Anker Announces New Addition to Soundcore Earbud Line

Yesterday, Anker announced the latest entry in its Soundcore earbud line: the Liberty 4. These earbuds feature a “stick" design and have dual dynamic drivers.
Google Stadia Is Dead After Less Than Three Years

Google Stadia Is Dead After Less Than Three Years

Launched in some countries in late 2019 and more widely in early 2020, Google Stadia never quite gained a foothold and received a very mixed reception.

The Rising Figures of the Blockchain Universe

An inside look at crypto events and the women driving the industry
Hisense Partners with TD Synnex to Expand Distribution Network

Hisense Partners with TD Synnex to Expand Distribution Network

Plus, at CEDIA 2022, LG debuts the world’s largest OLED TV and the world’s first bendable OLED TV.

Logitech Announces New Lineup of Mac-Centric Products

Logitech has announced a number of new products in the keyboard and mouse space specifically designed for Mac users.

Insights from the NATM Conference

The leadership provided an update to Dealerscope about what’s happening from their vantage point, what they are doing for their members and what to look forward to for the coming year.

Skullcandy Announces New Lineup of Gaming Headsets

Skullcandy has announced a new lineup of gaming headsets: the SLYR, SLYR Pro and the wireless PLYR.
Nationwide Adds CEDIA Academy Platform to Already Expansive Learning Hub

Nationwide Adds CEDIA Academy to Expansive Learning Hub

Plus: the U.S. Department of Energy is funding groundbreaking EV battery research at the University of Michigan.
Nothing Hints at New Release During London Fashion Week

Nothing Hints at New Release During London Fashion Week

Plus: Therabody unleashes a new suite of wellness solutions directed at stress and anxiety.
a woman working on a Microsoft laptop using Windows 11

New Updates Coming To Windows 11

New Windows 11 updates aim to make Microsoft PCs more consumer friendly.
Yale Unleashes Matter Compatible Line of Smart Locks

Yale Unleashes Matter Compatible Line of Smart Locks

Plus, Denon, releases a new line of AV receivers and amps, which are compatible with PS5 and Xbox Series X.
A Tesla store

Tesla Ramping up Production

As competition in the electric vehicle space continues to intensify, the incumbent leader in the space is getting set to increase production.

A Big Day for Logitech

Logitech has launched two new products, the Blue Sona XLR microphone and the Litra Beam light, and also announced the upcoming Astro A30 headset.

Apple to Release Bug-Fixing Update for iOS 16 Users Next Week

iPhone users with the latest iOS 16 operating system have reported a number of issues ranging from copy and paste bugs to shaky cameras when using certain apps.

Instacart Announces Several New Shopping Features

Today Instacart announced a number of new features packaged together with existing ones in the “Connected Stores” bundle, as the company is calling it.
Nationwide Tiny Home Set to Make Its Return at CEDIA

Nationwide Tiny Home Set to Make Its Return at CEDIA

Plus: Tesla ramps up production at its gigafactory production facility in Texas.
Railroad Strike Averted With Federal Government Mediation

Railroad Strike Averted With Federal Government Mediation

Plus: Adobe announces $20 billion buyout of online collaborative design platform Figma.

Walmart Launches New Virtual Fitting Room

This week, Walmart is launching a new virtual fitting room, where customers can take a look at how clothes would likely look on them before deciding to purchase
Is a National Railroad Strike Imminent?

Is a National Railroad Strike Imminent?

Plus: Logitech unveils its new Brio 500 Series webcams, which are designed to capture your best angles.
UPS Hires 100,000 Workers in Preparation for Holiday Rush

UPS Hires 100,000 Workers in Preparation for Holiday Rush

Plus, Google has axed the next Pixelbook laptop in its last year of development.
Why Are Consumers Starting Holiday Shopping in September?

Why Are Consumers Starting Holiday Shopping in September?

Plus, Intel announces that its new Raptor Lake 13th Generation processors will reach speeds of 6GHz right out of the box.

Amazon Acquires Warehouse Robotics Maker Cloostermans

Amazon’s latest acquisition of the year is Cloostermans, a company that makes robotics and machinery designed for warehouse usage.
a person riding an e-bike

Razor Launches New Ecosmart Cargo Bike

Razor is launching the EcoSmart Cargo, an electric scooter designed to carry either an extra passenger or cargo with its convertible rack system.

FTC Opens Investigation into Amazon’s iRobot Takeover

Amazon made headlines earlier this summer when it purchased iRobot, manufacturer of the wildly popular Roomba vacuum cleaner, for $1.7 billion.
Foldable Devices Are All the Rage Right Now. Will it Last?

Foldable Devices Are All the Rage Right Now. Will it Last?

Samsung and Asus both revealed foldable designs at IFA 2022. Plus: Mission announces the release of a revamped 1980 classic.

LG Announces New LED-Paneled MoodUp Fridge

In the latest LG development coming out of IFA, the company has announced its new MoodUp fridge, which is lined with LED light panels along the front.

BREAKING NEWS: Qualcomm and Meta Strike Agreement to Further Metaverse

Both companies' product and engineering team will produce the chips, which will be powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon platforms.

Amazon Announces New Ring Intercom Addition

Today Amazon announced the latest addition to its Ring product lineup: the Ring Intercom. It’s designed with consumers living in apartments in mind.

LG Announces New Bendable OLED TV

The LG OLED Flex, which can bend and unbend to make either a curved or flat display, is 42-in. — probably best for gamers rather than home theater enthusiasts.

JBL Announces New Upcoming Lineup of Sound Bars

JBL is launching a number of new soundbars that will release later this year. Each is Atmos-capable and two will have wireless, battery-powered rear speakers.

Meta Joins New Partnership to Add Grocery Shopping to WhatsApp

In an e-commerce venture Meta is joining in a partnership with Jio Platforms and Reliance Retail — both Indian companies — to add grocery shopping to WhatsApp.

New Meta VR Headset Launching in October, Zuckerberg Says

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, has announced that the company’s new VR headset will launch in October. The launch will take place at Meta’s Connect conference.

Instagram Begins New QR-Focused Feature That Could Benefit Advertisers

Instagram has a new feature that will surely boost marketing and advertising campaigns: the ability to share posts and content via QR code.

Startup Happy Health’s New Mental Health-Focused Smart Ring

The smart wearable space might be getting smarter as startup company Happy Health’s new Happy Ring is designed to track users mental health.
How Retailers Can Capitalize on the Inflation Reduction Act

How Retailers Can Capitalize on the Inflation Reduction Act

Plus: Sony unveils its newest PlayStation 5 Controller the DualSense Edge.
new technology for the holidays

How to Plan for the 2022 Holidays 

A look out how the supply chain and consumers’ demands will impact sales this year.
Walmart and Target Q2 Earnings Show Impact of Sustained Inflation

Walmart and Target Q2 Earnings Show Impact of Sustained Inflation

Plus: Apple releases monopoly on product servicing by allowing consumers to rent repair kits.

WIN Annual Meeting: Mentorship, Leadership and Going International

WIN: Women in Nationwide, a group focused on supporting and developing female business leaders within the independent retail channel, held its inaugural meeting this past week at Nationwide Primetime

Cybersecurity Lessons From BitTrap CTO Ariel Futoransky

The internet is used by almost everyone, but not everyone is properly protected from cyberattacks.

Nationwide Celebrates 2 Million Packed Meals with No Child Hungry

Nationwide wrapped up its final day of PrimeTime in Orlando on August 16 by hitting a major milestone: Two million meals packed in conjunction...

Shopify Launches New “Collabs” Feature to Connect Creators and Merchants

Today Shopify announced the launch of a new feature called “Shopify Collabs,” which is designed to make it easy for creators to browse and match with merchants.

Meta Makes New Investment in Merchant-Focused Startup Take App

Meta has recently invested in Take App, which is a startup based out of Singapore focused on creating an easy path to website store creation.

U.S. Invests Billions in Technology to Compete with China

President Joe Biden has signed a law committing $280 billion to high tech manufacturing and scientific research in technology.

Instacart’s New Shopping Feature Includes Retailers in its Delivery Service

Instacart has announced the launch of a new shopping feature called “OrderUp.” Customers will be able to add items from separate retailers to their order.
Inflation Shows Signs of Easing - Will it Last?

Inflation Shows Signs of Easing – Will it Last?

Plus: Blaupunk expands North American partnership with BP Americas.
Shopify Struggles as Online Retail Stagnates

Shopify Struggles as Online Retail Stagnates

Plus, Costco posts strong growth as brick-and-mortar stores come back in full force.

Lyft Announces New Media Business Called Lyft Media

Today, Lyft announced on its blog its new advertising and media business, which is called Lyft Media.

See How AI-Enabled Software Systems Are Changing DTC Retail

Plus: LG, in partnership with Meridian Audio, has just released its 2022 lineup of Tone Free wireless earbuds.
Amazon Acquires iRobot for a Cool $1.7 billion

Amazon Acquires iRobot for a Cool $1.7 Billion

Plus: Meta prepares to shut down Facebook Live Shopping this fall.

New Amazon Acquisition Shows Focus on Smart Home Technology

Today it was announced that Amazon would be acquiring iRobot, the company behind Roomba, the disc-shaped robot vacuums that slide around households.
Strong Consumer Spending Linked to Increased Credit Card Debt

Strong Consumer Spending Linked to Increased Credit Card Debt

Plus, Lucid Motors is just the latest EV startup to slash production forecasts for 2022.

Facebook Shutting Down Live Shopping Feature to Focus on Reels

In a blog post Facebook announced that, on October 1, its live shopping feature will be shut down as it shifts video focus to Reels.
BERLIN PHOTO WEEK 2022: A Big Boost for Photography Skills

BERLIN PHOTO WEEK 2022: A Big Boost for Photography Skills

Look, listen, learn and improve your photography skills: September 2 to 4 the BERLIN PHOTO WEEK is organizing a wide-ranging conference program at Arena Berlin.
Anti-Theft Measures are Hurting Sales. What’s the Solution?

Anti-Theft Measures are Hurting Retailers. What’s the Solution?

Plus: LG’s new CineBeam projectors are going for a pretty penny.

Shopify Invests $100 Million in New Partnership with Klaviyo

It’s been announced that Shopify has made a significant $100 million investment in Klaviyo, an e-commerce automation platform start up.
Walmart Refurbished Tackles the Reverse Logistics of Retail

Walmart Refurbished Tackles the Reverse Logistics of Retail

Plus: SHARP unleashes its latest smart home appliance: The SHARP Smart Dishwasher.

Amazon Announces New Same-Day Delivery Service Through Certain Retail Stores

Today Amazon announced that Prime members in certain U.S. cities will be able to get same-day delivery from retailers by ordering through Amazon.

Inventory Miscalculations Usher in Pandemic Spending Hangover For Retailers

Plus, BioLite has just released two new portable charging solutions.
The gaming gadget market is on the rise

The Gaming Gadget Market Estimated To Reach 166 Billion

The gaming gadget market is on the rise.
New Senate Bill Seeks to Lower Barriers for Purchasing EVs

New Senate Bill Seeks to Lower Barriers for Purchasing EVs

Plus, Netflix and Immersive Gamebox have created a real-life Squid Game.
Meta Tries to Buy Within: Hit with Antitrust Lawsuit by FTC

Meta Tries to Buy Within: Hit with Antitrust Lawsuit by FTC

Plus, you can pre-order the new AI-powered Bespoke Washer and Dryer from Samsung.
Best Buy’s New Digital-Based Concept Store — Is It the Future of Retail?

Best Buy’s New Digital-Based Concept Store — Is It the Future...

Plus: Shopify slashes 10 percent of staff in the latest tech industry setback.
How to Bridge the COVID Supply Chain Gap 

How to Bridge the COVID Supply Chain Gap 

Dealers and integrators tell how buying groups and distributors are digging deep into their wells of ingenuity to solve pandemic-generated supply chain issues.
Government Loans GM and LG $2.5 Billion for EV Battery Manufacturing

Government Loans GM and LG $2.5 Billion for EV Battery Manufacturing

Plus: Industrial tech start-up Datch receives $10 million in Series A funding for AI-powered voice assistants.
IFA 2022: IFA+ Summit Focuses on De/globalization

IFA 2022: IFA+ Summit Focuses on De/globalization

IFA+ Summit's focus this year is de/globalization and on September 5 ’In the Face of Disruption De/Globalization’ awaits trade visitors with assessments.
Has Target Just Cracked the Code to Making eCommerce More Profitable?

Has Target Just Cracked the Code to Making eCommerce More Profitable?

See how Target’s new sortation centers could help your company vastly improve its eCommerce profit margins.

Amazon Has Begun Rolling Out Rivian’s Electric Delivery Vehicles

Plus: Ports on the East Coast experience increased traffic as shippers circumvent West Coast backlog.

Amazon Acquires One Medical in Latest Healthcare Endeavor

In Amazon’s latest multi-billion dollar acquisition, the company has announced it is buying One Medical, a subscription-based healthcare service.
Back-to-School Shoppers Faces Off with Troublesome Swipe Fees

Back-to-School Shoppers Faces Off with Troublesome Swipe Fees

Plus: Samsung has shipped 10 million foldable phones. Can it usher in a new trend?

Instagram Announces New Reels Advertising Feature

Instagram announced a new advertising feature for Reels called “Boost.” Businesses will be able to turn their Reels into ads to reach a larger audience.
TP-Link Unleashes Two New Wi-Fi 6 Routers

TP-Link Unleashes Two New Wi-Fi 6 Routers

Plus: Shopify and YouTube team up on new social commerce integration.

YouTube Partnering with Shopify to Introduce New Shopping Features

YouTube is partnering with Shopify to introduce new shopping features for creators, who will now be able to display products throughout their YouTube channels.
Instagram’s New Shop-in-Chat Feature Simplifies Social Commerce

Instagram’s New Shop-in-Chat Tool Simplifies Social Commerce

Plus, is the supply chain prepped for a return to normalcy? Some experts think so.
Segway Robotics and Announce a New Partnership

Segway Robotics and Announce a New Partnership

Segway Robotics and’s robotic platform allows last-mile delivery service operators to rapidly deploy large fleets of delivery robots.
Burned Out Railroad Workers Threaten to Stall Supply Chain

Burned Out Railroad Workers Threaten to Stall Supply Chain

Plus: Americans are expected to get the biggest wage raise in the last 15 years, but it’s still not enough to keep up with inflation.

Amazon Announces New Drone Delivery Expansion in Texas

A month after announcing plans for drone expansion in Lockwood, Calif., Amazon has announced further expansion to College Station, Texas later this year.

It’s Prime Day, One of the Biggest Days for Retail of...

Today marks the start of Prime Day, one of the biggest shopping events of the year. The event lasts for two days, and has deals in tech and non-tech products.

Tickets Now on Sale for Berlin Photo Week

Photo and video enthusiasts can already look forward to the BERLIN PHOTO WEEK 2022, which will run parallel with IFA Berlin from 02 to...

Despite FED’s Best Efforts, U.S. Job Market Doesn’t Want to Slow...

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employers added 372,000 jobs in June, shattering predictions of a regression into the 200,000 to 300,000 range.
Lightly Regulated BNPL Services May Pose a Risk to Consumers

Lightly Regulated BNPL Services May Pose a Risk to Consumers

Plus: Rivian announces its still on track to produce 25,000 cars in 2022. Is that actually something to be impressed about?
EU Passes Landmark Laws to Rein in the Power of Big Tech

EU Passes Landmark Laws to Rein in the Power of Big...

EU legislators approved the Digital Markets and Digital Services Act - two of the most far-reaching digital regulation laws in the Western world.
See the Latest Projections for 2022 Back-to-School Spending

See the Latest Projections for 2022 Back-to-School Spending

Plus: Nationwide adds Cooksy to its always expanding network of partner vendors.
US Supply Chains Face a New Enemy: Labor Negotiations

US Supply Chains Face a New Enemy: Labor Negotiations

Plus: Bryston unleashes its new “Back to the Future” vintage product restoration service.
Overlooking the Disabled Market Segment is Costing Billions

Overlooking the Disabled Market Segment is Costing Billions

Plus: Ducati unveils its first electric motorcycle and it's built to race.

Belkin Announces New 3-in-1 Charging Stand for Apple Devices

Plus: FCC Commissioner Calls for Removal of TikTok, Potentially Harming Advertisers.
See the Latest Over-Ear Headphones from Bower & Wilkins

See the Latest Over-Ear Headphones from Bowers & Wilkins

Plus: Check out the next frontier for Walmart’s AR campaign.

New “Mammoth” Carbon Removal Plant Under Construction

A new carbon-capturing plant, called "Mammoth", is set to begin construction with potential to be the largest facility of its type in the world.
The Inconvenient Truth of Cybersecurity Failures

The Inconvenient Truth of Cybersecurity Failures

The retail sector has become among the most vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks and the convenience store space, in particular, has been a hot-button topic
IKEA Kreativ Leverages AR to Customize Living Spaces

IKEA Kreativ Leverages AR to Customize Living Spaces

Plus: GM expands partnership with EVgo to add a new “Plug and Charge” feature.
Companies Pledge to Cover Abortion Travel Expenses for Employees

Companies Pledge to Cover Abortion Travel Expenses for Employees

Plus: See how intelligent pricing can help companies maximize revenue.
Walmart Integrates AR Shopping Features into Mobile App

Walmart Integrates AR Shopping Features into Mobile App

Plus: KEF unleashes a series of updates to the LSX II, adding wireless connectivity.
Epic Games fighting bad reviews

Gamer Girl: Epic Games Fights Review Bombers

Review bombers are hurting companies online image with false reviews, see how Epic Games found a way to combat them.
Can Robots Save Amazon When It Runs Out of New Hires?

Can Robots Save Amazon When It Runs Out of New Hires?

Plus: See what Samsung’s new ISOCELL HP3 200-megapixel camera sensor means for the future of smartphones.

Shopify Disrupts E-Commerce with New Features and Partnerships

Shopify has announced that it now offers more than 100 new features on its e-commerce platform, as well as a partnership with Twitter

iPhone and Android Updates You Need to Know

The new iPhone software, iOS 16, is set to be released this fall. The big news about the software update is that it will allow users to avoid CAPTCHAs
See Why the eCommerce Boom May Be Ending

See Why the eCommerce Boom May Be Ending

Plus: These four senators are calling for the U.S. to implement standardized charging ports.

“Unicorn Status” Reached By Climate Technology Startup

This is the age of tech startups. Yet few are able to reach what has been termed as "unicorn status," or a valuation of...
McIntosh’s Latest Product Brings Hi-Fi Audio to Radio

McIntosh’s Latest Product Brings Hi-Fi Audio to Radio

Plus: Ferrari plans to be 60 percent electric by 2026 and Amazon’s Prime Day event will kick off on July, 12.
Decreased Consumer Sentiment Places a Significant Burden on Retailers

Decreased Consumer Sentiment Places a Significant Burden on Retailers

Plus: Unconventional upstart Nothing is set to release a challenger to the iPhone.
Will Apple’s New M2 Chip Actually Revolutionize the MacBook?

Will Apple’s New M2 Chip Actually Revolutionize the MacBook?

Plus, Rivian has teamed up with Tunein to put radio stations from over 200 countries inside its EVs.
See What This Airport Retailer Is Doing to Spur Customer Loyalty

See What This Airport Retailer Is Doing to Spur Customer Loyalty

Plus: A small California town is going to be one of the first to experience drone deliveries from Amazon.
Bump in Inflation Leaves Markets and Retailers Floundering

Unexpected Bump in Inflation Leaves Markets and Retailers Floundering

Plus: Meta has announced that it is discontinuing Portal devices for consumers.
Friends watching Summer Gamefest together

Gamer Girl – Xbox & Samsung Unite and Summer Gamefest Begins

Summer Gamefest kicked off this week and Samsung adds the Xbox app to its Gaming Hub on future smart TV models.
Presale Tickets Are Live for September IFA Berlin Event

Presale Tickets Are Live for September IFA Berlin Event

Plus, over 19 percent of brands experienced a decline in customer experience score.
Apple Dips into the BNPL Economy with Apple Pay Later

Apple Dips into the BNPL Economy with Apple Pay Later

Apple recently announced its update to Apple Pay called Apple Pay Later, which allows customers to make purchases in four installments without interest.
Have Streaming Services Finally Reached Market Saturation?

Have Streaming Services Finally Reached Market Saturation?

Plus: Uber and Waymo team up to create an autonomous trucking ecosystem.

The Classroom Technology Market

Selling into K12 is more similar to enterprise than it is different.
Walmart Takes Another Swing at Amazon with New Automated Fulfillment Centers

Walmart Takes Another Swing at Amazon with New Automated Fulfillment Centers

Plus, Elon Musk plans to lay off 10 percent of Tesla’s workforce.
Walmart Turns Stores into eCommerce Fulfillment Centers

Walmart Turns Stores into eCommerce Fulfillment Centers

Plus, BMW announces the release of its latest EV, the iX1.
What Rising Gas Prices Tell Us About Consumer Spending Habits

What Rising Gas Prices Tell Us About Consumer Spending Habits

Plus, Porsche invests $500 million in EV supercar company Rimac.
Shanghai Ends Two Month Lockdown: See How the Global Supply Chain Will Be Affected

Shanghai Ends Two Month Lockdown: See How the Global Supply Chain...

Plus, Lumix and Leica have entered into a strategic collaboration agreement.
High Inflation is Pushing Consumers to Make Tough Decisions

High Inflation Rates are Pushing Consumers to Make Tough Decisions

Plus, Broadcom acquires VMware for a whopping $61 billion.
18 Percent of Amazon’s Subcontracted Delivery Force Got Injured Last Year

18 Percent of Amazon’s Subcontracted Delivery Force Got Injured Last Year

Plus, Gucci and Oura have partnered to unleash a smart ring made out of 18-carat gold.

The 5G Chipset Market Keeps On Growing

Despite the chip shortage happening now, demand for 5G is only growing. According to a recent study done by FMI, the 5G chipset market is expected...
SpaceX Releases New Starlink for RVs But at a Cost

SpaceX Releases New Starlink for RVs But at a Cost

This Monday, SpaceX released its new Starlink for RV made specifically for RVs traveling to locations lacking strong, or any, internet connectivity.
EA & FIFA End Partnership

EA Sports and FIFA End Successful 30 Year Partnership

On May 10th, EA Sports announced they will be renaming their almost 30-year long-run video game franchise - FIFA - to EA Sports FC.
Amid Economic Downturn, Companies Double Down on Tech

Companies Double Down on Tech Amid Economic Downturn

Plus, Walmart will expand its drone delivery service to six states by the end of the year.
Walmart Turns to Robots to Streamline Distribution Centers

Walmart Is Using Robots to Streamline Distribution Centers

Plus, Nationwide officially opens registration for its PrimeTime Backyard event in Orlando.
Retailers Overordered Last Holiday Season and Now They Have Too Much Product

Retailers Overordered Last Holiday Season and Now They Have Too Much...

Plus, LG unveils its new HU915QE CineBeam 4K laser ultra-short throw projector.
5G connections spreading across the city

Riding the 5G Wave

What’s hot, what’s not, and what matters in the high-speed wireless arena.

Samsung To Test Matter-Compatible Devices

Samsung SmartThings is expanding its efforts related to Matter by announcing a Partner Early Access Program to test their first-ever Matter-compatible products. Matter is expected...
Big Tech Reacts to Roe v. Wade

Roe v. Wade’s Implications for the Big Tech Industry  

The Supreme Court's recent decision to overturn the landmark case on abortion rights - Roe v. Wade - carries major implications that will impact...

Premium Audio Company Comments on Onkyo Home Entertainment Bankruptcy

This filing did not include the assets that were previously purchased by Premium Audio Company (PAC) and Sharp.

Sakar International Mourns Passing of Founder and Chairman Charles Saka 

The founder of Sakar International, Charles Saka, passed away on Friday, April 22nd, surrounded by his family. He was 80 years old.
Record High Diesel Prices Leads to Inflated Operating Costs for Retailers

Record High Diesel Prices Leads to Inflated Operating Costs for Retailers

Plus, Beko names industry veteran Chuck Bryant as director of OEM sales and marketing.
Study Finds 78 Percent of Workers in New York Are Still Hybrid

78 Percent of Office Workers in Manhattan Are Still Hybrid

Plus: the Sonos Roam will be available in three new colors starting June 1.
Apple Discontinues Production of the Iconic iPod

Apple Discontinues Production of the Iconic iPod

Plus: McIntosh brings CD players back to life with the new MCD12000 SACD/CD Player.

Erinn Loucks Named as Editor in Chief of Dealerscope and Connected...

Erinn Loucks, previously chief editor for Dealerscope's sister publication, Connected Design, has been named as editor in chief of both Dealerscope and Connected Design....
Meta’s First Physical Store Seeks to Draw Consumers into the Metaverse

Meta’s First Physical Store Seeks to Draw Consumers into the Metaverse

Plus: Bowers & Wilkins and Lenovo partner up on the Slim 9i laptop’s sound system.
How Teens Are Bailing Out Understaffed Businesses

How Teens Are Bailing Out Understaffed Businesses

Plus: Soundcore releases the Motion Boom Plus speaker, which is designed to take the party on the go.
Best Buy Branches Out Into Non-Traditional Sectors Amid Post-Pandemic Slowdown

Best Buy Branches Out Into Non-Traditional Sectors Amid Post-Pandemic Slowdown

Plus, Sennheiser releases its latest set of TV earphones.
Nationwide and LG Honored With EPA Sustainability Award

Nationwide and LG Honored With EPA Sustainability Award

Plus: LG teases out a new collaboration with the Star Wars franchise, and Volta is set to bring electric delivery trucks to the US in 2023.
A person enjoying streaming video on her laptop.

The Streaming Video Landscape: Challenges With Continuous Churn

The OTT market is at an all-time high, with consumers benefiting from an abundance of choice from a variety of service providers offering a variety of content and subscription models. That's what makes it tough.
4.5 Million Workers Quit Their Jobs in March

4.5 Million Workers Quit Their Jobs in March

Plus, Campfire Audio releases its first set of custom-fit planar magnetic earphones.
Global Tablet Market Gets Off to Strong Start in 2022

Global Tablet Market Gets Off to Strong Start in 2022

Plus, Marshall unleashes its first ultra-compact Bluetooth speaker: The Willen.
Amazon Is No Longer Offering PTO to Employees Infected with COVID

Amazon Is No Longer Offering PTO to Employees Infected with COVID

Plus: Knowles and JH Audio team up to unleash the Sharona IEM, which is designed with musicians in mind.
Key market trends revealed at IFA Digital Press Conference

Key Market Trends Revealed at IFA Digital Press Conference

GfK global strategic insights analyst Norbert Herzog and Omdia research director Paul Gray offer insights on TVs and CE.
Delivery drones are one of the new tech trends that are coming in 2022

Top Tech Trends for 2022

The year may still be plagued with uncertainty, but consumer technology continues apace.
Amazon Posts Slowest Sales Growth Rate in Two Decades

Amazon Posts Slowest Sales Growth Rate in Two Decades

Plus: Garmin unleashes its new Quatix 7 series watches which are designed for people who love to be on the water.
Cloud gaming market value set to more than double to $12m by 2026

Cloud Gaming Market Value Set to More Than Double by 2026

Products that support cloud gaming will also see significant growth.
Amid Complaints, Amazon Permanently Allows Workers to Carry Phones

Amid Complaints, Amazon Permanently Allows Workers to Carry Phones

Plus, US GDP fell 1.4 percent in Q1 2022 despite consumer spending growing by 2.7 percent.
eBay Recommerce Report Finds Gen Z Driving Second-Hand Product Market

eBay Recommerce Report Finds Gen Z Driving Second-Hand Product Market

Plus, DARPA and Intel pair up to create a simulation course for the company’s autonomous off-road combat vehicles.
Sony Unleashes New 4K HDR Home Cinema Laser Projectors

Sony Unleashes New 4K HDR Home Cinema Laser Projectors

Plus, Dell Technologies has announced new Latitude and Precision work-friendly notebooks.
Decreasing Demand For Trucking May Be an Indicator of Coming Recession

Decreasing Demand For Trucking May Be an Indicator of Coming Recession

Plus: Meta is set to open its first physical store next month.
Future of mobility in the new urbanism

New SHIFT Mobility Study Highlights Sustainability and Climate Neutrality

“The Great Shift: Future of Mobility and New Urbanism” study identified 10 trending topics, including Mobility & Sustainability, Micromobility, Autonomous Driving and New Urbanism.
Earth Day: 43 LG Fridges Given ENERGY STAR Award From EPA

In Earth Day News, 43 LG Fridges Given ENERGY STAR Award...

Plus, new Roborock updates enable off-peak energy-conscious S7 MaxV robo-vac charging, and Solo Stove drops its new Pi pizza oven.
Beko Hack the Normal Hackathon for Sustainability

Beko Launches Hackathon for the Earth Event

The appliance manufacturer's "Hack the Normal 2022" coding challenge encourages the development of unique ideas and solutions to “create a positive impact on people and the planet“.
TCL Hiring Spree Draws Experienced Talent Away From Competitors

TCL’s Hiring Spree Draws Experienced Talent Away From Competitors

Plus, Denon releases the DHT-S217 soundbar featuring built-in subwoofers and Dolby Atmos 3D audio technology.
Why Some Companies are Holding Off on Nearshoring Production to Mexico

Why Some Companies are Holding Off on Nearshoring Production to Mexico

Plus: Eclipse releases its first new loudspeaker in seven years, but the company has included plenty of updates to compensate.
IFA 2022: Smart Homes For A Sustainable Future

Anticipation Builds for Long-Awaited Return of In-Person IFA Berlin

Plus: Beko will release its new line of sustainable CornerIntense Dishwashers in May.
eCommerce Boom: Pandemic Fad or a Lasting Reality?

eCommerce Boom: Pandemic Fad or a Lasting Reality?

Plus, Creative Technology unveils its updated line of Outlier true wireless earbuds.
National Job Security at a 50-Year High, Per St. Louis Fed

National Job Security at a 50-Year High, Per St. Louis Fed

Plus: Iconic Mission 770 speaker refreshed for today’s digital and analog audio needs alike.
Supply Chain Issues Wont End with Covid, Says White House

Supply Chain Issues Won’t End with Pandemic, White House Warns

Plus, New products from Sony, OnePlus, Mission, and Catalyst.
Beats Studio Pro New Colors

Beats Reveals Design Updates to Its Successful Earbud Line

Plus, AAMD acquires AudioControl, and Hyundai announces plans to begin EV production in the US by December 2022.
Decreased Consumer Sentiment Places a Significant Burden on Retailers

eCommerce Boom Prompts Companies to Make Warehouses Greener

Plus: HTSN, Nationwide’s network of custom integration dealers, has announced its latest partnership with Snap One.
Amazon Strategies for Handling Returns

Amazon’s Strategies for Tackling Costly Returns

Plus: TP-Link unleashes its first WiFi 6E router system: the Deco XE75, which has speeds of up to 5,400 Mbps.
New Data on 3D Printing Industry

The 3D Printing Industry Reached $10.6 Billion in 2021

Plus, Retrospec releases two new electric longboards, which can reach a top speed of an electrifying 26mph.
92 percent of Gen Z Favors AR advertising

Snapchat Study Finds AR Advertising to be Popular With Gen Z

Also, Q Acoustics has released its sleek wall-mounted E120 sound system that delivers surround sound audio with no wires.
Companies Moving Manufacturing to Mexico

Companies Bolster Manufacturing in Mexico Amid Supply Chain Crisis

Plus, VanMoof’s new e-bikes include a new step-in frame to make for an easier ride.
Best April Fools' Day Pranks From CE companies: Razer HyperSense Suit

The Best April Fools’ Day Pranks From Consumer Tech Companies

After you’ve had a laugh, get back to reality and read up on Nationwide and Oracle’s new NetSuite offering to buying group members.
Enterainment tech in 2022 is all about smart TVs

What’s Next for Entertainment Tech?

Besides fewer streaming services, smart TVs will increasingly become the central point of any connected home.
Labor Shortage Persists. 4.4 Million Quit Their Jobs in February

More Than 4.4 Million Americans Quit Their Jobs in February

Plus, Vietnamese EV startup VinFast plans to build a $5 billion manufacturing facility in North Carolina.
Happy extended family relaxing on the sofa at home and using connected technology.

Online and Upward With Connected Technology

How consumers learned to stop worrying and love connected products.
Intel Releases Arc-A Series Discreet Graphics Card

Intel Releases Lowest-Power Arc-A Series Discreet Mobile Graphics Card

Plus, smart infrastructure company 3Red8 to build the first coast-to-coast open-access fiber-optic network.
High Shipping Prices Causes 40 Year Inflation Rate

Elevated Shipping Costs Result in 40 Year High Inflation Rate

Plus, Rode unleashes its first-ever pair of headphones, which are built for creators.
Quantum Batteries Will Speed up EV Charging

Quantum Batteries May Reduce EV Charging Time to Three Minutes

Plus, a former Microsoft employee accuses the company of spending millions on bribes abroad.
Walmart Sues BJ's

Walmart Sues BJ’s Over Alleged Technology Infringement

Plus, Nvidia has developed new NeRF technology that trains AI to instantly create 3D objects from 2D images.
Verizon Partners with Cradlepoint

Verizon Partners With Cradlepoint to Bring 5G UWB Network to Businesses

Plus, Future Ready Solutions adds industry veteran Lawrence Davis to the executive team as VP of Business Development.
VW Invests 7.1 Billion in North America

Volkswagen Commits $7.1 Billion to EV Development in North America

Smart TVs cement themselves as the home’s premier streaming device. 55 percent of houses with broadband Internet also own a smart TV.
SXSW 2022: Dan Price on Why Raising Employee Salaries Works

Gravity Payments’ Dan Price on Why Raising Employee Salaries Works

"You invest in your people, and it's amazing how it pays back,” the Gravity Payments CEO and Founder said of the strategy.
Candela New Test Drive Store in US

Candela Opens First US Test Drive Center in San Francisco

Plus: Nvidia unleashes a slew of AI-oriented products at its annual GPU Technology Conference.
Pinterest Adds Sales Capability to App

New Pinterest Feature Allows Users to Make Purchases on the App

Also: LG’s highly-anticipated 2022 OLED TV lineup hits the market. See how you can get one.
How SMBs Can Utilize the Metaverse

How SMBs Can Utilize the Metaverse to Showcase Products

Plus, Gibson Custom Shop is set to bring to life a concept guitar drawn by former president Theodore McCarthy back in 1957.
2022 SXSW Innovation Awards: Strap Tech Team for award given to Ara

The Niftiest CE Winners of the 2022 SXSW Innovation Awards

Several prizes went to CE-related technologies at the annual technology festival in Austin.
Nationwide Adds PayPal

Nationwide Offers PayPal eCommerce Integration to Members

Plus, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg took to the stage at SXSW to discuss the company’s plan for the metaverse and retail use cases.
SUPER73 Releases Youth Series

SUPER73 Releases New E-Bike Series for Kids

Plus, Z-Wave Alliance has announced that the Ecolink 700 Series Garage Door Controller is the first product to receive Z-Wave Long Range certification.
SXSW In Austin TX

SXSW Conference Hones in on Developing Trends in Gaming

Plus, LG is your home for all things March Madness. LG has partnered with the NCAA, Turner Sports, and CBS Sports, to launch the March Madness Live app.
Target Zero Makes Shopping Sustainable

New Target Zero Initiative Promotes Sustainable Shopping

Plus, Audi will start integrating Holoride’s virtual reality entertainment system into its cars this summer.
Nationwide Partners with Dacor

Nationwide Adds Dacor To Its Luxury Appliance Network

Plus, according to the NHTSA cars may no longer be required to have a steering wheel or pedals. Check out what this means for autonomous vehicles.
BNPL Grows Market Share

BNPL Services Will Take Over More of The eCommerce Market

Plus, Centricity appoints Ted Moorthy to be the company’s new President. Before joining Centricity, Morre was the President of Lifecycle Services for Likewize.
BrandSource CEO Jim Ristow at BrandSource Summit 22 general session

At BrandSource Summit 22 General Session, Members Learn to “Own It”

BrandSource CEO Jim Ristow and others stressed positive trends, resilience, and flexibility at the buying group's opening General Session.
Amazon Spurns Russia

Amazon Joins Growing List of Companies to Spurn Russia

Plus, Apple iOS 15.4 to reach users next week. Here are some of the cool new features.
Apple Releases New Products and Affordable Prices

New Apple Lineup Has Powerful Chips and Affordable Prices

Plus, retail fraud jumped with the transition to the online marketplace. Here are a few scam tactics retailers should stay cognizant of.
Retail Workers Look to Unionize

Retail Workers Across the Country Look to Unionize

Plus, Kharkiv, one of Ukraine's major industrial centers, has endured a relentless barrage of Russian bombings that have weakened its production infrastructure.
Apple, Dell, Ikea Suspend Business in Russia

Apple, Dell, and Ikea Halt Business Operations in Russia

Plus, Sony and Honda are teaming up to produce EVs.
Electric Freight Train

With New Electric Trains, Railroad Industry Focuses on Sustainability

Plus, Incase, manufacturers of electronic accessories, released two new hardshell cases for the MacBook Pro 14 and 16-inch devices.
Ukrainian Tech Sector Braves Russian Onslaught

Ukraine’s Tech Sector Braves Russian Onslaught

Plus, Walmart is requesting RFID smart labels on consumer electronics products. What does this mean for the future of RFID technology in retail?
The Effect of Russia-Ukraine Conflict on Supply Chain

The Ukraine-Russia Conflict to Make Chips Even More Scarce

Also, LG Electronics has just announced the release of its 2022 LG CineBeam 4K laser projector, which comes in two models: the HU715Q and the HU710P.
Triple G Ventures Adds 2 New Members

Triple G Ventures Adds New Talent to Leadership Team

Dolphin Audio releases a new portable karaoke entertainment system, the KP240, which comes with two microphones and sound-activated multi-color light rings.
Astell&Kern New Speakers

Astell&Kern ACRO BE100 Supports Both aptX HD and LDAC Bluetooth

Plus, AOC Teams up with Riot Games to deploy the AGON PRO AG275QXL, which is the first League of Legends-inspired gaming monitor.
Why the Pandemic Bested Retail Inventory

Why the Pandemic Bested Retail Inventory Capacity

Ring announces ONVIF integration by late April, which gives customers the ability to connect to other security cameras and create a home security ecosystem.
Retail Traffic Is down in New York

Why Hybrid Work is Giving Urban Retailers a Hard Time

Plus, a look back at Nationwide PrimeTime, held in Arizona, which included a slew of educational and networking events for its family of independent retailers
WiFi Trends report from Comcast

Smartphones Are Still Number One Connected Device

Nearly a third of the 1 billion unique devices connected to XFinity WiFi were mobile phones, at 347 million devices.
Walmart paid more in COVID leave 4th quarter 2022

Walmart Shelled Out $400 Million in COVID-19 Leave Last Quarter

The retailer expected only to pay out $100 million, but the Omicron variant changed all that.
Luxury appliances at Nationwide PrimeTime: Thermador Luxury Kitchen

Nationwide Spotlights Luxury Appliances and Outdoor Kitchens at PrimeTime

Nationwide members had plenty of opportunities to learn about these fast-growing categories at last week's expo.
The Autism Speaks panelists at the Nationwide Marketing Group PrimeTime Expo in Phoenix.

Nationwide Marketing Group Exceeds Expectations for PrimeTime

In spite of the pandemic, the show floor was packed with manufacturers and members.
Canadian Authorities Reopen Ambassador Bridge

Canadian Police Reopen Ambassador Bridge to Cross-Border Transportation

Plus, Motorola and Verizon Unleash 5G Neckband with the potential to create less cumbersome virtual reality headsets.
Walmart Ditches Mask Mandate For Employees

Walmart Ditches Mask Mandate for Vaccinated Employees

Plus, Apple is increasing pay and benefits for retail employees.
Biden Announce 5 Billion Dollar Plan For EV Chargers

Biden Administration Plans to Create Half-a-Million EV Chargers by 2030

The purpose of the $5 billion National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program is to create an alternative fuel corridor across the U.S..
Peloton Set To Cut Jobs and Hire New CEO

Peloton Makes Critical Changes Amid Steep Losses

Plus, Samsung unveils the new S22 Ultra smartphone at its first Unpacked event of 2022.
Labor Shortage Across US

Despite Higher Wages, Labor Market Still Plagued by Shortages

Plus, Element Appliance and Electronics has teamed up with ADC to distribute products to Nationwide members on the East Coast.
CE World Mourns Passing of David Lorsch, founder of DBL Distributing

CE World Mourns the Passing of DBL Founder David Lorsch

Also in 'The Daily Scope': Shoppers are still buying in bulk, two years into the pandemic.
Thermador Master Fridge is a luxury appliance

Nationwide and Thermador Team Up on Luxury Program

The special program will help Nationwide members better position the Thermador brand in their stores, both online and off.
The 58th Nationwide PrimeTime Expo will be held atat the Phoenix Convention Center

Shopper Journey a Big Focus For Nationwide PrimeTime

The 58th NMG Expo will also feature 14 different learning tracks, 200 vendors, and specialty networking groups.
Gamestop Adds NFTs

GameStop to Launch Gaming-Oriented NFT Marketplace With Immutable X

What to expect from shipping prices in 2022.
Yelp Clamps Down on Review Bombers

Yelp Cracking Down on COVID-19 “Review Bombers”

Plus, TuSimple and Union Pacific to launch an automated trucking route this spring.
Study Finds Reviews Boost Sales

Consumer Reviews Fuel Online Commerce, Says New Study

Plus, Pro-Ject releases its first automatic turntable: the AI.
Retailers turn to Facial Tech to stop Crime

Retailers Turn to Facial Recognition to Fight Retail Crime

From delivery hijackings to smash and grab looting, 70 percent of retailers reported experiencing an increase in retail crime during 2021.
Walmart GoLocal more than just food

Walmart’s GoLocal Expands Rapid Delivery Services Beyond Food

SMBs now have access to the last-mile delivery service to get products out to customers in as little as 15 minutes
Why Retailers Should Dive Into Social Commerce

The Social Commerce Market Is Set to Explode: Here’s Why You...

The social commerce market is set to explode in the coming years. Here are a few ways that businesses can make to most of this growth.
Tap-to-Transact Directly on iPhone

Apple Prepping Tap-to-Transact Directly to iPhones

Say goodbye to mobile pay hardware, Apple is preparing to unveil tap-to-transact functionality so SMBs can accept payments directly from an iPhone.
Manufacturers Deal With Impending Chip Shortage

Manufacturers Are Standing at the Precipice of a Chip Shortage

Median inventory of chips among manufacturers is down to only five days, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce.
4 States Employment at Pre-Pandemic Levels

These Four States Have Reached Pre-Pandemic Employment Levels

Plus, Nationwide adds two vendors to its PrimeTime outdoor lineup, and Sony just announced the release of its latest audio system.
Retailers need to prepare for livestream shopping

How Brands and Retailers Can Navigate the World of Livestream Shopping...

Set to reach $11 billion in 2022 live streaming will grow significantly this year, and retailers need to be prepared.
Gaming Addiction Tech Related Ailment

Gaming Addiction Top Tech-Related Pandemic Induced Ailment

A recent study from Harmony Healthcare IT reviewed Google search volume data to determine the most common tech-related ailments, pains, and stresses.
Monopolizing the Metaverse Central at NRF Trade Show

Monopolizing the Metaverse Draws Retailers’ Attention at Annual NRF Trade Show

Just as companies came to utilize BOPIS during the pandemic, so, too, will they adapt to the metaverse becoming the next digital frontier of retail.
Pure 3 From BodyGuardz Awarded Green Product Mark

Pure 3 From BodyGuardz Awarded Green Product Mark

Made from 30 percent recycled glass, the Pure 3 from BodyGuardz is the first screen protector to be certified by TÜV Rheinland with the Green Product Mark.
2022 Toy Fair Cancelled

2022 Toy Fair New York Event to be Held Virtually Instead...

Due to Omicron, the Toy Association’s 2022 Toy Trends Briefing will virtually feature product releases and the hottest trends from across the toy industry.
Hisense announces new executives

Hisense Adds Four New Members to Executive Team

In order to facilitate expansion into the North American market, Hisense has added four new executives, some from LG and Samsung, with a plethora of industry experience.
CES 2022 Smart Home Panel, Matter

The Best CES 2022 Panels: Smart Homes, Experiential Retail, Interoperability

Under the Matter interoperability standard, consumers will be able to create an ecosystem of connected products from different brands.
CES 2022 Gaming

Gaming, VR, Countertop Appliances, and Other CES 2022 News

Monitors and TVs are becoming increasingly equipped with HDMI 2.1, which means resolutions up to 10K and frame rates up to 120 frames per second.

The Biggest Gaming News of CES 2022

CES 2022 was another big one for gaming hardware in general, with manufacturers showing off a slew of gaming laptops, VR headsets, and more.
CES 2022 ebike

Gaming and eBikes Show Monumental Advancements at CES 2022

The inaugural eMobility experience testing area at CES 2022 showcased everything from sleek road bikes to 007 style snow bikes.
Cake Makka moped and ebikes at CES

Ever-Evolving Ebikes Go for a Spin at CES

From sleek road bikes to 007-style snow bikes, ebikes and scooters of every type were introduced at CES 2022, which also debuted its eMobility Experience testing area.

Members of Congress Address Cybersecurity at CES Panel

Cyber-attacks are on the rise, but government and the private sector must work together to improve security without stifling innovation, said the panelists.
BEVs: Ottobot delivery robot at CVG Airport was shown at CES 2022

EMobility: BEVs Are Big at CES

From scintillating prototypes to delivery robots to infrastructure plays, battery electric vehicles were all over CES 2022 in Las Vegas last week.

Five Senators Talk Broadband, STEM, and Women in Tech at CES

Five U.S. senators, all women and all members of the Senate Commerce Committee, appeared together for a CES 2022 panel in Las Vegas, to discuss key tech issues.
CES 2022 Commercial Electric Vehicles

CES 2022 In-Depth: Commercial Electric Vehicles Poised to Change Retail Landscape

From first mile to last mile commercial electric vehicles will help retailers reduce fuel costs, improve delivery uptime, and solve some supply chain issues.
CES 2022 Roundup

CES 2022: Who Showed Up In-Person Last Week? (Plus, All Our...

CES 2022 is over and to make things easy we have centralized all of our extensive coverage of the event into today’s Daily Scope.
CES 2022 Wagz Collars

Recapping the CES 2022 Panels on Food Tech, and Experiential Retail

Plus, Updates from Nationwide and Howard’s, and from CES 2022 smart dog collar Wagz is one cool innovation from this year’s Pepcom Digital Experience event.
Retailers experiment with the metaverse and VR at Area15 with Panasonic projectors

How Brands and Retailers Are Innovating With VR, NFTs, and the...

Brick and mortar lives! CES panel looks at the retail renaissance- and the creative things some businesses are doing
CES 2022 Round Up Electric Vehicles

CES 2022 News: GM EV Delivery Vans, Intel Chip Factories; Labrador...

Dealerscope Impact Awards 2022. Plus, we are spotlighting some of the amazing innovations from CES 2022 in fields ranging from sustainability to smart tech.
CTA's Steven Koenig Says Consumer Technology revenue will exceed a half-trillion dollars in 2022

Consumer Technology Revenue Will Exceed a Half-Trillion Dollars, Per CTA

According to the U.S. Consuemr Tech Industry Forecast, the CE sector is projected to reach revenue of $505 billion, which is an all-time high.
Dayrize brings environmental impact technology to SMBs

CES 2022 News: Dayrize Set to Bring Environmental Impact Tech to...

Dayrize uses geospatial mapping technology and computer algorithms to rapidly evaluate the environmental impact of any consumer product.

Presenting the 2022 Dealerscope IMPACT Award Winners

This year's winners were chosen by by tallying the votes of our entire team here at Dealerscope, with four special editors’ awards chosen by individual editors. 
motion control technology

Moen Launches Smart Faucet with Motion Control Technology

The next generation of Moen’s award-winning Smart Faucet, the Smart Faucet with Motion Control features new touchless technology that allows the user to control temperature and water flow by using simple hand motions.

New LG TVs Redefine Viewing and User Experience

LG Electronics USA (LG) today unveiled its most advanced and impressive TV lineup yet, headlined by the company's exceptional 2022 OLED TVs. With powerful imaging technologies...
GM CEO Mary Barra at CES 2022 Keynote

GM’s Barra Focuses on Brightdrop Delivery Partnerships and EV Future

Chief executive of General Motors, Marry Barra, discussed the new partnerships and electric vehicles coming to the company in 2022.
Samsung Keynote CES 2022 Photo by Alice Schmalzl

Samsung CES Keynote Touts Sustainability, Connectivity

Jong-Hee "J.H." Han, Vice Chairman and CEO of Samsung Electronics talked about new products, but mostly addressed the company's sustainability efforts, new partnerships, and other more big-picture considerations.
Sony Mobility: Sony’s Kenichiro Yoshida describes the functionality of the interior of the Sony Vision S SUV electric car, shown in prototype form at CES 2022

Sony Forms Company to Explore Launch of Electric Vehicles at CES...

EVs seem to be a gateway technology to auto manufacturing, even for storied consumer electronics companies better known for more traditional gadgets.
New Product Releases for CES 2022

Hisense, Lenovo, LG, Acer, and More Unveil New Lineups at CES

Lenovo unveils a 30th Anniversary ThinkPad with a focus on sustainability. Hisense welcomes Micro LED technology to its new 2022 U9H lineup. Fishler Samsung Senior VP of Consumer Electronics

Inside CES 2022 With Samsung Senior VP of CE James Fishler

James Fishler, Senior Vice President of Consumer Electronics gives insight on what Samsung products he's excited for at CES this year and gives details on what new features 2022 Samsung TVs will have.
Samsung Freestyle Projector

Nifty Samsung Freestyle Portable Projector Handles All the Angles

The sleek new device auto-calibrates in one second and has voice control, smart TV capabilities, built-in music streaming. It's also a light.
The TCL 2022 TV lineup

At CES 2022: TCL’s Ultra-Large, Feature-Loaded TV Lineup

The TV manufacturer has made gaming and streaming capabilities its top priority with the release of its new 2022 lineup.

Abode Launches New Wireless Video Doorbell and Full-Color Smart Bulbs

Abode Wireless Video Doorbell and Abode Color Bulbs – into the expanding and comprehensive Abode ecosystem. 
Girl playing pc games on Acer monitor

Additional Acer CES Announcements Include New Gaming and PC Products

Gamers will be happy to hear that about the new Predator Orion desktop models, laptops, and gaming monitors.
Hisense L5G 4K Smart TV 120-inch

Hisense Announces Laser Cinema Projector and TV, Plus New ULED Lines

Besides the 120-inch LG5 4K Smart Laser TV, the company unviled the PX1-PRO TriChroma Laser Cinema and new ULED models.

GE Lighting, A Savant Company, Announces Major Additions to Cync Portfolio...

The company is introducing a Smart Thermostat and Temperature Sensor, a line of Outdoor Security Cameras, and additional lighting products to the family of connected products at CES 2022, and will continue to launch more hardware, as well as innovative software solutions, throughout the year.

Z-Wave Alliance Releases 2022 State of the Ecosystem Report

The Z-Wave Alliance, the standards development organization dedicated to advancing the smart home and Z-Wave technology, has released its third-annual Z-Wave State of the...
Sony Bravia XR TV lineup CES 2022

At CES 2022, Sony Unveils New BRAVIA XR TVs

At CES, Sony Intros 8K & 4K Mini LED, OLED & 4K LED BRAVIA XR Lineups
Acer announced this Chromebook and the National Geographic Aspiro Vero

Acer Announces Sustainable National Geographic Aspire Vero

The computer is made from post-consumer recycled plastic in its chassis and keycaps. Acer also announced new Chromebooks just ahead of CES 2022.

LG Debuts Latest OLED TVs for 2022

On the eve of CES 2022, the new lineup of OLED and LED TVs from LG Electronics come in new sizes and ship with a plethora of new features and compatibility.
Retailers Set to Deal with Returns in 2022

Retailers to Welcome 2022 With a Plethora of Returns

The season of returns is upon us and will be more costly than 2020 due to increases in online sales and consumer over-purchasing due to supply chain issues.
Samsung Multi View Watch Together and Samsung Eco Remote at CES 2022

Samsung Unveils New RF-Harvesting Eco Remote and Feature-Packed TVs

Samsung adds new features to its 2022 TV models and makes more eco-friendly changes to its packaging and remotes.
Pieces for business growth

Fostering Healthy Business Growth in 2022 and Beyond

Demand for home upgrades and custom installation is on the rise, so how can dealers and integrators can work together to capitalize on this trend in the new year?
Stores closing due to covid

Retailers Shuttering Doors as COVID-19 Cases Peak

Retailers from Apple to Walmart have had to temporarily shut down brick-and-mortar locations to stem the Omicron variant[s spread.
The best and worst of 2021 in the CE industry

The Best and Worst of 2021

Whether we see this past year as a glass half full or a glass half empty, we can all agree on one thing: 2021 was certainly better than 2020.
Retailers Circumvent Supply Chain Issues

Global Supply Slowdown Forces Companies to Find Alternate Transport Methods

Retailers and brands have utilized different routes and methods of getting products to consumers in order to circumvent supply chain shortages.
2021 Holiday Retail on the Rise

Holiday Sales of Electronics Grows 16.2 Percent in 2021

Despite a plethora of challenges ranging from supply chain issues to the Omicron variant, retail for the 2021 holiday season has done remarkably well.
Samsung Home Appliances Bespoke kitchen suite

Samsung Home Appliances Unveils New 2022 Bespoke Lineup

New refrigerators, washers, and dryers come in a plethora of new colors, sizes, and configurations.

Amazon, Lenovo, and Meta Among Companies Not Attending CES 2022 in...

42 exhibitors have withdrawn in-person attendance from CES 2022. Despite these cancellations, the CTA does not have plans to cancel the in-person event.
Was Amazon Pay Smart Stores affected by AWS outage

Amazon Web Services Experiences Third Outage of the Month

Even Amazon's own retail operations were affected by the cloud storage service's latest outage.
YouTube and TikTok Influencers

TikTok Makes People Buy Stuff, But Where Are the CE Influencers?

While clothing and beauty are staples of the looping video plattform, tech products not so much. But the growing number of CE influencers may change that.
Retailers Utilize AI

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Retailers to Maximize Profits

AI analyzes data to predict consumer buying behavior to help retailers improve customer personalized marketing, and improve pricing decisions.
Sales of gift cards are on the rise this holiday season.

Gift Card Sales on the Rise This Holiday Season

This trend that sounds about right during a supply chain-related shortage of hard goods.
Buy Now, Pay Later probed by CFPB

Buy Now, Pay Later Plans Under CFPB Scrutiny

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) will look into the business models and practices of these latter-day installment plans to see how they contribute to consumer debt.
Exertis acquiring Almo

Exertis to Acquire Almo Corporation

The move offers better supply chain access and new business opportunities to Almo customers and expands Exertis's North American footprint in CE and appliances.
Dell Concept Luna is easy to dissasemble and recycle or refurbish

Dell Concept Luna PC Is Optimized for Reuse and Recycling

The new prototype PC has easy to dissasemble parts and 10 times fewer screws to unscrew, along with water-soluble materials.
Mobile-only households are a dwindling phenomenon thanks to 5G

Mobile-Only Households Are a Slowing Phenomenon

The proliferation of home 5G and fiber-optic infrastructure during the pandemic is increasingly making users mobile second rather than mobile first.
Tornado Aftermath

Tornadoes Wreck Industry and Lives, Including at an Amazon Warehouse in...

Six employees at an Amazon Fulfillment Center in Edwardsville, Illinois are among the casualties.
Sustainable Storefronts end-of-year sales

DTC Brands Turn to Sustainable Storefronts to Demonstrate Commitment to Climate

Sustainable manufacturing and buy-back programs aren’t enough, some DTC brands are making their commitment to sustainability obvious with green storefronts.
Online reviews drive sales and foot traffic to brick and mortar stores

Why Online Reviews Drive Sales (and Foot Traffic)

90 percent of consumers read at least one review before buying something (with 72 percent reading several reviews). Smart retailers make the most of this new metric.
Smart Delivery Infrastructure

Can Big Data Help Solve Overcrowded Delivery Networks?

Philadelphia is turning to tech to create a new delivery infrastructure that is safer and more efficient.
an 8k tv graphic

Five Things to Know About 8K

Before you or your customers take the plunge into the hot new high resolution, it’s best to understand what currently can and cannot do.
retail sector is showing healthy growth

NPD Data Reflects a Healthy Retail Sector

Despite the pandemic, U.S. sales revenue for general merchandise in 2021 has already reached 100% of peak sales in 2019 and 98% of peak sales in 2020.
NYC Vaccine Mandate for Small Businesses

New Vaccine Requirement for NYC Businesses Kicks in This Week

Will the new mandate make shoppers feel safer? Plus, Walmart’s strategy to attract holiday shoppers, and why we are making the switch to rechargeable batteries.
CES 2022

LG to Unleash VR and AR at CES 2022

LG is set to harness virtual and augmented reality at the highly anticipated CES 2022 event, which will feature the hottest tech from around the world.
Tech Up For Women encouraging women in tech

Leveling Up at the Fifth Annual Tech Up For Women Conference

Recapping last month's online conference, which was filled with panels on how women can use tech for their current or future careers.
Omicron Travel

Will Omicron Keep Shopping Travelers Out of Stores?

Omicron variant has already been discovered in the U.S. What many are wondering now is how significantly this new strain of the virus will affect the economy.
the Omicron variant threatens the supply chain

How the Omicron Variant Threatens the Supply Chain

The Omicron variant is causing consumers to worry about the future of the supply chain. What does that mean for retail?
Young Man Working at Computer

New Vulnerability Puts Windows 10,11, and Server Users in Jeopardy

Shipping companies UPS and FedEx are confident that they will be able to keep up with orders this holiday season thanks to early consumer shopping.
Reasons to Be Thankful

Reasons to Be Thankful, Part One

From unprecedented demand to the reopening of stores, there is plenty to feel good about this Thanksgiving.
Woman Holiday Shopping

Why Some Retailers Are Turning ‘Black Friday’ Into a Month-Long Event

Looking to get gifts without actually shopping? Some consumers are utilizing bot services that scour the internet to do holiday shopping for you.
Twitter debuts livestream shopping with consumer electronics

Twitter to Debut Livestream Shopping Featuring Consumer Electronics

The micro-blogging platform joins Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube in experimenting with shoppable live video.
supply chain issues will last into 2023, say some experts

When Will the Supply Chain Slowdown End?

Some blame today’s supply chain issues on chip and labor shortages; others on unprecedented demand. The truth is somewhere in the middle.
Mail-order print catalogs are popular with millennial shoppers

Screen-Weary Shoppers Are Turning to Mail-Order Print Catalogs

Millennials and other consumers tired of spending days in front of screens are turning to mail-order print catalogs for holiday shopping.
CVS Pharmacy interior

CVS to Close 900 Brick-and-Mortar Stores

The closures will help parent company CVS Health transform its brick-and-mortar retail stores into not only pharmacies that sell everything, but also bonafide medical health facilities.
Walmart employee greets shopper to the store's full inventory shelves

Walmart, Target, and Others Have Plenty of Inventory

Big-box stores such as Walmart and Target are not only reporting rises in revenue and sales, but also plenty of inventory andstocked shelves—all this in the midst of a supply chain slowdown.
Retail sales up 7.1 percent in October 2021

Retail Sales Up 1.7 Percent in October

At 1.7 percent, according to the Labor Department, the rise was the highest since March. This of course is in tandem with the fastest rise in prices in 30 years, but it was still good news for most retail entities, including Walmart and Home Depot.
YouTube and TikTok Influencers

How YouTube and TikTok Influencers Are Driving Top Toy Sales

If you’re wondering which electronics and toys are going to sell most this holiday season – you know, in case you want to stock up -- look no further than the top creators and influencers on YouTube and TikTok, where a 2020 study found that children ages 4-15 spend an average of 85 and 45 minutes a day respectively.
Tech Up for women online conference set up

Tech Up For Women Conference Goes Virtual With Panels, Webinars, and...

The free event on Tuesday, November 16th will feature panels on AI, digital health, cybersecurity, and more.
CT Hall of Fame Class of 2021 and Class of 2022 honorees

Dealerscope’s Nancy Klosek and Other CE Leaders Inducted Into CT Hall...

In a ceremony held at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City last night, six honorees were inducted into CT Hall of Fame’s Class of 2021 last night. It was the first time that the annual ceremony and gala dinner was held since 2019, so the Class of 2020 was also officially honored at the event. 
CES 2022 news at CES Unveiled from Gary Shapiro

CES 2022: Be There, Or Be There Online 

CES 2022 will be a hybrid show that's in-person in Las Vegas and online, with 1,600 exhibitors and a vaccine mandate per the CTA's CES Unveiled event last night.
CES 2022 at the LVCC West Hall

On With the Show: CES 2022 Preview Q&A

What’s happening at CES 2022 in January? We spoke with Jean Foster, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications at the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), to find out. 
LG and the NCAA College Sports team up

Turner, CBS, LG, and the NCAA Partner to Stream Live College...

LG has announced a three-year partnership with the NCAA, Turner Sports, and CBS Sports to bring exclusive NCAA sports content straight to LG customers

Inflation Is Driving Consumers to Dollar Stores Again

The rise in inflation is good news for dollar stores, which pre-pandemic experienced slowdowns, since current sticker shocks have redirected consumers their way.
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Remote work devices: A person with earphones talking on their computer.

Jabra, JLab, and Raycon Release New Remote Work Devices

Audio tech companies have made adjustments to their products for consumers who work remotely. The latest wave include new audio devices from Jabra, JLab, and Raycon.
The outside view of Skullcandy headquarters

Skullcandy Doubles Down on Sustainability

Headphone maker Skullcandy Inc. recently unveiled a series of new green initiatives as part of a promise to help keep one million pounds of e-waste from ending up in landfills globally by 2025. Among its tactics to achieve this goal is a pledge to utilize only 100% recyclable packaging materials and FSC-certified paper products by the end of this year.
2021 NATM Vendor Conference Scott Hymas

Hymas Sets Refreshing Tone at 2021 NATM Vendor Conference

At the 2021 Vendor Conference, NATM President Scott Hymas focuses on "the best of times" and reminds retailers to be thankful for all that has gone right over the past 18 months.
KOA Electronics Distribution

KOA Electronics Distribution to Open New San Diego Location

Get to know KOA E.D.I. this Friday, October 1, as it celebrates the opening of its new San Diego location with an event for dealers and industry friends alike.
TV Prices to Keep Climbing 2021

TV Prices to Stay High Until Next Year

The continued pandemic is keeping people at home and creating more demand for TVs, and supply chain delays are making it hard to meet those demands. Is it any wonder prices are going up?
multi-generational consumer technology office

What Happens to the ‘Over 40’ in Consumer Technology?

Ageism in the consumer technology industry is nothing new, but it’s still very real. But it's not just the 'over 40' who are affected; companies that don’t employ older workers are missing out, too.
Black Leaders In Consumer Tech

Presenting CT Lab’s 2021 Black Leaders in Consumer Tech

CT Lab's Black Leaders in Consumer Tech Awards shines a special spotlight on nine African-American leaders in the CT space who are driving the industry forward.
Dealerscope Audience Award

DEADLINE EXTENDED Nominate Your Product for Dealerscope’s Audience Awards

Dealerscope's audience of over 45,000 industry experts span a variety of fields including retailers, manufacturers, buying groups, distributors, and more. Think you have what it takes to earn their vote? Submit your product now to be in the running.
Consumer Electronics Industry

CE Industry Leaders Share Their Insights on Business Today

We asked a few consumer electronics industry leaders to share their views on business today, priorities, and why Dealerscope is important to them.
Dealerscope 40 Under 40

Last Chance for 40 Under 40 Award Nominations

Nominations for Dealerscope's annual 40 Under 40 awards program, which recognizes the young and up-and-coming talent in consumer electronics, close on May 28.
Corporate Sustainability

Green Lights in Corporate Sustainability

Corporate sustainability has come a long way in the past decade. Here is how it’s rolling out in the appliance, consumer electronics, and retail spaces.
Apple Spring Loaded iMacs

Apple’s Spring Loaded Event was Loaded with Announcements

Apple's Spring Loaded event wrapped up yesterday with a slew of new product announcements like colorful iMacs and iPhones, AirTags, Family Cards, Podcast Subscriptions and more.
Most Powerful Women in CE Tech 2021

Last Chance to Nominate a Powerful Woman in Consumer Tech

Dealerscope's Powerful Women in Consumer Technology program recognizes women in the CT space who stand out for their achievements and exceptional leadership. Today is the last day for nominations to be received--just make sure to submit no later than August 24th at 11:59pm PST.
LG Phone Business Shutdown

LG to Shut Down Mobile Phone Business Worldwide

LG is shutting down its mobile phone business unit for good. After a unanimous vote, the board of directors approved the final decision today after several months of reviewing the direction of LG's smartphone business.
Ferran Reverter

Ferran Reverter Bids Farewell to Media-Saturn; Heads to FC Barcelona

Ferran Reverter will not be renewing his contract as CEO of Media-Saturn in order to pursue a new career as CEO of FC Barcelona, what he calls a "once in a lifetime opportunity."
Best Buy Lays off Workers 2021

Best Buy Lays Off 5,000 Workers with Plans to Close Stores

Best Buy announced that it has laid off 5,000 workers this month with plans to close more stores as the year progresses. CEO Corrie Barry said the cuts were due to "having too many full-time and not enough part-time employees."
Dealerscope Audience Awards

Last Chance to Vote in Dealerscope’s Audience Awards

The Dealerscope Audience Awards are looking to crown the most innovative products in consumer technology and we need your help.
Jeff Bezos Andy Jassy

Jeff Bezos to Step Down as Amazon CEO

On Tuesday, Jeff Bezos announced that he would be stepping down as CEO of Amazon in the third quarter of this year. The empty role will be filled by Andy Jassy, the current chief executive of Amazon Web Services as Bezos transitions to executive chair of the company.
Neal Manowitz Sony

Neal Manowitz Appointed President and COO of Sony Electronics, North America

Sony Electronics Inc. announced Neal Manowitz, Deputy President, Imaging Products and Solutions - Americas, will be promoted to President and Chief Operating Officer.
Corie Barry Best Buy CES 2021

Corie Barry Takes On a Pandemic and Institutes Diversity in First...

To say her first year as CEO was an eventful one would be the understatement of the century. Best Buy CEO, Corie Barry, describes how she navigated the sea of changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic while also instituting diversity and inclusion during a discussion with Alan Murray at CES 2021
Intel at CES

Intel Will Help the World ‘Go and Do’ More at CES

As part of the all-virtual CES 2021, Intel will preview exciting new technology via two news conferences plus host an in-depth technology session from Mobileye.

Two New Enterprise-Grade Wi-Fi 6 Wireless Access Points from Access Networks

Adding to its Wi-Fi 6 Certified lineup, Access Networks now offers the A550 and A650 access points, providing integrators and end-users with more options to suit a wide variety of home networking applications.

CTA Study: Tech Companies Need More Skilled Workers

Three in four technology companies (75%) face difficulty finding candidates with the right skills and abilities today, according to the annual Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® Future of Work Study.

5G Awareness Has Reached the Masses, But Majority Do Not Understand...

According to the latest Mobile Connectivity Report from NPD’s Connected Intelligence, 9 out of 10 consumers are aware of 5G networks, but only 18% of consumers report understanding of the different 5G network types currently available in the U.S.

Atlantic Technology Executing a Major Revitalization

Atlantic Technology is taking the next step in executing a corporate revitalization which has included the rollout of over 30 new products in 2020...
Bravas Joins Azione Unlimited

Bravas Joins Azione Unlimited

Azione Unlimited, The Smart Home Association, has announced that Bravas has joined the buying group organization. As a unified group of luxury technology integrators...
Z-Wave Alliance Long-Range Specification

New Long Range Specification From Z-Wave Alliance

The Z-Wave Alliance, a standards organization dedicated to developing and advancing the popular Z-Wave® wireless smart home protocol, announces the new Z-Wave Long Range...

Qualcomm Defines Future of Entertainment With Live Nation Partnership

All of the IFA 2020 press conferences are talking up the company's abilities to cope with and move past COVID-19. Understandably. Qualcomm set a...
Ataraina IFA 2020

Ataraina IFA Intros Include Flying Air Purifier

The Flying Magic Cleaner, drone-propelled, goes beyond what robotic-type floor vacuums, which can only capture large-size particles, do. The drone is able to capture...

Hyundai Europe Develops Roadmap for Sustainable Change

Michael Cole, President and CEO of Hyundai Europe, has spent over 35 years in the mobility industry in practically all areas of the business...

AVM’s Fast Internet for All With FRITZ!Box

Introduced at IFA 2020 Special Edition, the new AVM FRITZ!Box 6850 LTE is all about ensuring faster internet via mobile networks with data rates...
Parks Associates Smart Home Tracker

Parks: COVID-19, Consumer Privacy Concerns, and Price Competition are Key

New Parks Associates smart home research finds providers and manufacturers are increasingly competing on price, innovation, and privacy protections. The firm's Smart Home Tracker...
LG Clarksville

LG’s Clarksville Factory Makes its Millionth Washing Machine

The LG Electronics home appliance manufacturing plant in Clarksville, Tenn., has just produced its one-millionth washing machine – a key milestone for the plant’s...

Nikon & NYC Salt Expand Partnership to Include Mentorship Program, Scholarships...

Nikon Inc. has announced an expansion of the brand’s partnership with NYC Salt, an organization that creates opportunities in visual arts and pathways to...

Huawei’s Guo Ping: Unlock the Full Potential of 5G to Drive...

The pandemic has reshaped how we live and work, and has dealt a heavy blow to the world economy. Fortunately, Information/Communications Technology (ICT) offers...

NAD Ships Masters M33 BluOS Streaming DAC/Amplifier

NAD Electronics has begun shipping the M33 ($4,999), a BluOS-enabled streaming DAC/amplifier that can serve as the heart of a reference whole-home system. The...

Integral Marketing & The Lucas Sales Group Tap de St. Germain

Integral Marketing, the rep fulfillment company serving dealers in the Southwest, announces the appointment of industry veteran John “Jody” de St. Germain as Business...

PureTech Alliance is Formed

Executives from the custom installation channel have aligned to form the PureTech Alliance (, a national sales and service organization with a mandate to...