meeting these challenges with customary toughness and ingenuity 
Orsini's Appliance Retailers Grand Opening

Three Generations of Retail Excellence at Orsini’s

West Virginia-based Orsini's has a history going back three generations, but has nevertheless modernized operations with an enhanced website and bigger showroom.
3D Commerce Glass Cover Ray Traced

How 3D Commerce Offers the Building Blocks of a Virtual Inventory

One of the most powerful e-commerce tools to gain traction in the past decade is interactive 3D modeling of virtual goods. Here's how to do it right.
InMotion Stores Heathrow Rendering

InMotion Expands Out of the Pandemic

How airport retailer InMotion made the most of its pandemic-induced “downtime”and emerged in major growth mode.
InMotion Stores Interview

A Store Visit With InMotion’s Eden Goldberg and Pete Newbould

Despite some Delta-variant blips, people are traveling again. We spoke with Pete Newbould, managing director & SVP of InMotion Stores, and Eden Goldberg, VP of marketing and business development at InMotion Entertainment Group, about the airport retailer’s distinct approach to CE sales, its expansion plans, and how it spent the past year and a half of reduced travel traffic.
Employee Experience Improved with Health and Wellness at Howard's

Why It’s Time to Focus on Improving the Employee Experience

Hiring challenges force employers to finally focus on quality-of-workplace life, health and wellness, and employee incentives. We spoke to Howard's CEO John Riddle about the Southern California retailer's new health and wellness program, which includes yoga and meditation.
eCommerce trends

The Top Three eCommerce Trends Right Now

From Shopify's growth to new consumer financing options, GGV Capital Managing Partner Hans Tung shares his thoughts on what's happening with eCommerce today.
Brandsource Senior Management

Interview With BrandSource Senior Management on The Hub, HR Source, and...

Last week in Nashville, we sat down for an in-depth interview with members of BrandSource's senior management; they discussed the buying group's new tools HR Source and The Hub, as well as how they're handling everything from omnichannel acceleration to inventory shortages.

Why It’s Time to Stock Up on Headphones and Accessories

Even as the Delta variant leads to a rise in COVID-19 cases, Americans are going on trips again, which is a boon to CE retailers stocked up on headphones, chargers, cameras, cables, and other travel-friendly gadgets.
Optimiziing eCommerce digital showroom

How to Optimize Your Digital Showroom for eCommerce

Having a smart eCommerce stategy has never been more important. Here are nine tips for enriching your online product content and digital showroom to drive success today.
Global gaming sales boom from European gamers

Global Gaming Sales Trends Mirror Stateside Ones

New data from GfK confirmed a global gaming sales boom. Gaming-related hardware consistently outsold the elevated performances of non-gaming hardware in 2020.
Augmented Reality

How To Solve Consumer Problems With Augmented Reality

Augmented reality can improve the customer experience and create brand awareness, but advancing the technology requires a collaborative approach.
CE Retail Confidence Index Nationwide Marketing Group

CE Retail Continues to Pace Independent Channel Confidence

Nationwide Marketing Group publishes year-long survey targeted at independent retailers to capture their confidence as business owners in the CE retail space.
Social Media Week Digital Prioritization

Lessons on Digital Prioritization from Social Media Week

Social pros stress the importance of being selective and knowing when to say goodbye to profiles that no longer serve your brand.
Nationwide Endless Aisle

Nationwide Adds Endless Aisle Feature to Its eXchange eCommerce Platform

Nationwide Marketing Group's new endless aisle feature lets members on the eXchange eCommerce platform offer new products without on-site inventory requirements
Black Friday E-Commerce

Retailers to Embrace E-Commerce For Black Friday 2021

Even with post-pandemic in-store foot traffic up, retailers continue to shift the traditional Black Friday focus to Cyber Monday and onsales.
Customer Experience

Why Retailers Need to Personalize the Customer Experience

Personalizing the customer experience can lead to a 20 to 30 percent bump in lifetime value of a customer across high-priority segments.
Robert Zohn Value Electronics

An Interview with Robert Zohn from Value Electronics

Robert Zohn, President and Founder of Value Electronics, gives Dealerscope an update on his business and what he is most excited about this year.
TikTok Business

Why Winning on TikTok Means Business

Nearly half of TikTok’s user base is making purchases after seeing products advertised on the platform creating a wealth of opportunity for retailers.
Howard's William Joowan

Howard’s Welcomes LG Executive to Long Beach Experience Center

Howard’s, one of Southern California’s largest independent appliance retailers, welcomed William Joowan Cho, Chief Strategy Officer Globally for LG Electronics, at the company’s Long Beach Experience Center to exhibit the manner in which LG products are displayed.
Allstate Protection Plans

Allstate Protection Plans Express Debuts for All-sized Retailers

Extended warranty provider Allstate Protection Plans has just announced the availability of Allstate Protection Plans Express, designed to enable both brick-and-mortar and ecommerce consumer technology retailers of any size streamlined access to Allstate protection programs.
Nationwide Marketing Group TBI

Nationwide Marketing Group Teams Up With TBI

Nationwide Marketing Group's partnership with B2B technology service provider TBI gives members access to business critical services with major savings opportunities.
WhatNot CoFounders Logan Head and Grant Lafontaine

Video Games and Consoles a Hit for Livestreaming Sellers

In our latest Dealerscope postcast, we spoke with Grant LaFontaine, CEO of WhatNot, a livestreaming platform where "anyone can turn into a QVC-style host or Sotheby's-style live auctioneer."
Nationwide Marketing Group Myriad Software

Nationwide Marketing Group Partners with Myriad Software

Nationwide Marketing Group added another tool into its diverse resource belt. Myriad Software gives Nationwide dealers access to group-negotiated pricing for Myriad’s PointCentric platform, which helps retailers to track inventory via an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly system.
Kevan Morris Pioneer

CE Industry Mourns the Loss of Pioneer’s Kevan Morris

Kevan Morris, CE industry veteran and Executive Vice President, Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. passed away on Saturday, June 26, 2021.
Growth of Retailers Since 2016

These Retailers Grew the Most Over the Past Five Years

Which top retailers experienced the most growth in CE sales since 2016? We dove into our 2020 Top 101 Retailers list to find out.
Starpower Co-Founder President and CEO David Pidgeon

A Store Visit with David Pidgeon of Starpower

For our latest Retail on the Run interview, we spoke with David Pidgeon, the Co-Founder, President, and CEO of Dallas's Starpower, about what has made his company such a leader in specialty audio-video retail and custom installation.
retail foot traffic

Retail’s Wild Ride: Where Is It Headed, Post-Pandemic?

As vaccination levels rise and COVID case counts drop, in the U.S. at least, consumers are heading back to stores. It turns out people need to be out among other people, even other shoppers.
TV vendors say pandemic fueled sales growth

Inside the TV Sales Boom, According to TV Vendors

Executives from major vendors paint a ‘big picture’ at the "Dealerscope TV Vendor Roundtable" of a red-hot consumer market fueled by the pandemic — and how the momentum is likely to carry into 2022.
top CE retail trends people on phones more

The Top CE Retail Trends of the Pandemic, According to Analysts

We asked industry experts at NPD, GfK, and Coresight Research for insights on pandemic-era consumer technology usage and behavior. Here are their top takeaways.
5-star retail experience on a mobile phone

Harnessing Data to Make the Right Retail Experience Happen

Bringing retail into the digital age requires more than just a website; it also needs thoughtful and precise data tools championed by the right leadership
Shopping on smartphones

Why Retailers Need to Personalize the Customer Experience

This is the first article in a two-part series that looks at the fundamental need, in today’s increasingly online consumer-driven ecosystem, for companies with retail operations to develop and personalize user experience using data, and how management teams can carry that out.
Black Leaders In Consumer Tech

Presenting CT Lab’s 2021 Black Leaders in Consumer Tech

CT Lab's Black Leaders in Consumer Tech Awards shines a special spotlight on nine African-American leaders in the CT space who are driving the industry forward.
Warehouse robots and humans

Warehouse Robots Will Replace Today’s Jobs With Cooler Ones

Warehouse robots are taking over retail distribution and fulfillment centers. What happens to human jobs when robots start doing them faster and more precisely?
Tech YouTubers to Follow

Four Tech YouTubers to Follow

How to stay on top of the latest consumer electronics news and reviews? Join the millions who subscribe to the channels of these top creators.
Optoma Releases New LED Display

Optoma Releases Large, Commercial LED Display

Easy to install, Optoma's new130-inch FHDS130 SOLO LED display is designed for boardrooms, classrooms, houses of worship, retail, and hospitality.
Tech Up Talks Samsung Google

International Tech Up Talks Address Advancing Innovation

IFA Berlin and Tech Up For Women recently hosted a webinar exploring strategies for advancing innovation as part of the International Tech Up Talks series.
Retail robots

Retail Robots Are Everywhere, Except in Consumer Electronics

Everywhere from warehouses to in-store, the race to automate shopping infrastructure is heating up, but consumer electronics retailers aren't leading the pack.
Howard's Acquires Midway

Howard’s Acquires Midway Home Solutions, Welcomes New Leadership

Southern California’s premier independent appliance retailer, Howard’s, announced its acquisition of Midway Home Solutions' operations and assets this week.
iRoom & DTools partner

iRoom, DTools Form Partnership

A new agreement between iRoom, a global Apple-certified manufacturer of iPad docking and smart control solutions, and D-Tools, Inc. will provide dealers access to the full iRoom iO product catalog, along with dealer-specific pricing, to help them increase productivity and improve their bottom line.
CE and Appliance Distributors

A Q&A With CE and Appliance Distributors

Executives from the major CE and appliance distributors tell how COVID-19 has brought their dealer service strategies into even sharper focus to address new and more pressing needs in 2021.

A Store Visit with Joseph Akhtarzad, Co-Owner, Video & Audio Center

Joseph Akhtarzad, Co-Owner, Video & Audio Center talks about the company's 40-year history and why he has always made it a priority to "carry the best and sell solutions."
Video Person

4 Tips to Transform Yourself into a Video Person

Technological innovations like AI-driven robotic cameras and programmable control interfaces have made it possible to achieve broadcast-quality productions with a lean team.
Wireless Industry

How the Wireless Industry Will Evolve in a Post-Pandemic 2021

Many different wireless trends and themes will take over throughout the rest of 2021, but three may be the most noticeable and most impactful: expanded 5G connectivity, smart office technology, and the continued rise of artificial intelligence.
Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center

Nationwide Resumes Its Official In-Person Group Gatherings

Nationwide Marketing Group returns to live events on May 25th with the Regional Member Meeting in Dallas, NWG's first in-person gathering since February 2020.
Changes at Twitter 2021

Five Twitter Updates You Need to Know

Over the past year, Twitter has introduced elements of exclusivity and opportunities to monetize content on its platform.
Financial Services Consumer Electronics

Smoothing the Path to Purchase

The financial services sector of the consumer tech industry has been quick to answer the challenges presented by buying behaviors that have gravitated to ecommerce during the pandemic, with supportive programs geared to online and omnichannel purchases.
Sustainability Austere

Meeting the Sustainability Challenge in CE Packaging

Technological strides in smart and environmentally-friendly packaging are being driven by some of the top minds in CE product design, and for an industry dedicated to positive change, the future does indeed look green!
Mark Pollitz Nationwide Marketing Group

Nationwide Names Mark Pollitz as New Director of Service

Nationwide Marketing Group has tapped 30-year industry veteran, Mark Pollitz, to serve as the organization's new director of service.
External Communications Telemarketing

Making the Right Call

Especially during pandemic times, effective external customer communications must provide a sense of customer empowerment, meaning the customer feels their individual voice is heard; that way, trust is built, and relationships are enriched.
Currys PC World and Carphone Warehouse Edinburgh Kinnaird

International Perspectives: Continental Climate Concerns

The EU’s Circular Economy Action Plan aims to do away with planned obsolescence by encouraging manufacturers to design products that can be repaired and upgraded more easily.
Howard's Appliances

A Store Visit with John Riddle, CEO, Howard’s

In this Retail on the Run feature, Editor in Chief, Tom Samilijan, sits down with Howard's CEO John Riddle on the 75th anniversary of the first store opening.
Technology Early Adopters

Preparing to Meet the Rising Tide of Early Adopters

The customer support industry must focus on developing new approaches that increase agents' mastery of emerging technologies to be ready to serve these new early adopters.
Golden Ear Triton Reference Speakers

The Quest Group Announces Promotions, Continues ‘Evolution’

In keeping with its "ongoing state of evolution," The Quest Group, parent company of AudioQuest and GoldenEar Technology, has announced key promotions from within its ranks.
Open Sign Signals No Retail Apocalypse for Some Stores

For the Retail Apocalypse, March Came in Like a Lion, Out...

For Retail Apocalypse, March came in like a lion, out like a lamb as omnichannel retailers like Best Buy, Target, Walmart and others leaned into pandemic pivots.
Clubhouse for business

Harnessing the Power of Clubhouse for Your Business

Because Clubhouse is still so new, it is not yet saturated with an abundance of ads, sponsorships, and influencers, but that time could be coming soon. Get in early, establish yourself and your brand, and you might just see some significant results.
Evolution and MetraAV Canada

MetraAV Partners with Evolution for Canadian Distribution

MetraAV has entered into a new partnership with Evolution Home Entertainment Corporation to serve as the company's master distributor in Canada. Now, MetraAV and its entire family of brands will be available to more than 500 of Evolution’s dealers and retailers throughout Canada.
OnQ has updated the home electronics departments in 11 more Fred Meyer stores across the Pacific Northwest, with plans to update another six locations by the end of 2021.

Profits Surge After OnQ, Fred Meyer Redesign Home Electronics Retail

OnQ, engineer and manufacturer of custom retail displays, and supermarket chain, Fred Meyer, have expanded their partnership to improve customer experiences throughout Fred Meyer's network of retail stores across the western United States.
Dealerscope Insider Talk Next Level Distribution

Next Level CEO to Discuss Growth and Changes on Insider Talk

This Wednesday, March 31 at 1 p.m. EST, Dealerscope will welcome Jonathan Elster, CEO of Next Level Distribution, for an episode of Insider Talk hosted lived on Dealerscope's Facebook page. The trio will discuss the recent changes and exciting new developments happening now at Next Level Distribution.
Geo-conquesting mobile marketing

Geo-Conquesting: Mobile Marketing on Your Competitor’s Turf

New advancements in geofencing now allow you to target shoppers visiting your competitors’ brick-and-mortar locations in real time.
Retail Virtual Tours

Driving Real Traffic with Virtual Tours 

Virtual tours can be a powerful branding tool, but they aren’t something retailers always consider in their marketing efforts. A research study conducted by the International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management in May 2020 found that virtual tours enhanced store equity and promoted store visit intentions. 
Warranty Sales COVID

How the New Normal Has Shaped Warranty Sales

Dealerscope’s collection of warranty executive comments this month center around each company’s strategies for 2021 in answer to the challenges and changing market dynamics presented by the ongoing pandemic.
Leon Temiz, CEO of Electronics Expo

A Store Visit with Leon Temiz, CEO, Electronics Expo

Leon Temiz, CEO, Electronics Expo details his store's history, the top three things he's done that contributed to his company's success, and what makes Electronics Expo different from other retailers in the consumer electronics space.
Retail Customer Service During COVID

3 Keys to Delivering a Great Customer Experience During the Pandemic

Meeting customer expectations during a pandemic requires flexibility in mindset and cross-functional cooperation to deliver uninterrupted service in a fast-changing environment.

Nationwide Partners With CEDIA To Broaden Learning Platforms

Nationwide Marketing Group, reportedly the largest buying group in the industry, which provides marketing and business support for retailers, and CEDIA, long known for its strength in training the residential integration industry, are joining together. This partnership will provide Home Technology Specialists Nationwide (HTSN) dealers access to a well-rounded education platform.
Retailer Curacao to Pay $15 Million Settlement

Curacao to Pay $10.5 Million to Settle Customer Defrauding Lawsuit

Curacao stores agreed to pay $10.5 million to settle a lawsuit by the California attorney general's office, which alleged that the retailer defrauded its customers with deceptive advertising and illegal financing.
Retail Trends 2021

5 Retail Trends to Watch in 2021

The effects on customer behavior that have been learned over the course of the last year are unlikely to be unlearned overnight – and some changes that went into effect during the pandemic period may not go away at all.

NATM Elects Scott Hymas as President

RC Willey’s Hymas returns to the position he held at the buying group after a three-year sabbatical, taking the reins from PC Richard & Son’s Gregg Richard.
Tonal Nordstrom Partnership

Tonal Strikes a Deal with Nordstrom

Beginning in March, smart home fitness sensation, Tonal, will have a designated space in the women's activewear department of 40 Nordstrom locations across the United States.
Frys Electronics Goes Out of Business

Fry’s Electronics is Going Out of Business

After 36 years of serving the consumer electronics sector, Fry's Electronics is shutting its doors for good. The company has cited "changes in the retail industry" and "challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic" as the reasons behind this decision.
HiDEF Lifestyles Aaron Sholtis

A Store Visit with Aaron Sholtis, President, HiDEF Lifestyle

Aaron Sholtis, Founder & President of HiDEF Lifestyle in Harrisburg, PA gives us an inside look at his showroom and tells us what makes his retail business unique from others.
Europe e-commerce retail

COVID-19: The Great Equalizer in U.S., European Shopping Behaviors

Forecasts for 2021 see e-commerce sales continuing to rise in both North America and Europe.

AVB’s ‘Full Stack’ Boosts Members’ Ecommerce Tool Kit

The webinar outlined a series of initiatives aimed at bolstering members’ e-commerce and digital marketing skills during the pandemic.
E-Commerce, Customer Support, COVID

What E-Commerce’s Rise Means for Customer Support

The pandemic has permanently shifted consumer buying habits toward ecommerce, causing unprecedented demand for flexible customer support services.
AVB BrandSource Forum - Featured Image

AVB Marketing Sets Feb. 2 for E-Tail Tools Forum

“The Full Stack” hour-long marketing and technology forum will unveil a host of innovations to enhance the online shopping experience.
International Perspectives Australia Retail

Australia Lags Behind in Online Retailing But ‘Dark Stores’ Concept Gains...

COVID-19 has most certainly challenged Australia’s retail industry, but it has also provided opportunities and lessons in new ways to meet customer demand. IBIS explains that despite the pandemic, the retail industry remained the third biggest industry in the country in 2020.

Nationwide Marketing Group Taps John O’Halloran to Lead Luxury Appliance Efforts

O’Halloran, who spent the past year in the field for Nationwide Marketing Group, will work with vendor partners to evolve the group’s premium and luxury appliance offerings.

Bosch Highlights Climate Action & AIoT for Sustainable Solutions at CES...

Bosch unveils its offerings related to AIoT, health & wellness, climate action and mobility at CES 2021.
Exertis_Featured Image

Exertis Appoints van Kerkvoorde for Ztorm

In this new position, van Kerkvoorde will aim to enable Exertis Ztorm’s partners to drive digital growth towards consumers within gaming and other software products.
In-Store Retail 2021

Putting the Customer at Ease

Experiential retailing and hybrid experiences are just part of the shopping journey consumers want to take.
Nordic Region Leads Global Pandemic Recovery

Nordic Region Leads Global Pandemic Recovery

Swift, decisive action in spring by all the Scandinavian countries allowed for prosperous summer months.
Corporate Social Responsibility

Time for Some Social Responsibility in 2021

The term “corporate social responsibility” or CSR is one we are seeing tossed around a lot of late. And it is becoming a pretty prevalent one in the retail world. More and more retailers are realizing that giving back doesn’t just make the world a better place, it can also be good for business.
Howards Marina Pacifica store,png

Howard’s Names Smith SVP/Chief Merchant

Former Chief Merchandising Officer Carrie Smith is returning to the company’s senior leadership team in a new, expanded role.
Industry helping retailers

Industry Comes Together During One Very Crazy Year

You’ve dealt with a global pandemic, the subsequent weakening of the economy and a tumultuous presidential election. Other than that, it has been a very routine, kinda quiet year.
Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel Strategies: Why Direct Mail Is the Anti-Email Marketing Channel

Email has a place in your marketing strategy. It is the most common and cheapest way to keep in touch with prospects and customers. But it’s also a low-impact channel. People see it in their inboxes and maybe read 1 out of 10 messages you send them.
D&H Research

D&H Sees Double-Digit Growth in Retail, PC Gaming a Force

D&H Distributing, a provider of consumer, home networking, and SMB technologies to the North American channel, has announced it has seen double-digit growth in retail sales in 2020.
National Retail Federation statement

Retailers Welcome Passage of Bipartisan Fiscal Stimulus Deal

The National Retail Federation issued a statement from President and CEO Matthew Shay in response to the recent Congressional passage of the Emergency Coronavirus Relief Act of 2020.
NRF Super Saturday

Over 150M Plan to Shop on Super Saturday

More than 150 million U.S. consumers plan to shop on Super Saturday this year, up slightly from 147.8 million in 2019, according to the annual survey released today by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics.
Retail Theft Rising

Retailers Report Rising Cases, Increased Losses from Theft

Organized retail crime is continuing to grow, with the number of dollars lost topping a key threshold for the fifth year in a row and three-quarters of retail companies that have been victims saying activity is up.
LG Commercials Displays

LG Expands All-In-One LED Display Category

On the heels of its popular 130-inch All-in-One LED display, LG Business Solutions USA has expanded the category with a brand new 136-inch model that is even easier to install and portable when integrated with an optional mobile stand.
Brandsource Ristow blurry left hand

BrandSource To Revisit Virtual Format for Summit 2021

AVB/BrandSource is returning to the Internet for its first major trade event of next year: Summit 2021.
RowOne Home Theater Seating

RowOne Inks Deals with Best Buy, Nationwide

RowOne also announces substantial progress with HTSA, the AiN Group and AVB/BrandSource CE/CI channel dealers since the brand’s relaunch just six months ago, and RowOne makes a strong case for the title of ‘The Most Successful CE/CI Vendor Brand Launch of the Pandemic Year.'
Nationwide Marketing Performance Group’s

Nationwide Launches Dedicated Performance Groups for Servicing Dealers

Nationwide peer groups provide networking support and exclusive training opportunities to members who service appliances.
Almo Pro AV &. SpinetiX

Almo Professional A/V & SpinetiX Enter Distribution Partnership

Almo Professional A/V has announced a new distribution partnership with digital signage solutions company SpinetiX.
LG DigiTour 3D Showroom

LG Launches Immersive DigiTour 3D Showroom for Businesses of All Sizes,...

It’s no longer just about having a strong e-commerce strategy anymore; it’s about creating an entire digital experience. LG has taken this exact approach with its new DigiTour 3D showroom.
Gamers using Buy Now, Pay Later

Buy Now, Pay Later Gains Steam as Sezzle Partners With GameStop

Sezzle Inc., Buy Now, Pay Later solutions provider, has announced a partnership with GameStop to provide the world's largest retailer of video games access to its flexible and innovative digital payment solution.

NRF Expects Holiday Sales to Grow Between 3.6 and 5.2 Percent

With retail sales rebounding strongly due to continued consumer resilience, the National Retail Federation has forecast that holiday sales during November and December will increase between 3.6 percent and 5.2 percent over 2019 to a total between $755.3 billion and $766.7 billion.

Instacart Launches Same-day Delivery of Best Buy Products Nationwide

Instacart, the North American online grocery delivery service, has announced a new nationwide partnership with Best Buy to offer same-day delivery from nearly all Best Buy locations across the U.S.
CTA Black Friday - pexels-andrea-piacquadio-853151

CTA Report: 86% of Shoppers Plan Black Friday Week Tech Gift...

CTA research shows that from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, 86% of U.S. shoppers plan to buy tech devices, accessories and/or streaming services.
BrandSource Repair Screen Shot 2020-11-12 at 9.44.54 AM

BrandSource Mobilizes Service Industry with ‘Service Day’ Virtual Event

BrandSource has formed a National Service Committee comprised of dealers and AVB staff.

NRF to Retail Leaders: Time to Enact Pro-Growth Policies

The NRF feels that now that the election has been decided, it is time to get back to work enacting pro-growth policies and rebuilding our economy.

Pro AV, eSports Among New Opps D&H’s Solutions Enablement Team is...

D&H’s subject matter experts leverage real-world expertise to help partners win new opportunities in pro AV, eSports, remote learning, and security.

Big Data’s Role in Reshaping Independent Retail

Nationwide’s new PriMetrix performance insight platform captures actionable consumer data for independent retailers.
Audio America Name Change Next Level Distribution

Distributor Audio America Announces Company Name Change to Next Level Distribution

CE and 12V premium products distributor Audio America has announced it will now be operating under the company name Next Level Distribution, LLC.
Nationwide_Dean Sottile presentation

Nationwide PrimeTime Virtual Addresses the Shift to Digital

Nationwide is encouraging retailers who have divided their merchandising strategies between in-person showrooms and online sales portals to zero in on honing their digital marketing skills, in this new normal.
LG OLED TV Video and Audio Center

Video & Audio Center Showcases LG OLED Tech, Front & Center

Video & Audio Center has instituted a new department in all five of its stores that highlights the LG OLED TV lineup.

Nationwide Virtual PrimeTime Prepares Members to “Outwork. Outwit. Outwin.”

Three-day virtual Nationwide Virtual PrimeTime business conference promises to deliver the same world-class education, deals and networking opportunities that retailers have come to expect from PrimeTime — and a chance to win a $100K store makeover.
CTA Holiday Purchase Patterns

CTA: Holiday Tech Spending to Rise 10% Over 2019 to $135...

CTA's study also found 81% of U.S. adults are more likely or just as likely to purchase tech products this holiday season – the COVID-19 pandemic notwithstanding.
Holiday Shopping 2020

Consumers Prioritize Spending on Family, Friends Ahead of Holiday Season

Purchasing gifts for friends and loved ones is a way for consumers to shift focus from the uncertainty and stress of the pandemic to celebrating the holidays and the promise of our return to a better tomorrow.

NRF Foundation Introduces COVID-19 Trainings to Aid Retail Employees

The NRF Foundation recently launched two new credentials in its RISE Up program in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The credentials focus on Retail Operations and Customer Conflict Prevention to further ensure retail workers — and the millions of customers they serve — can work and shop more safely and help keep the economy open.
ProSource member_Beyond Hi-Fi lighting install

ProSource Adds 10 New Members in Q3 2020

ProSource has added 10 new CI members in the third quarter, representing $55.1 million in new revenue, year to date.

Imports Set New Record as Retailers Replenish Inventories

Imports reached an all-time high this summer as retail sales bounced back from the pandemic and merchants replenished inventories and stocked up early for the holiday season, according to the monthly Global Port Tracker report released today by the National Retail Federation and Hackett Associates.
NATM 50 Years

NATM Q&A: Satoren Views This & Next Year

Jerry Satoren, Executive Director, NATM, provides Dealerscope with a look at the group’s annual Member Conference, which just took place in virtual format, and looks at business as it is and as it is shaping up for 2021.
5G NPD report

NPD Report: Basic 5G Awareness Reaches Masses

An NPD report says the majority of U.S. consumers are aware of 5G and the promise of super-fast data transmissions that enable superior multimedia streaming and enhanced gaming experiences on mobile devices.
Google AVB Webinar

Google, AVB Marketing Webinar Provides Furniture Dealers Checklist

In the first of a three-day complimentary series of 30-minute webinars this week, Google and AVB Marketing offered home furnishings retailers a checklist of digital essentials to remain competitive in a pandemic-impacted marketplace.

Distributor Stampede Rebrands as Exertis

Distributor Stampede has announced that its operations in the U.S., Canada and Latin America are rebranding as Exertis.  According to President & CEO Kevin...
AVB Marketing Google_AVB Webinar

AVB Marketing & Google Team to Offer Digital Insights for Furniture...

Google has partnered with AVB Marketing, the advertising, e-commerce and digital marketing arm of buying group AVB Inc., to share pre-holiday insights on furniture...
Nationwide Podium

Nationwide & ePodium Partner in E-Commerce Strategy

Nationwide Marketing Group announced that it is partnering with Podium, an interaction management platform that works with more than 65,000 businesses worldwide, to help...

Tech to Play Key Role in Growth of Smart Cooking Appliances...

The global household cooking appliances market is growing at a steady pace and this is an outcome of multiple trends and drivers that are...
GE Appliances

GE Appliances Unveils Digital Price Tags Program For Nationwide Dealers

The value of digital price tags for independent retailers grows stronger by the day, and a new program available through GE Appliances (GEA) makes...

Replicating the In-Store Experience Online… AR/VR is Looming for Retail

This pandemic has obviously done a ton of damage to retailers the world over, but one of the few silver linings might wind up...

The Future of Retail Revealed at IFA RETAIL NEXT

Retail has a future, but what will it look like? How can retailers benefit from changing consumer behaviors? Why do digital shoppers still visit...
DSI Rebranded Website

DSI Releases New, Rebranded Website

DSI Systems Inc. has just released a new, revamped website - at - that the company says offers its customers a clean and...
Doddle E-Commerce Returns

Doddle Provides Free E-Commerce Returns Portal for Retailers

Doddle, an international e-commerce solutions provider that designs, develops and integrates consumer fulfillment and returns technology, announces that it has launched a free Digital...
Nationwide PrimeTime

Nationwide Shifts PrimeTime to All-Digital Format in October

Nationwide Marketing Group has announced that it is converting PrimeTime &ndndash; the industry’s largest buying, training and networking opportunity for independent retailers and vendors...

Retail Sees Encouraging July Increases

Retail sales continued to recover from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic in July, growing more slowly than the month before but adding to...

Carousel Cloud Digital Signage Opens Retail Conversations

iSpace Environments, a Minneapolis-based commercial furniture and technology dealership, is now using Carousel Digital Signage software to promote its services and amplify its message...

Kanto Appoints Gemsen Distribution as Canadian Distributor

Powered audio products and mounting solutions provider Kanto Living has appointed Gemsen Distribution in Concord, Ontario, to serve the independent retail and custom integration...

Dealerscope Insider Talk: Providing Essential Tech in a Changing Consumer Environment

“We don’t look at selling a product, we look at selling a solution,” said New Age Electronics' President, Fred Towns when asked what makes...

Contactless Credit Cards & Mobile Payments Increase Despite Cost, Security Concerns

With consumers worried about touching surfaces during the coronavirus pandemic, the use of mobile payments and contactless credit or debit cards has significantly increased...
Consumer Behavior Retail COVID

Retailers Continue to Adjust to Changes in Shopping Habits

Consumer behavior now more of a moving target than ever.

NRF: As COVID Spikes, Economy Now Tested Daily

Despite broad indications that the economy has begun to recover as businesses reopen from the coronavirus pandemic, conflicting data makes it difficult to say...

Retailers Back Small Business Comeback Act

The National Retail Federation welcomed legislation recently introduced that would give small businesses new coronavirus pandemic assistance that could be used to pay expenses...
IBM Study Consumers and COVID-19

IBM Study: Consumers Remain Unsettled Amidst COVID-19

The most recent findings from an ongoing IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) survey of U.S. consumers show that Americans remain concerned about returning...
The new, larger, location located in the heart of the greater metro Nashville area, replaces 21st Century’s existing warehouse in Smyrna, Tennessee.

21st Century Distributing Announces New Nashville Location

21st Century Distributing, the premier consumer electronics distributor serving the Southeast and PowerHouse Alliance member, announces the grand opening of its new location in...

Dealerscope Insider Talk: How Starpower Stays the Course in Retail

Dealerscope’s Insider Talk series, as part of Facebook Live, recently welcomed David Pidgeon, president and CEO of Dallas-based A/V retailer Starpower – a company that has grown into one of the country’s largest custom home electronics retailers.
Generation Z retail

Reaching Gen Z: The Internet-Raised, Brick and Mortar-Loyal Shoppers

As Millennials start turning 40 this year, this disruption is understood and accounted for in brand strategies – leading the next question to be, are brands and marketers better prepared for Gen Z? 
Marketing in Retail

The 3 Secrets of Great Marketing Experiences

Most discussions about customer experience deal with things that happen after the purchasing decision has been made, but the actual experience starts long before...

Kwikset Introduces Covid-19 Dealer Support Program

Kwikset, a residential lock manufacturer, has introduced a new “COVID-19 Dealer Support Program.” Created to provide actionable and relevant support, the program includes specific...

OnPoint Details the Future of Warranty on Insider Talk

On Episode 6 of Dealerscope’s Insider Talk Series, hosts Nancy Klosek and Tony Monteleone chatted with two representatives from OnPoint Warranty Solutions: Chris Smith,...

NRF Calls on Retailers to Set Nationwide Mask Policy

The National Retail Federation (NRF) has issued the following statement encouraging all retailers to adopt a nationwide policy that requires customers to wear face...

PLANOLY Launches Sellit, Turns Social Media into Instant Storefronts

PLANOLY, a social marketing platform trusted by over five million users, has introduced sellit. The new eCommerce solution helps small businesses and influencers turn...

DSI Announces Partnership with Inspire

DSI has announced a new partnership with Inspire. This partnership will give DSI dealers the opportunity to offer clean energy solutions to their customers...

Amazon Pay Launches ‘Smart Stores’

Amazon Pay has announced the launch of “Smart Stores”; customers simply scan the store’s QR code using the Amazon app to begin exploring the...

NRF Announces New Format for 2021 Retail’s Big Show

The National Retail Federation (NRF) has announced its annual exposition and conference will take place in-person at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New...

‘Toy Fair Everywhere’ Virtual Market Week Opens July 13

The first-ever Toy Fair Everywhere virtual market week, hosted by The Toy Association, will kick off next Monday, July 13 and and run through...

PreciTaste Intros Retail AI Welcome Center Kiosk

PreciTaste has created a cost-effective, user-friendly health-check kiosk: the AI Welcome Center. Keeping up with the quick-pace of retail, the Welcome Center is perfect...

Omnichannel Marketing in Action: Three Case Studies

No marketing virtue pays off quite as much as being focused on your target audience. While many businesses still use spray-and-pray marketing to beg...

NRF: Pandemic Recession Could be Easing, but ‘No One Has Crystal...

The economic downturn brought on by the coronavirus pandemic has officially been declared a recession, but National Retail Federation Chief Economist Jack Kleinhenz said...

Tanger Outlets Launches Virtual Shopper Concierge Service

Tanger Factory Outlet Centers, Inc., has announced the launch of an innovation to the outlet shopping experience, a virtual shopping concierge service that gives...

Microsoft Store Announces New Approach to Retail

Microsoft Corp. has announced a strategic change in its retail operations, including closing Microsoft Store physical locations. The company’s retail team members will continue...

Catalyst AV & The Edge Group Form Strategic Alliance

The Catalyst AV distribution network of nine independent CE distributors serving the residential and pro AV channels, and The Edge Group, a distributor-owned buying...

Free Social Media Assets, How-To Guides for Nationwide Members

Having a sound and strong social media strategy can go a long way toward helping a small business stand out – both in its...

Omnichannel Gift Card and Loyalty Program Solution From Factor4, AMP

Factor4, LLC, a provider of gift card and loyalty solutions for the SMB market, announces their partnership with AMP, a global provider of POS...


Will you require your employees to be vaccinated?
Will you require your employees to be vaccinated?
Will you require your employees to be vaccinated?