Home Business News With New Electric Trains, Railroad Industry Focuses on Sustainability

With New Electric Trains, Railroad Industry Focuses on Sustainability

Electric Freight Train

Recently, Union Pacific, the freight solutions provider, announced that it would be spending more than $100 million to buy 20 battery-powered locomotives from Wabtec and Caterpillar’s Progress Rail. Hauling freight via train is already a four times more sustainable option than using diesel trucks, according to the Association of American Railroads. However, with the EV industry growing immensely, this sustainable advantage may be challenged. 

Beth Whited, Union Pacific’s executive vice president for sustainability and strategy, told Forbes; ”We’re advantaged from a fuel-consumption perspective and we’re advantaged from a (diesel) particulate standpoint, but trucks might get batteries sooner, and they’ll start to creep up on us.” This competition between different sectors of the freighting industry on sustainability will provide a major benefit for retailers looking to tout a more efficient supply chain.  

Last week, Incase, manufacturers of electronic accessories, released two new cases for the MacBook Pro 14 and 16-inch devices. The hardshell cases come in two designs; the Hardshell Dots and the Textured Hardshell with Woolenex. Both of these cases feature rubberized grip pads and accentuate the sleek design of the MacBook Pro. Per Incase, it created the first hardshell case for the MacBook over 13 years ago. Brian Stech, CEO of Incase, said in the company’s press release; “We’ve made improvements along the way, such as incorporating new durable, premium materials and moving from a soft-touch finish to a stylish dot design, but the key features we started with remain a fixture in our cases today.”

In other news,  just a year after opening a location in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, Pioneer Music Company has announced the grand opening of a new distribution center in Bloomington, Minnesota. The 153-year-old electronic distribution company’s newest location will feature self shopping, 24-hour pick up, as well as a training facility that is able to comfortably house 50 people.

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