Home Mobility CE Today 11/27/23: News from Cyrusher, AiDot & QCY

CE Today 11/27/23: News from Cyrusher, AiDot & QCY

CE Today 11/27/23: News from Cyrusher, AiDot & QCY

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The Cyrusher Scout Pro Electric Bike is Available for Pre-Order 

Electric bike manufacturer Cyrusher unveiled its latest offering, the Cyrusher Scout Pro, is available for pre-order with early bird pricing.  

The Scout Pro electric bike by Cyrusher. Image courtesy of Cyrusher.

The Scout Pro is an electric bike with a dual battery capacity of up to 52V 40ah, allowing users to ride up to 112 miles on a single charge. It also has dual 750W Bafang motors that deliver exceptional cycling capabilities along various terrains.  

The Cyrusher Scout Pro is designed with compactness and high performance in mind with a built-in battery and recessed illuminated taillight. Its lower frame allows for easy mounting and dismounting and its status as a step-through bike ensures inclusivity, catering to a diverse riding demographic and supporting a wider range of individuals to access and enjoy its features.  

The Scout Pro is safety conscious as well, with an advanced hydraulic braking system and smaller fat tires that offer stability while riding on different terrains. A full suspension system with an upgraded rear fork with air damping enhances comfort and expands riding possibilities. An ergonomic handlebar and an extended comfort seat ensure a more comfortable riding experience, especially during long-distance rides. The Scout Pro’s cargo area further enhances its versatility, transforming it from a mere transportation vehicle into a multifunctional tool that can take on any task. 

The Cyrusher Scout Pro electric bike is available for pre-order now with an early bird price of $3,699. It comes in the colors Black, Cyan and Grey. 

AiDot Releases Enhulk 930 Handheld Leaf Blower

Video courtesy of Enhulk.

The best and worst thing about autumn is the leaves; they are pretty to look at, but a pain to clean up. Luckily, AiDot has come out with the Enhulk 930, a new handheld leaf blower that can clean up a leaf-strewn yard in no time.  

The Enhulk 930 has an airflow rate of 930CFM thanks to aviation-level turbine technology and a patented siphon nozzle design. The turbine, using advanced aerodynamics and composed of robust materials, generates high-speed airflow to enhance cleaning efficiency and durability. The siphon nozzle optimally guides and directs airflow, contributing to its exceptional performance. It also provides up to 120 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning with a powerful 58V battery. 

Operating on an intelligent Human-Machine Interface (HMI), the Enhulk 930 gives users control over the leaf blower. The user-friendly smart LED panel keeps users informed of variable speed, turbo mode, and cruise control when activated via the dedicated buttons. An ergonomic structure coupled with a low-noise design provides users with ultimate convenience. 

“At Enhulk, power is ingrained in our DNA,” said Luke Lin, Chief Executive Officer at AiDot in a press release. “The Enhulk 930 is not just a leaf blower; it represents our commitment to continuously challenging the status quo of OPE (outdoor power equipment) industry by offering our users the most efficient and affordable products for their yard maintenance needs.” 

The Enhulk 930 leaf blower is available for $299.99. 

QCY Introduces H3 Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones 

The H3 Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones by QCY. Image courtesy of QCY.

Wireless audio and smart electronics brand QCY announced the availability of its H3 Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones

The H3 headphones have a 43-decibel Hybrid ANC and dual-mode adaptive ear canal to ensure an immersive auditory experience with personalized audio compensation, delivering an optimized listening experience for environments with differing sound levels. Its three-mic technology eliminates background noise, providing clear calls wherever users are. The H3 Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones’ two 40-millimeter titanium drivers deliver concert-quality sound with Lossless audio capabilities. QCY’s latest offering also allows for up to 60 hours of listening on a single charge. 

The H3 Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones from QCY are available for $54.99 on AliExpress and Amazon.