CE Today 11/7/23: News from Sony, DJI, and LEVOIT

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ABLIC Inc. Releases New Series of Automotive Voltage Trackers

ABLIC Inc. Debuts Automotive Voltage Trackers

ABLIC Inc., a manufacturer of analog semiconductors, has released a series of automotive voltage trackers that ensure safety without sacrificing efficiency.
Savant Unleashes Energy Independence with Savant Power Storage

Savant Empowers Energy Independence with Savant Power Storage

Savant Systems, a global leader in smart home and energy solutions, has launched the Savant Power Storage, an energy storage system (ESS) designed to...

LG Introduces Digital Signage Solution for EV Charging Stations

LG unveils digital signage solution for EV charging stations, offering advertising opportunities and maximizing return on investment (ROI).
Mercedes Pulls Away in Race to Develop DMV-Approved Autonomous Cars

Mercedes Pulls Away in Race for Street-Legal Autonomous Cars

Mercedes is beating Tesla in the approval race for automatic driving technology in California.
Nissan to Cut EV and Hybrid Car Costs by 30% with Powertrain Overhaul

Nissan to Cut EV and Hybrid Car Costs by 30% with...

In efforts to reduce the cost of electric and hybrid vehicles by up to 30%, Nissan plans a complete redesign of the company's powertrains.
Mobility: Driving Change

Driving Change: What E-Mobility Means for Retailers

How improved charging infrastructures, better battery manufacturing, and the emergence of micromobility devices like e-scooters will cause the domestic e-mobility sector to explode in the next five years.
The Wallbox Pulsar Plus EV Charger is one of a host of models now available

Unboxed: Charging Begins at Home 

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus EV Charger is one of a host of models now available.
Ford to Begin Production of Next-Gen Electric Truck in 2025 

Ford to Begin Production of Next-Gen Electric Truck in 2025 

Plus: Ninja releases a new leak-free and lightweight portable blender.
Acer Breaks into the E-Bike Market with AI-Driven Commuter

Acer Breaks into the E-Bike Market with AI-Driven Commuter

Plus: Levoit’s new smart humidifier features a 60% increased mist output.
Mobility: Planes, Cranes and Automobiles 

Mobility: Planes, Cranes and Automobiles 

CES mobility exhibits focused on autonomous vehicles and the rapid shift away from combustion engines to fully electric cars and trucks.
Complete Drive System for Electric Vehicles Introduced by Volkswagen Group

Complete Drive System for EVs Introduced by Volkswagen Group

Volkswagen Group Technology is developing a complete drive system for EVs, producing batteries, electric motors, pulse inverters and thermal management systems.
Harman and American Center for Mobility to Strategically Collaborate on Connectivity Products

Harman and American Center for Mobility to Strategically Collaborate on Connectivity...

The partnership will see Harman and the ACM testing the practical uses of road-ready technologies such as Vehicle to Everything and edge computing.
Honda Unveils New Autonomous Work Vehicle 

Honda Unveils New Autonomous Work Vehicle 

Plus: FLO and ChargerHelp! sponsor legislation to ensure EV drivers have access to charging stations.
Nissan to Buy as Much as 15% of Renault’s EV Business Under Revised Alliance

Nissan to Buy as Much as 15% of Renault’s EV Business...

The automotive giants reveal the details of their reshaped partnership with Nissan committing to buying up to 15% of Renault’s EV business Ampere.
Toyota Announces New Plans for Next Generation Electric Vehicles 

Toyota Announces New Plans for Next Generation Electric Vehicles 

Plus: California appliance retailer Howard’s opens new Murrieta experience center.
Growth of EV Market Raises Concerns About Lithium-Ion Battery Shortage

Growth of EV Market Raises Concerns About Lithium-Ion Battery Shortage

Plus: Howard’s will begin offering customized delivery and installation services.
RCA is Back – This Time, With E-Bikes

RCA is Back – This Time, With E-Bikes

RCA has returned with a line of E-Bikes and E-Scooters that are expected to arrive on the market in  late Q2 or early Q3 2023.

Sony Highlights PSVR, a Movie Sneak Peek and the Car of...

Sony’s official 2023 press conference took place at 5 p.m. PST at the Las Vegas Convention Center, ahead of CES 2023 opening officially tomorrow.
From Razors to EV Batteries, Panasonic Does it All

From Razors to EV Batteries, Panasonic Does it All

The main focus of Panasonic's 2023 CES keynote was the company’s commitment to sustainability, particularly in the mobility sector.
USPS Will Only Buy Electric Vehicles Starting in 2026 

USPS Will Only Buy Electric Vehicles Starting in 2026 

Plus: AnyClip teams up with Zoom to launch Partner Video Center.
Alpha Motor Corporation releases limited edition electric Montage Coupe

Alpha Motor Corporation releases limited edition electric Montage Coupe

The limited electric Alpha Motor Montage Coupe will reportedly be made available exclusively via private sale, sold as a custom-built electric vehicle.
OKAI and NAE Tackle DTC E-Mobility in the U.S.

OKAI and NAE Tackle DTC E-Mobility in the U.S.

The e-mobility sector has taken off over the last five years. Here is why New Age Electronics and OKAI are doubling down on the U.S. market.

NASA Technology Could Make Electric Vehicles Charge Faster

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration says it has developed an “advanced temperature control technique” which could make charging electric vehicles easier and less...
KYOCERA AVX Salzburg and VisIC Technologies Expand Electric Vehicle Operations

KYOCERA AVX Salzburg and VisIC Technologies Expand Electric Vehicle Operations

The former describes itself as a global leader in Gallium Nitride (GaN) solutions for high-voltage automotive applications, while the latter is an international manufacturer and supplier of electronic components for the automotive industry.

Infineon Technologies Partners with REE Automotive to Develop New Sustainable Mobility...

Infineon Technologies, regarded as a leading manufacturer of components for mobility solutions, recently announced a partnership with automotive technology company REE Automotive. The two companies...

Volvo to Unveil Flagship Fully Electric SUV – the EX90

Swedish automotive giant, Volvo is all set to unveil its flagship, fully electric SUV

Toyota Considers EV Reboot to Better Compete with Tesla

Toyota is considering a reboot of its electric-car strategy to better compete in a booming market it has been slow to enter, and has halted some work on existing EV projects.

$135 Million Climate Financing Package Goes to Supporting E-Mobility in Vietnam

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has mobilized a $135 million climate financing package for VinFast Trading and Production Joint Stock Company (VinFast) for manufacturing Vietnam’s first and...

Startup Wunder Mobility Secures €12 Million Investment

The company works with global and local rideshare operators, with solutions provided for over 200 cities around the world. Further investment will likely lead to even more growth.

It’s All About the Journey  

When it comes to car technology in 2022, there’s a lot going on.   On the electric vehicle front, the federal government has moved to encourage...

VOXX International Launches Launches New E-Commerce Platform

VOXX International Corporation, which is known as a manufacturer and distributor of automotive and consumer technologies, has announced that it has launched an e-Commerce...

City Transformer Wins SHIFT Mobility’s “MIND Shifter” Competition

The startup competition "MIND Shifter" from SHIFT Mobility has ended today with judges choosing startup City Transformer as the winner. They were awarded 10,000...
Ebikes, Escooters, and Mopeds are Not Just Pandemic-Era Fads

Ebikes, Escooters, and Mopeds Are Not Just Pandemic-Era Fads

It’s no longer just a pandemic fad. Ebikes are here to stay, and stay in a big way, as evidenced at the CES in January.

Why Tesla is Taking Over Your Newsfeed

Tesla has been all over our feed this week. The first reason is the news that Elon Musk has backed out of his original...

General Motors Building New Network of EV Charging Stations

In partnership with Pilot Co. and EVgo, General Motors plans to build a network of fast charging stations for electric vehicles across the United States.

Tesla Involved in New Investigation After Latest Crash

A new investigation is underway conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration surrounding a fatal car crash involving a 2018 Tesla Model 3.

Volkswagen Announces New $20 Billion Dollar Investment for EV Batteries

Volkswagen has announced a $20 billion investment in EV batteries, the latest in efforts among the auto industry for more environmentally conscious driving.
Vestel Raises the Bar with New EV Charging Solutions

Vestel Raises the Bar with New EV Charging Solutions

Vestel has unveiled a new range of fast and ultra-fast DC and AC chargers for electric vehicles (EV) with powerful features and innovative designs.

CarPlay Adoption Continues with New Gas Purchasing Feature

Sinclair is the first gas station chain to announce plans to use an Apple CarPlay feature that will allow drivers to purchase gas from their car dashboard.
Person working a remote job

Workers Want Remote Job Opportunities, Survey Says

According to a survey, remote work arrangements are a top three factor among those searching for jobs, topped only by greater pay and better opportunities.
Automated Vehicles

Automated Vehicle Technology Not Aligned with Consumer Desire

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safeway has released a report suggesting consumer confidence lags behind technological advancement in automated vehicles.
Take the Stress Out of Travel: Best Travel Technology

Take the Stress Out of Travel: Best Travel Technology

The rise of sophisticated travel technology is taking the headache out of traveling, so you can plan and take that trip stress-free.
Cadillac Got it Right: Upgraded Technology and Infotainment

Cadillac Got it Right: Upgraded Technology and Infotainment

Cadillac proved we can bring the showroom to the customer with technology all while delivering improved product and customer support quality.

Automated Driver-Assist Systems Blamed for Hundreds of Vehicle Crashes

Nearly 400 crashes over a 10-month period are associated with partially automated driver-assist systems, including 273 from Teslas.
Julain Fernau at his eScooters store Fluidfreeride in Miami

E-Scooter Retailing With Fluidfreeride CEO Julian Fernau 

A store visit with the founder of the e-scooter-exclusive retailer.
Over $200 Million Invested in Producing US Electric Vehicles

Over $200 Million Invested to Increase U.S. Output of EV Battery...

Two US-based companies Soelect and Lotte Chemical have agreed to work together on increasing the production of battery components for electric vehicles.
A public ev charging station

The Benefits of EV Charging Stations for Retailers

More juicing stations are needed for the growing number of EVs, making it a great opportunity for retailers to attract in-store shoppers.
Future of mobility in the new urbanism

New SHIFT Mobility Study Highlights Sustainability and Climate Neutrality

“The Great Shift: Future of Mobility and New Urbanism” study identified 10 trending topics, including Mobility & Sustainability, Micromobility, Autonomous Driving and New Urbanism.
Hyundai Ioniq 5

EVs Are Here to Change the Retail Landscape

As EVs become more popular, more consumers are being motivated by high gas prices to switch away from fossil fuels.
Segway GT Series

Segway-Ninebot Celebrates 10-Millionth E-Scooter Sale

The Chinese Segway and e-scooter specialist has celebrated the sale of its 10-millionth e-scooter with a special ceremony in Beijing.
Escort MaxCam 360

Escort Max 360c Radar Detector Dash Cam Satisfies Need for Speed

As the old "Shimmer" SNL skit goes, it's a floor wax and a dessert topping.
Future of e-mobility

Study Finds Increased Awareness of E-Mobility Worldwide

SHIFT Mobility and pressrelations partner up for a study on the future of transportation and technology.
Serial 1 Powered by Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson Goes Whole Hog For E-bikes

Started in 2018, the e-bike company "Serial 1 Powered by Harley-Davidson” combines the resources of the 118-year-old brand with the agility of a startup.
EVs lined up at a charging station

EVs Are Coming of Age Sooner Than We Thought

The rise in gas prices that started with the war in Ukraine may ultimately sound the death knell for the era of fossil fuels and cement the supremacy of electric vehicles.
Tier Mobility Acquires E-Scooters Parking Startup Fantasmo

Tier Mobility Acquires E-Scooter Parking Startup Fantasmo

The companies have previously worked together to apply computer vision-based parking in rented e-scooters.
Getting on an eBike is what spring is all about

It’s True Wireless Earbuds and eBikes Time

Even if April brings nothing but showers, it'll bring warmer weather that's perfect for listening and riding.
VW Invests 7.1 Billion in North America

Volkswagen Commits $7.1 Billion to EV Development in North America

Smart TVs cement themselves as the home’s premier streaming device. 55 percent of houses with broadband Internet also own a smart TV.
SXSW 2022: Pete Buttigieg talks about EVs, mobility, and the supply chain.

Pete Buttigieg Covers Mobility and Supply Chain Issues at SXSW

At the Austin event, the Secretary of Transportation gave a brief speech followed by a lengthy question-and-answer session
Biden Announce 5 Billion Dollar Plan For EV Chargers

Biden Administration Plans to Create Half-a-Million EV Chargers by 2030

The purpose of the $5 billion National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program is to create an alternative fuel corridor across the U.S..
Cake Makka moped and ebikes at CES

Ever-Evolving Ebikes Go for a Spin at CES

From sleek road bikes to 007-style snow bikes, ebikes and scooters of every type were introduced at CES 2022, which also debuted its eMobility Experience testing area.
BEVs: Ottobot delivery robot at CVG Airport was shown at CES 2022

EMobility: BEVs Are Big at CES

From scintillating prototypes to delivery robots to infrastructure plays, battery electric vehicles were all over CES 2022 in Las Vegas last week.
GM CEO Mary Barra at CES 2022 Keynote

GM’s Barra Focuses on Brightdrop Delivery Partnerships and EV Future

Chief executive of General Motors, Marry Barra, discussed the new partnerships and electric vehicles coming to the company in 2022.
Sony Mobility: Sony’s Kenichiro Yoshida describes the functionality of the interior of the Sony Vision S SUV electric car, shown in prototype form at CES 2022

Sony Forms Company to Explore Launch of Electric Vehicles at CES...

EVs seem to be a gateway technology to auto manufacturing, even for storied consumer electronics companies better known for more traditional gadgets.
Sales of eBikes on the Rise at CE Retailers

Sales of E-Bikes Go Full Throttle

Sales continue to climb for these tech-infused two-wheelers. It’s no surprise since they’re not only fun, but good for you, too. 

SHIFTx Focuses on Tech’s Role in the Future of Mobility

The SHIFTx conference focused on solutions around the future of mobility, everything from e-bikes to autonomous cars. Here are the highlights.
Shift Mobility

SHIFTx Conference Tackles the Future of Sustainable Transportation

Held this year in-person and online as a "mixed reality" (a.k.a. hybrid) event on September 2-3, SHIFTx will explore the future of sustainabile transportation. With e-bikes, e-scooters, and e-trucks rising in popularity, there are many roads to get there.
SHIFT Mobility

SHIFT Mobility Debuts As In-person, Mixed Reality Event

SHIFT Mobility, the annual conference and industry pow-wow that focuses on next-gen transportation, will run as planned on September 2nd and 3rd as an in-person event in Berlin, but with an intriguing and cutting-edge twist.
MINI SiriusXM in-dash photo

SiriusXM Now Standard Feature For All MINI USA Models

Beginning with 2022 models, all MINI USA models sold in the United States will come standard with SiriusXM's leading audio entertainment service.
Metra Jeep Accessories

Metra Adds to Jeep Accessories Line

Metra Electronics has added to its Jeep Accessories line with two new aftermarket products designed to help installers upgrade the sound and lighting systems within Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator models.
Trading in car stereo

Trading In the Old Car Stereo: It’s Easier Than You Think

From aftermarket amplifiers to OEM head units, pre-owned 12-volt electronics help expand retail refurbishment and recycling programs.
General Motors Connected Car

Electric Avenue: The Future of Electric Vehicles

As trucks and SUVs dominate American driveways, all-electric choices such as a new Range Rover or the Hummer EV will seem less radical. As is the case for any new technology, as more consumers purchase EVs, the technology will continue to improve.
Connected Car CES 2021

From CES 2021 – Driving the Virtual Road

Even though we were not able to connect in person at CES 2021, it remained a viable launch pad for new OEM and aftermarket vehicle technologies. Perhaps in time for CES 2022 we will have an electric vehicle with self-driving capabilities shuttle us to Vegas.
Sono Motors Sion

At CES 2021, Sono Motors Presents its Solar EV Solution: Sion

Solar EV is a new vehicle category seeking to shake up and revolutionize the way consumers drive and think of car ownership. In pursuit of this goal is the company Sono Motors, which was at CES 2021 to present its solution.
Jeep Wagoneer Concept

Connected Car: The Future of the Audio Environment

Depending on where you live and what you drive, your vehicle might even be more posh than your home.
Sony In-Car Subwoofer

Sony Intros In-Car Powered Subwoofer

Sony Electronics Inc. has announced the new XS-AW8 in-car powered subwoofer, adding a new product category to the company's car audio offerings. This powerful subwoofer offers the great sound customers have come to expect from Sony, in a compact and versatile form factor.
Connected Car

Harman and the Importance of 5G in the Car

A look at Harman and its considerations with the move to 5G connectivity and using the technology for the car.
Dealerscope Insider Talk 12v

Dealerscope Insider Talk Tackles the Connected Car

Dealerscope Publisher Tony Monteleone welcomed a connected car dynamic duo to Insider Talk recently in the form of Aron Demers and Brett Solomon. Demers is...
Columbus employees are thorough - they even remember to clean the seat adjustment controls

12V: Throwing the Power Switch

We might not get back to firing on all cylinders – but we can get back to business while making our customers feel safe As...
Ford engineers working on raising the temperature of a test van

Cooking COVID with Vehicle Tech

A Ford process that can decontaminate vehicles of the virus We recently reported on how Cadillac’s virtual showrooms resonated through Cadillac Live! – an amazing...

NPD Group: U.S. Unlocked Mobile Phone Base Grows to 50.1 Million

The unlocked mobile phone market continues its upward trajectory with an estimated 50.1 million active unlocked smartphones running on U.S. mobile networks, an increase...