Applications of Real-Time Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs)

Applications of Real-Time Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs)

Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs) can sense, report, and track an individual's blood glucose levels and report them to a smart device without finger pricking.
FalconFrames Join the Sports Wearables Revolution

FalconFrames Join the Sports Wearables Revolution

For OcuRay, wearable technology can enhance the sports training experience for everybody with its latest innovation, FalconFrames.
Smart Watches Can Help Predict Parkinson's Disease

Smart Watches Can Help Predict Parkinson’s Disease

Scientists and health professionals are using Smart Watches to predict Parkinson's.
Pleasurable Sensory Experiences Through Technology

Pleasurable Sensory Experiences Through Technology

“Design is never neutral. It either supports health or hinders it.”  - Erin Peavey, HKS Architecture and interior design have always centered around creating beautiful and...
Tech Wearables Boast Ample Medical Applications

Tech Wearables Boast Ample Medical Applications

Smart watches and bracelets are helping doctors monitor and assist patients without having to always be in person.

EmeTerm Anti Fatigue & Car Sickness Wristband Wins the IF and...

Recently, the EmeTerm Anti Fatigue & Car Sickness Wristband won the 2023 IF Design Award in Germany and the IDA Award in the United States

Smart Watch Adoption Jumps to 35% in 2023

Parks Associates' latest research shows 56% of US internet households now own a connected health device, a 21-point increase since 2016

New G-Shock Watch Sports Heart Rate Monitor

Casio America, Inc. announced the latest addition to their G-SHOCK  MOVE lineup, the DWH5600, which joins the recently launched GBDH2000. The new model boasts heart rate monitoring technology

RCA To Release Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids

RCA Accessories today announced its plans to enter the over-the-counter ("OTC") hearing aid market.
Smart Aging: Technology for a New Age of Seniors 

Smart Aging: Technology for a New Age of Seniors 

While cutting edge technology often skews toward younger consumers, it can be just as powerful a tool for helping the elderly get by in a complex world.
The Best Sports Tech for Competitive Athletes 

The Best Sports Tech for Competitive Athletes

From smartwatches to smart bikes, there’s a bounty of new ways to use tech to not only get fit, but also track your health and keep up your training regimen.
Vaha’s Interactive Fitness Mirror Takes Home Workouts to Next Level

Vaha’s Interactive Fitness Mirror Takes Home Workouts to Next Level

German based fitness tech company Vaha offers a new way of working out at home with its pioneering digital mirrors which act as world class personal trainers.
Wellness Tech to Ring in the New Year

Wellness Tech to Ring in the New Year

A range of products to keep track of fitness, sleep and more

Top Digital Fitness Trackers in 2023 with Sector Set to Reach...

The digital fitness and well-being devices segment is forecast to reach US $68.01 bn in 2023. Revenue is expected to show an annual growth...
Apple Bringing New Features to Fitness+ App 

Apple Bringing New Features to Fitness+ App 

Plus: Asus unveils its new Zenbook 14 Flip OLED laptop.
‘Beyond the smartwatch’ – Analyst IDTechEx reveals 2023 trends to look out for in world of digital fitness

‘Beyond the smartwatch’ – Analyst IDTechEx reveals 2023 trends to look...

As the smartwatch market matures, capabilities of other wearables will continue to expand and alternative form factors could begin tempting consumers away.
Tech for Better Hearing and Wellbeing

Tech for Better Hearing and Wellbeing

An update on improvements in hearing aid tech, as well as fitness and sleep products.

Premium Air Purification Robot that Combines Performance, Convenience and Design

With the Airbot Z1, Ecovacs Robotics has launched its first “ground-breaking” air purifying robot. Ecovacs says its latest air purifier can help keep homes fresh and comfortable...

Rotten or Not: Video Games Sharpen Minds

Video games are referred to as "brain-rotting" and have been since the conception of the first ever. Since Magnavox Odyssey's, Nintendo Entertainment Systems and...

How the Masimo vs. Politan Lawsuit’s Looking

It’s been almost six months since one of the world’s leading medical technology companies decided to add audio industry dynamo Sound United to its portfolio. And...

Popsockets’ Plant-based Phone Cases are Carbon Neutral and Fully Recyclable

Dynamic digital lifestyle and mobile accessory brand Popsockets recently unveiled its plant-based phone cases, with a distinct sustainable design.  The PlantCore phone cases from Popsockets...

Oppo Launches a A New Smart Band Alongside New Earbuds

The Oppo Band 2 has a 200mAh battery that can last up to 14 days and offers a bigger display than its predecessor, at 1.57 inches.
Oura debuts a new ring, now perfectly round

Oura Debuts a New Ring, Now Perfectly Round

The ŌURA Ring was something of a breakout wearable product during the pandemic, showing up everywhere from workout returns to the NBA bubble.

Fitbit to Require Google Account for Some Fitbit Functions, Starting Next...

As pointed out by Gizmodo this week, Fitbit has announced that it will require a Google login in the future. This comes ahead of the expected launch of the Pixel Watch, which may have some degree of Fitbit branding
a women using audio tech to improve her sleep

Self Care with Audio Wellness Tech 

Audio gadgets that have a single function tend to be better at that function than do-it-all devices.

Top Smart Watches & Fitness Trackers of 2022

Health data takes on style in today’s top connected watches
The Best Dorm-Friendly Workout Equipment

The Best Dorm-Friendly Workout Equipment

The plethora of new, dorm-friendly workout equipment sets college students up to excel in their fitness and academic goals.
Putting the BowFlex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells to the Test

Putting the BowFlex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells to the Test

BowFlex's SelectTech 552 dumbbells join the upward trend of home fitness products and intelligent apps geared toward working out due to a new fitness craze.
The Joy in Putting Down the Phone

The Joy in Putting Down the Phone

I plan to put away my phone more during the rest of 2022, not just to be more productive, but also to be more creative and generate great new ideas.
Amazfit Launches “Out of This World” Testing Procedures

Amazfit Launches “Out of This World” Testing Procedures

Amazfit sent its rugged outdoor GPS smartwatch, the Amazfit T-Rex 2, into space on a quest to prove its strength in extreme environments.
Smart Home Spotlight Shifting to Health and Wellness

Smart Home Spotlight Shifting to Health and Wellness

As consumers integrate connected devices and services into their lives, they are beginning to bring the same desires to their health and wellness.
Boost Profits and Productivity: Innovative Wellness Tech

Boost Profits and Productivity: Innovative Wellness Tech

The decline in mental health amongst workers demonstrates the need for companies to utilize the host of digital wellness technology at their fingertips.
A Look At Industry Leaders in Smart Home Fitness Technology

A Look At Industry Leaders in Smart Home Fitness Technology

The rising popularity of exercising from home throughout COVID-19 demonstrated the need for improved smart home fitness technology.
Sustainable green technology can be helpful to prevent e-waste.

Would You Give Up A/C For This New Tech?

Saarland University has created a prototype that does not require the use of climate-damaging refrigerants.

How COVID-19 Changed My Perspective on Exercise and Spending

The abundance of time to scroll on social media during COVID-19 opened my eyes to the breadth and variety of exercise and fitness products.

Peloton Teases New Rower at Homecoming Event

For what's been called Peloton's "worst-kept secret," the subtle announcement of the Peloton rower created more waves than anticipated.
Introducing Balanced fitness app – the platform offering fitness programmes for older adults

Balanced Platform Offers Fitness Programs for Older Adults

The platform, launched in late 2021, features certain routines that can help prevent pain, injuries, and illness.
Hands-on Review: Fieldsheer Adventure Heated Jacket

Hands-on Review: Fieldsheer Adventure Heated Jacket

The Fieldsheer Adventure Heated Jacket offers adjustable temperatures for colder climates and is an example of tech’s expansion into non-traditional industries.
Smart Hearables: Hear There and Everywhere

Hear, There, and Everywhere: Smart Hearables

Bluetooth has taken leaps forward in the last year, making it the perfect tech to power over-the-counter personal sound amplification products (PSAPs).
Senior technology trends are coming in 2022 and here is a list of those devices.

What’s Next in Senior Technology?

Better-looking wearables and hearables, along with advances in digital therapeutics spurred on by the pandemic, are hitting the market this year.
ObVus Laptop Tower Stand in Purse

Unboxed: ObVus Laptop Tower Stand 2.0

Say goodbye to tech-related neck and back pain with the Laptop Tower Stand 2.0 and Ergonomic Bluetooth Foldable Keyboard from ObVus.
Health and Wellness Tech 2022: Withings Body Scan

What’s Next in Health and Wellness Tech?

With the pandemic still here, the worldwide market for home fitness equipment is expected to continue to grow.
The Aura Web Platform dashboard for air purifiers

Enterprise-Friendly Aura Web Platform Is Fleet Management for Air Purifiers

The new solution uses AI, real-time cloud data, and a coterie of sensors to help organizations manage their air quality at scale.
Peloton Set To Cut Jobs and Hire New CEO

Peloton Makes Critical Changes Amid Steep Losses

Plus, Samsung unveils the new S22 Ultra smartphone at its first Unpacked event of 2022.
Bowflex SelectTech 552 Smart Dumbbells

Even Dumbbells Are Getting Smarter

We put the BowFlex SelectTech 552 hand weights through their paces.
How to reduce smartphone usage this year

How to Reduce Your Smartphone Usage This Year

All it takes is a willingness to start your day with this easy strategy.

Technology for a Healthier Work-from-Home Culture

Working in an office from 9 to 5 is no longer the norm in our society. In fact, most people report only planning on...

Revolutionizing Women’s Healthcare with Technology-Driven Solutions

Healthcare is obviously under strain today, but there is one field in particular that has been lacking in innovation. Women’s healthcare - which mostly...
a person doing VR Fitness

Reducing the Friction: The Rise of VR Fitness

The pandemic led many to exercise at home, and one of the beneficiaries was the previously niche VR headset category, which have seen a continued rise in sales.
CVS Pharmacy interior

CVS to Close 900 Brick-and-Mortar Stores

The closures will help parent company CVS Health transform its brick-and-mortar retail stores into not only pharmacies that sell everything, but also bonafide medical health facilities.
a family using connected health services

AI’s Impact on Personalization in Connected Health

Remote Health resources have been on the rise and changing the future of healthcare.
Embr Labs Wave 2

Embr Labs Wave 2 Manages Body Heat to Reduce Stress

Unapologetically different, the Embr Labs Wave 2 is a wearable device designed to reduce stress and improve sleep by regulating body temperature. We tried it out with the whole family for a few weeks. Here's our review.
air purifiers such as the Ikea Starkvind

The Best Air Purifiers Help You Breathe More Easily

Wildfires, pandemics, and, of course, allergies, have led to continued growth for the air purifiers in the electronics market. Here's a snapshot of the current range of offerings.
The new Acoustic Designs Group's Tech and Wellness Showroom in Scottdale, Arizona

Acoustic Designs Group Opens Tech and Wellness Showroom

Acoustic Designs Group recently opened an upgraded luxury smart home showroom. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, the showroom is powered by Delos Wireless Technology and the DARWIN Premier Home Wellness Intelligence Network.
Lyric Therapeutic Massager

Sleek Lyric Therapeutic Massager Looks Good Next to an iMac

The Lyric therapeutic massager is the surprising and delightful health and wellness gadget we've been waiting for.
personal health gadgets tonal

Personal Health Gadgets Take Off

The pandemic was a boon to the health gadget sector, leading more consumers to take an active role in managing wellness at home and on the go.
FDA approved gadget used by elderly man after jogging

Who Needs FDA Rules For Health Devices?

Proposed rule changes in hearing aids reflect how long it takes regulations to catch up with technology,especially around health and wellness devides.
Countertop Coral UV-2 Sanitizer

Countertop Coral UV 2 Sanitizer Disinfects Everything From Pacifiers to Laptops

The sleek-looking Coral UV 2 sanitizer and dryer uses UV-C light to comfortably sanitize up to 12 baby bottles or six iPhone 12s at once. Coming out in July, the second-generation Coral UV is big enough to handle everything from baby bottles and combs to headphones and laptops.
Age Tech Seniors

Age Tech: Reshaping Channel Opportunities

Just consider these facts: Americans over 50 account for $7.6 trillion in direct spending and related economic activity. By 2030, more people worldwide will be over 60 than under 10, and AARP is reporting that 87% of those 65+ want to stay in their current homes and communities.
AirPop Active+ Face Mask

AirPop Active+ Smart Face Mask Tracks Breathing

Besides blocking out pollutants, allergens, and droplets, the AirPop Smart+ smart face mask tracks your breathing with its built-in sensor.
Airthings View Plus

Airthings View Plus Gives Whole-Home Air Breakdown

The latest in the Airthings product lineup, View Plus, delivers a room's PM, radon, CO2, humidity, airborne chemicals (VOC), temperature, air pressure, and outdoor air quality.
ZEISS Vision Care Insider Talk

Today on Insider Talk: Cleaning Products for Tech Retailers

Tune in to this evening's episode of Dealerscope Insider Talk where Pamela Andrews and Ruben Tellez of ZEISS Vision Care will discuss why cleaning products are a necessary companion to tech products at retail.
Digital Health and Wellness

Wellness Innovations Surge to Meet Consumer Demand

This shift in focus on health and wellness can be seen in most every place in the tech industry, from wearables and apps to the smart home. It all points to consumers’ heightened awareness of preventive heath.
Digital Health and Wellness

Wellness Care Shifts from Reactive to Proactive

Consumers want to play a more interactive role in their healthcare. Sleep monitoring is near the top of the consumer desires list for health-and-wellness tracking. The wish for tracking and monitoring vital signs is being addressed with vigor by vendors.
The Consumerization of Health and Wellness

The Consumerization Of Health & Wellness

Opportunities for CE retailers abound as self-care electronics category explodes.