Save Space and Spruce Up the Kitchen with These Countertop Appliances

Save Space and Spruce Up a Kitchen with Countertop Appliances

From portable induction cooking systems to smart mixers, this has everything you need to get creative in the kitchen while on space, time, and fiscal budgets.
Keeping Up with Kitchen Trends and Tech

Keeping Up with Kitchen Trends and Tech

Kitchens are changing, and so are their appliances. Stay on top of the latest trends in kitchen appliances and design that are catching consumers’ eyes.
Tune In to the Newest TVs on the CEDIA Expo Channel

Tune In to the Newest TVs on the CEDIA Expo Channel

CEDIA Expo 2023 saw the debut of TVs from major retailers across the country, and these TVs are being transformed into artwork and outdoor furniture.
AI-Enabled Appliances Make for More Intuitive Living Spaces

AI-Enabled Appliances Make for More Intuitive Living Spaces

Retailers should familiarize themselves with AI to answer customers’ questions and sell appliances featuring this innovative technology with confidence.
Unboxed: Hisense 54-Bottle Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

Unboxed: Hisense 54-Bottle Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

Wine coolers are becoming a hot commodity, so Dealerscope unboxed the Hisense 54-Bottle model to showcase the Goldilocks of wine coolers.
Appliances for a Greener Tomorrow at IFA Berlin 2023

Trends in Appliances for a Greener Tomorrow at IFA Berlin 2023

Explore Sustainable Appliances at IFA Berlin 2023. Discover eco-conscious innovations from Midea, Miele, and Beko, reducing emissions, energy use, and waste.
Deck: Recent innovations underscore the industry's commitment to sustainability and longvevity.

Appliances for Sustainable Living & Convenience at IFA Berlin

Discover new appliances at IFA Berlin 2023, prioritizing sustainability and convenience. Explore releases from top brands like Miele, Beko, CLEANR, & more.

IFA 2023 Electronics & Appliances Insights: Staying Ahead

Explore innovation in electronics & appliances at IFA Berlin 2023 as top experts in the industry discuss trends to help consumers stay ahead of the curve.
Miele Press Conference IFA Berlin 2023

Miele Unveils Smart Living Innovations at IFA Berlin 2023

Discover Miele's cutting-edge innovations at IFA Berlin 2023 - sustainability, smart tech, & more. Introducing Miele Aerium, AI diagnostics, & Smart Food ID.
Choosing A Coffee Machine Means Knowing It Inside and Out

Know Your Coffee Machine Inside and Out, Featuring Bruvi

With the BV-01 Brewer, Bruvi addresses issues that might arise when owning a coffee machine to inform consumers and brew them their perfect cup.
Boost Appliance Sales While Saving Customers Money

Boost Appliance Sales While Saving Customers Money

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 offers tax credits and rebates to eligible consumers who upgrade their appliances to energy-efficient ones.
Could Atmospheric Water Generators Become the New Filters?

Could Atmospheric Water Generators Become the New Filters?

Products that harvest the sun’s rays and Earth’s natural processes for power are abundant. With atmospheric water generators, it is now the water cycle’s turn.
LG Electronics Introduces New 97-Inch Wireless OLED TV

LG Electronics Introduces New 97-Inch Wireless OLED TV

LG Electronics announces the newest line of LG OLED TVs with Zero Connect Technology.
Are Consumers Right to Fear Connected Home Products?

Are Consumers Right to Fear Connected Home Products?

With growing cybersecurity concerns, smart device users are justifiably worried.
ecozy Makes Washing Dishes Convenient with New Portable Dishwasher

The New ecozy Portable Dishwasher is Convenience Embodied

The latest portable and ultra-compact dishwasher from ecozy is convenience embodied and exhibits a variety of informative appliance trends.

ThermoPro Launches Twin TempSpike Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

Introducing Twin TempSpike: the dual probe meat thermometer with 500-ft Bluetooth range from ThermoPro. Monitor 2 dishes simultaneously with precision and ease.
SetPower Unveils Exclusive Prime Day Deals

SetPower Announces Exclusive Prime Day Deals on Products

Elevate your outdoor adventures with exclusive Prime Day deals from SetPower on portable fridges. Enjoy up to 20% off selected styles for a limited time only.
These Technologies Are Changing the Smart Appliance Space 

These Technologies Are Changing the Smart Appliance Space 

The smart appliance market is growing with the addition of induction cooktops, portable A/C units, smart fridges, and plastic filtering washing machines.
Revolutionize Your Kitchen with the UltraFast Combo from GE

Revolutionize Your Kitchen with the UltraFast Combo from GE

UltraFast Combo, the newest addition to GE Profile, hits the market as the time- and energy-saving grace laundry day and you, need.

Cooktop Safety Inc. Unveils AI Thermal Monitoring

Revolutionary AI-powered thermal monitoring system by Cooktop Safety Inc. predicts and prevents stovetop fires, enhancing cooking safety at home.

“Fun in the Sun” with These 5 Devices

Discover 5 must-have devices for outdoor enthusiasts in our 'Fun in the Sun' tech roundup. Elevate your outdoor experience with these innovative products.
Aero Crisp 1.5-Litre Air Fryer Oven by Inalsa

Inalsa Releases Aero Crisp 1.5-Litre Air Fryer Oven

Discover the versatile Aero Crisp 1.5-Litre Air Fryer Oven by Inalsa, revolutionizing home cooking with 85% less oil, multiple cooking modes, and easy cleaning.
ASKO Unveils Next Generation of Premium Connected Dishwashers for Ultimate Durability and Cleaning Excellence

ASKO’s Next Generation of Premium Connected Dishwashers

Discover ASKO's latest release of premium connected dishwashers. Built with steel for durability, advanced cleaning features, and sustainable design. Available now.
New Gear—The Acerpure Pro Vero air purifier

New Gear—The Acerpure Pro Vero air purifier

The Acerpure Pro Vero Air Purifier is the first of its kind to incorporate post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials in the chassis.
Beko Launches HarvestFresh Refrigerator Line for Earth Day

Beko Launches HarvestFresh Refrigerator Line for Earth Day

Beko has the first seven of 20 new refrigerators equipped with its HarvestFresh technology available at its national dealer partners.

New Gear—The Levoit 36-Inch Tower Fan

*The tower fan makes automatic fan speed adjustments based on room temperature. *The multi-angle air inlet ensures small air inlet resistance and the wide-angle air...

New Gear—The P1 and P1SE robotic pool cleaners

*Cordless design provides the freedom to clean any pool without an attached power supply. *Using an intelligent algorithm along with an internal compass, IMU and...
Sepura Promotes World’s First Sustainable Food Waste Separation Product

Sepura Promotes World’s First Sustainable Food Waste Separation Product

Canada-based household appliance brand Sepura has announced it has received new investment, thanks to its innovative sustainable food waste separation product.
LG Recognized as Most Sustainable Home Appliance Brand 

LG Recognized as Most Sustainable Home Appliance Brand 

Plus: Saramonic unveils a wireless smart microphone with a touchscreen.
KitchenAid Releases New Refrigerator with 4-Door Design  

KitchenAid Releases New Refrigerator with 4-Door Design  

Plus: NextLevel Acoustics is now shipping their breakthrough in-wall subwoofer.
Jura E6: The Barista Experience at Home

Jura E6: The Barista Experience at Home

The Jura E6 is a new coffee machine that boasts an innovative design and advanced features that make it easy to prepare a wide range of coffee beverages.
2023’s Energy-Saving Appliances

2023’s Energy-Saving Appliances  

Here are our favorite new sustainable appliances, freshly unveiled in 2023.
Creating Sustainable Home Appliances for a Better Future 

Creating Sustainable Home Appliances for a Better Future 

Dealerscope sat down with Justin Reine, vice president of marketing at Beko, to discuss the company’s approach to sustainability and home appliances.
Air Fryer Sales to Rocket in Europe and US in 2023 and Beyond

Air Fryer Sales to Rocket in Europe and US in 2023...

The global air fryer market is booming, according to recent research, with sales driven in the UK and Europe primarily by rising energy prices.
GE Profile Keynote: Locked in on the Independent Channel

GE Profile Keynote: Locked in on the Independent Channel

See why GE Profile is altering their national website to prioritize the independent channel.
Most Consumers Prefer Innovative, Energy-Efficient Appliances

Functional, Quality Appliances are Preferred by Most Consumers

New research from Beko has discovered that advanced technology and classic designs are the most desired features in kitchen appliances.
A Serious Kitchen Upgrade

A Serious Kitchen Upgrade

Here are some of best smart appliances to keep an eye out for if you’re looking to add a serious upgrade to your kitchen.
Discover LG’s ‘Uplifting’ Home Appliances Tailored to Different Lifestyles

Discover LG’s ‘Uplifting’ Home Appliances Tailored to Different Lifestyles

LG ThinQ UP home appliances can adapt to the changing lifestyles of its customers thanks to its sleek upgradable features.
Leverage ENERGY STAR to Create Benefits for Your Business

Leverage ENERGY STAR to Create Benefits for Your Business

How appliance retailers can take advantage of the ENERGY STAR program to provide added benefits to the retail process.
Arçelik and Whirlpool Team up to Create New Appliance Brand

Arçelik and Whirlpool Team up to Create New Appliance Brand

Two of Europe’s leading appliance brands Arçelik and Whirlpool have come together to create a new stand alone business in the European home appliances sector.
Energy Efficient Features “Ignored” by 9 Out of 10 Homeowners, Beko Finds

Energy Efficient Features “Ignored” by 9 Out of 10 Homeowners, Beko...

The Beko survey is part of the company's latest campaign to shed light on how kitchen appliances are used efficiently in the home.
Discover How LG’s Beautiful MoodUP Refrigerator Changes Color with the Seasons

Discover How LG’s Beautiful MoodUP Refrigerator Changes Color with the Seasons

LG's versatile appliance promises to personalize any kitchen and dazzle guests with its customizable LG MoodUP LED panels and bluetooth speaker connectivity.
What You Need to Know from KBIS 2023

What You Need to Know from KBIS 2023

Back in Las Vegas for the first time since 2020, KBIS was big and buzzing again. Here are some of our favorite products that we spotted while at the show.
More Stylish Appliances Offer Improved Smarts and Efficiencies 

More Stylish Appliances Offer Improved Smarts and Efficiencies 

A sampling of company perspectives and products suggest consumers are still making home improvements 
Tech Advancements Helping Household Appliances Become Trillion Dollar Market

Tech Advancements Helping Household Appliances Become Trillion Dollar Market

The household appliances market size will reach over a trillion dollars by the year 2030, according to a study by Precedence Research.
Samsung’s Latest Bespoke Smart Refrigerator: Connected & Customizable

Samsung’s Latest Bespoke Smart Refrigerator: Connected & Customizable

Samsung unveils the newest addition to its bespoke home line, the Bespoke 4-Door Flex refrigerator with Family Hub+ software.
LG Dishwashers Get Energy Star 'Most Efficient 2023' Title  

LG Dishwashers Get Energy Star ‘Most Efficient 2023’ Title  

Plus: EarFun launches new pair of Bluetooth wireless earbuds with LE audio.

Beko’s HarvestFresh Fridge Named DesignBites’ “Brand with the Biggest Bite” Winner

Beko is the NKBA’s 2023 DesignBites “Brand with the Biggest Bite” winner for its HarvestFresh refrigerator technology.  This “speed dating for brands” initiative...

Our Favorite Appliances at CES

There were a few companies that released appliances that should not be overlooked.

TCL Celebrates Strong Sales with “Inspire Greatness” Campaign at 2022 World...

The electronics company celebrated Team Brazil’s progress to the World Cup quarter finals, and is supporting its brand ambassadors from national teams across Europe. TCL...

LG QuadWash Dishwasher Leverages State of the Art Steam Technology

According to the brand, its new dishwasher is “revolutionary”, and sets itself apart from the competition with steam technology that promises to not only...
Fisher & Paykel Says ‘Slow Living’ Will Dominate Appliance Trends in 2023

Fisher & Paykel Says ‘Slow Living’ Will Dominate Appliance Trends in...

Fisher & Paykel is predicting that so-called ‘slow living’ will dominate appliance trends in 2023 and beyond, in a recent forecast carried out by the brand.
Unboxed: Zojirushi Pressure Induction Heating Rice Cooker & Warmer NW-JEC10

Unboxed: Zojirushi Pressure Induction Heating Rice Cooker & Warmer NW-JEC10

A small appliance staple with a big bang.
Kitchen Counter Clutter

Kitchen Counter Clutter

Sales of small kitchen appliances are expected to continue to grow over the next 12 months.

3M Looks to Create Next Generation of Household Appliances

The company uses its expertise and know-how to help appliance manufacturers build household appliances that are stronger, durable and more cost effective. 3M, driven by...

Whirlpool to Integrate Smart Appliances into Matter Smart Home Eco-System

Whirlpool Corporation has announced it is taking steps toward making smart appliances work more harmoniously in home ecosystems.

Dreame Technology Launches New AI powered Vacuum Cleaner

Smart home appliance outfit Dreame Technology has announced a new AI-powered robot vacuum, the DreameBot D10s Pro, which will be released this month.

Dreame Technology ‘Reinvents’ Smart Floorcare

As a two-in-one intelligent floor cleaner, M12 promises powerful wet and dry cleaning for hard floors and handheld cleaning for the rest of the home.

New Household Appliances by Changhong Leverage Latest Technology

One of China’s leading consumer electronics and household appliances manufacturers has lifted the curtain on a new range of devices. The range of products by...

iRobot Debuts a New Roomba Combo j7+

The Roomba Combo j7+is described by the company as “the world's most advanced robot vacuum and mop.” It arrives along with new iRobot OS 5.0 updates.

Cooking With Induction Technology is Hot, Gas is Not

It's not just cars that are going electric. Cooking is running out of gas, too. Natural gas.  Consumers are learning that gas stoves are a...
A women using refrigerator tech

Chill Out with This Refrigerator Tech

Appliances that bolster efficiency with connectivity, AI and more .

A Smart Dishwasher Fit for a Tiny Home

SHARP Home Electronics Company of America recently announced the SHARP Smart Dishwasher (SDW6767HS), which features functions like Wi-Fi-enabled "Works with Alexa" for easy remote control,...

Hestan Unveils Groundbreaking “Smart Gas” Technology

Today Hestan announced breakthrough Smart Gas Technology, which can automatically regulate temperature to the exact degree for precise gas cooking. Removing the guesswork of low, medium...
JaeSung Lee, President and Head of Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics

Samsung Bespokes’ New Features And Personalization Options

New additions to the Bespoke line encourages consumers to have complete control over their devices.
Kuvings Impresses with New REVO 830 Juicer

Kuvings Impresses with New REVO 830 Juicer

Healthy living specialists Kuvings are back with an innovative juicer featuring stronger juicing power, a smart cutting technique, and a feeding chute.
A person enjoying outdoor tech

A Breath of Fresh Air With Outdoor Tech

A look at how smart, weather-proof appliances are changing outdoor living spaces today.
A person using speech commands with the smart fridge in their kitchen

Kitchens and Bathrooms Are Getting Smarter

Why it’s time to bring technology into the remodeling conversation about the kitchen and bathroom.
A woman using her smart home devices

Domestic Help With Smart Home Technology

Smart appliances can be paths to owning the connected home, but only if consumers know how to use them.
A person using an eco-friendly appliance

Appliance Trends to Look For in 2022

Experts point to products that they believe consumers will enjoy due to the products being faster, more healthful, and increasingly sustainable.
Green appliances are increasingly the norm from CE and appliance manufacturers

Green Appliances That Make You and the Earth Healthier 

Go green with today’s eco-friendly (and super-smart) products for the kitchen, laundry room, and more.
Smart Kitchen Appliances

Top Smart Kitchen Appliances to Watch for This Year

Earlier this year at CES, manufacturers showed up with a wide range of upgraded appliances to make dinnertime easier, more enjoyable, and most importantly, smart.
Best New Oven Technology: Smart Ovens

Smart Oven Technology Puts the Fun Back Into Cooking

From smart, guided recipes to new hardware that makes food more crispy and tender, the latest ovens ensure that celebrations, meals, or new experiments in cooking are a success. 
Neato Robovac

Neato Robot Vacs Aim Higher, With Smarter Functions

The robotic vac manufacturer announced the new D9 and D10 models, both of which use laser navigation instead of a camera for floor mapping and object detection.
TOTO bath product

TOTO Touts ‘Cleanovation’ Solutions at CES 2022

The Japanese toilet manufacturer showed its latest eco- and health-friendly bidet seats, washlets, smart toilets, and tubs in Las Vegas last week.
Tineco Smart Carpet Cleaner

CARPET ONE Is Tineco’s First Smart Carpet Cleaner

On display at the Tineco CES 2022 booth, the smart carpet cleaner walks users through the process of rug and upholstery washing, and even do stairs.

LG Levels Up the Laundry Experience With New Technology

At CES 2022, LG Electronics (LG) is showcasing a smarter, more seamless way to get laundry done with its new FX Washer and Dryer...
Samsung Keynote CES 2022 Photo by Alice Schmalzl

Samsung CES Keynote Touts Sustainability, Connectivity

Jong-Hee "J.H." Han, Vice Chairman and CEO of Samsung Electronics talked about new products, but mostly addressed the company's sustainability efforts, new partnerships, and other more big-picture considerations.
Samsung Home Appliances Bespoke kitchen suite

Samsung Home Appliances Unveils New 2022 Bespoke Lineup

New refrigerators, washers, and dryers come in a plethora of new colors, sizes, and configurations.
Yeedi vac station self-cleaning vacuum and mop on a pedestal

Yeedi 3-in-1 Vac Station Cleans Rugs, Floors, and Itself

The Yeedi robot vacuum can make cleaning a fast chore because it can vacuum, sweep, and mop.
LG SIGNATURE's new brand ambassador, John Legend

John Legend Is the Latest LG SIGNATURE Brand Ambassador

The EGOT-winning singer and songwriter wrote an exclusive new song to commemorate the new partnership and will host an event at his winery in Napa Valley with the LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar in Spring 2022.
The new Acoustic Designs Group's Tech and Wellness Showroom in Scottdale, Arizona

Acoustic Designs Group Opens Tech and Wellness Showroom

Acoustic Designs Group recently opened an upgraded luxury smart home showroom. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, the showroom is powered by Delos Wireless Technology and the DARWIN Premier Home Wellness Intelligence Network.
Samsung Bespoke Air Dresser blending in with home decor in a living room

Samsung Expands Its Bespoke Appliance Line With Discounts

Just in time for the holidays, Samsung has discounts on its Bespoke Appliance Line.
Luxury appliances include the Fisher & Paykel Series 11 48-inch Dual Fuel Range

Why Luxury Appliances Are Essential to the Future of Independent Retail

Luxury appliance brands such as Bosch, GE Monogram, and Fisher & Paykel are doubling down on the independent channel -- and buying groups such as Nationwide are there to help.
Orsini's Appliance Retailers Grand Opening

Three Generations of Retail Excellence at Orsini’s

West Virginia-based Orsini's has a history going back three generations, but has nevertheless modernized operations with an enhanced website and bigger showroom.
iRobot Roomba j7+ Robot Vacuum

AI-Powered Roomba j7+ Robot Vacuum Recognizes Even More Obstacles

Robotic vacuum cleaners continue to get smarter as companies work to develop and implement more sophisticated AI capabilities. iRobot last week released the Roomba  j7+ Robot Vacuum with Genius 3.0 Home Intelligence. Equipped with a series of cameras that allows it to analyze harder-to-discern obstacles in real time, the Roomba j7+ is designed to allow the consumer to never again pick up a vacuum.
Latest Refrigerator Technologies

The Latest Refrigerator Technologies Keep It Cool

Whatever a consumer's priority — long-lasting vegetables, an easier way to grocery shop, or a full household control center — there is now a smart fridge to fulfill that need.
Nationwide Marketing Group partners with Installation Nation

Nationwide Announces Partnership With Installation Nation

Retailers are struggling to keep up with delivery and installation demand, to remedy this Nationwide announced their new partnership with Installation Nation.
ADC and Nationwide sign partnership

ADC and Nationwide Discuss Their New Partnership in This Exclusive Interview

Nationwide and ADC announced a new partnership earlier this week. While at Nationwide PrimeTime, we sat down with ADC CEO Ken Miele, ADC Facilitator Kenneth Kohn, and Nationwide EVP of Membership Patrick Maloney for an exclusive interview.
Smart appliances ecosystem

How Dealers Can Pull Smart Appliances into the Connected Home

With a complete picture, dealers and their integration partners can help their customers take full advantage of their smart appliances.
Nationwide Marketing Group ADC

Nationwide Marketing Group Partners with ADC

Nationwide Marketing Group today announced its alignment with Appliance Dealers Cooperative (ADC) to create a market-leading purchasing program for its members.
Jay Penney Element Electronics

Industry Veteran Jay Penney Joins Element Electronics

Penney will lead the private-label appliance division for Element Electronics, a lineup available exclusively through Nationwide Marketing Group.
Samsung Family Hub Smart Refrigerator

Samsung Unveils Sixth-Generation Family Hub Refrigerator

The refrigerator is one of the most used, yet hardest to organize, appliances in the household. Users of traditional refrigerators often find it difficult...
Cool gadgets and appliances

Cool Gadgets and Appliances to Beat Summer Heat

The demand for energy-efficient technology, the effects of global warming, and the popularity of portable devices are driving the growth of cool gadgets.
Bsh home appliances miami design center

BSH to Open Experience and Design Center in Miami’s Design District

On June 23, BSH Home Appliances will be opening an Experience and Design Center in Miami's Design District to showcase its newest product innovations.
Beko Fresh Produce Promise

Beko Makes a Bold Promise on its Refrigerators

The Beko Fresh Produce Promise, launching on May 27, guarantees customers that their fruits and vegetables will remain fresh for 30 days or their money back.
Kitchen Appliances: Breville Bluicer Pro

Hot Kitchen Appliances That Nutrition-Minded Consumers Want

While people are returning to their local restaurants, the skills and interests they acquired over the past year are here to stay, along with a general interest in health and nutrition. These three kitchen appliances make healthful cooking easier than ever.
Smoothie blender sales on the rise

Health and Nutrition Spur Growth in Kitchen Appliance Sales

Health and nutrition were big motivators for shoppers during the pandemic, leading in part to a 30 percent rise in the sales of countertop kitchen appliances last year. We spoke with experts about the hottest categories, from blenders to air fryers.
Samsung Bespoke Line

Samsung Proves Appliances Can Be Beautiful and Smart

This week, Samsung announced that the Bespoke line of products would be adding even more color and control to the kitchen as well as other parts of the home.
Nationwide Marketing Group Service Leaders Network Conference

Nationwide Marketing Group to Host Service Leaders Network Conference

In continuation of its efforts to support the appliance service industry, Nationwide Marketing Group will host its first Service Leaders Network Conference from May 13-14.
Beko receives ENERGY STAR Parter Award for Sustainability

ENERGY STAR Recognizes Beko for Sustainability Commitment

Beko U.S., Inc. has been honored with the 2021 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year Sustained Excellence Award.
Sharp Appliances Multifunctionality

Sharp Discusses Multifunctionality at Home

On Wednesday's episode of Insider Talk, Sharp's President, Jim Sanduski, and Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Peter Weedfald will discuss the need for appliances that are capable of performing a variety of functions to meet consumers' changing needs.
Signature Kitchen Suite's 36-in Duel-Fuel Pro Range with Sous Vide and Induction cooktop

Industry Awards Bestowed Upon Signature Kitchen Suite

Signature Kitchen Suite's 36-inch and 48-inch Duel-Fuel Pro Ranges receives awards from industry publications, Architectural Digest and Beautiful Kitchens & Baths.
Konftel C50800 Hybrid sit_020 Featured Image

Konftel 800 Conference Phone Certified for Atos Unify Platforms

The Konftel 800 hybrid conference phone has been certified to work across key Atos Unify communication platforms.
KBIS - Sharp presentation - Full Kitchen Suite - Featured Image

Sharp Reinforces Commitment to the Kitchen at Virtual KBIS

Sharp attended the virtual KBIS exhibition last week with its bevy of multifunctional appliance solutions – and armed and ready to talk them up to attendees.
Plum has expanded its offering by creating an integrated solution that allows the product to be “wrapped” into the room’s design.

Plum Elevates Wine Tasting With Integrated Solution

With the rise of at-home entertaining, Plum has expanded its offering by creating an integrated solution that allows its wine-tasting unit to be “wrapped” into the room’s design. And this is not confined to the kitchen.
01_GE Profile - Solution Central Kitchen featured at KBIS Virtual 2021

KBIS in the Kitchen: A Look at GE Profile’s ‘Smart’ Innovations

The GE Profile perspective on answering the new demands & increased expectations of appliance consumers was presented at the virtual show.
LG - KBIS show -LG Craft Ice Making refrigerator - Featured Image

At KBIS, LG Appliance Portfolio Aims to Upgrade Consumer Experience

LG's mass-premium-market appliances shown there addressed most family needs
The Signature Kitchen Suite PowerSteam dishwasher blends seamlessly into kitchen decor.

Signature Kitchen Suite: Luxury Tech for the Home Chef

LG's Signature Kitchen Suite line delivers "performance, design and precision" to the kitchen appliance market.
Sharp smart convection built-in microwave drawer oven Featured Image CROPPED SMALLER

Sharp at KBIS Intros Smart Convection Microwave Drawer Oven

Sharp says this first-in-its-class Microwave Drawer Oven combines sensor microwave cooking with dual convection fans.
BSH Home Appliances

BSH Home Appliances Picks Up Top Employer Award for Sixth Year...

The Top Employers Institute reviewed the inner workings of BSH Home Appliances using their HR Best Practices Survey. This comprehensive survey covers six HR domains consisting of 20 topics including People, Strategy, Work Environment, Talent Acquisition, Learning, Well-being, Diversity and Inclusion and more.

GE Appliances COO, Melanie Cook, Announces Retirement

GE said in a press release, "Cook has put the building blocks, talent and systems in place at GE Appliances that serve as the foundation for the company’s continued growth."
Petra Worlds Greatest Pot

Petra Adds World’s Greatest Pot to Cookware Lineup

Distributor Petra Industries announced that it is adding World’s Greatest Pot to its expanding portfolio of cookware offerings.
The Kohler Escape Bathroom provides a spa experience at home with lighting, fog and aromatherapy options.

Kohler Intros Smart Tech for Wellness & Water Safety

A look at Kohler's latest innovations, shown at CES 2021.

LG at CES 2021: OLED evo TV Among Intros

LG focused its 2021 tech innovations in the contexts of safety, convenience and an improved entertainment experience.
CES21_Samsung Smart Trainer FEATURED IMAGE

Samsung’s CES 2021 Highlights Aim at ‘A Better Normal’ for Consumers

Flexibility, personalization and connectivity – many of these anchored in Artificial Intelligence – characterized Samsung's CES intros.
Elizabeth Medical Massage Chair

Massage Chair Offers Multiple Medical Solutions

A health and wellness solutions company based in Seoul, South Korea, found a way to help reduce the persistent physical and mental exhaustion we face through its new Elizabeth Medical Massage Chair, slated for global release in March.
ColdSnap for Business

ColdSnap is New Ice Cream Small Appliance For Business & Retail

Sigma Phase Corp. has announced ColdSnap for Business, a rapid freezing appliance with personalized single servings of premium ice cream, frozen yogurt, frozen cocktails, smoothies, and frozen coffee in about 90 seconds.
New GE Dishwasher Line

GE Unveils New $80M Dishwasher Manufacturing Line

GE Appliances (GEA), a Haier company, has announced the startup of its latest investment – a new $80 million dishwasher manufacturing line at its supersite in Louisville, Ky. with a completely redesigned extra-large capacity dishwasher platform.
Sharp Alexa Countertop Microwave Oven lifestyle image SMC1139FS_021

Sharp Brings Alexa Smarts to its Microwave Ovens

Sharp announced that it would soon begin shipping two new Wi-Fi-enabled models featuring Works with Alexa voice command compatibility.
Thermador cooling products

Thermador Introduces Next Gen Cooling Products

Thermador delivers reimagined preservation possibilities by introducing the new Freedom Refrigeration Collection, featuring a bold stainless steel interior.
LG Cord Zero Hero-Image

LG Adds To CordZero Vacuum Lineup

LG has announced expansions to its vacuum portfolio with new robotic and power mop models, the company reports.
Petra Ginsu Products

Petra to Distribute Ginsu Products

Petra Industries, the consumer technology and wholesale electronics distributor, has partnered with Brand Partners Group, an all-channels centric consumer products business group, to distribute Ginsu kitchen prep tools and accessories.
GE Coffee Maker

CAFÉ Brings Customization, Sophistication to Specialty Drip Coffee Maker

CAFÉ appliances, part of GE’s small appliance rollout, is kicking off a new smaller line of cooking products beginning with the launch of the CAFÉ Specialty Drip Coffee Maker. In keeping with the CAFÉ brand, the CAFÉ Specialty Drip Coffee Maker allows consumers to showcase their style and tastes with unique color options.

Element Electronics to Launch Connected Home Line for Nationwide Dealers

Building on the success of Element’s appliance program for the independent retail channel, the consumer electronics brand will offer smart lighting, smart power, security and other connected home solutions to Nationwide members.
LG - LowesEnergy Efficiency 020 B

LG, Lowe’s Team in Energy-Efficiency Upgrade Program

LG has joined forces with Lowe’s to help deserving families within the Charlotte, N.C. community with energy-efficiency upgrades to their homes.

Dos Marcos Keynote at Nationwide PrimeTime Focuses on Selling Experience Over...

Dos Marcos' unique and lively approach was on display during their virtual keynote that focused on experiential retailing and delivering a transformational experience for customers that goes beyond simply selling them a product.

Dealerscope Insider Talk Welcomes Gadget Guy Steve Greenberg

Steve Greenberg has been referred to as an invention groupie and once you chat with him for a while you clearly see why.
Howard's Dealerscope Insider Talk

Howard’s Examines ‘Meeting Your Customers Where They Are’ on Dealerscope Insider...

Howard's launched back in 1946, when Howard Roach began repairing radios in the back of a sporting goods store in San Gabriel, Calif. The retailer is now getting ready to celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2021.
ColdSnap Ice Cream Machine

Sigma Phase Intros Fast, Easy Ice Cream Maker

Sigma Phase Corp. has introduced the ColdSnap rapid freezing appliance that produces personalized single servings of premium ice cream, frozen yogurt, frozen cocktails, smoothies, and frozen coffee in 60-120 seconds.
Verona designer ranges

Verona Introduces Designer Dual Fuel & Induction Ranges

Verona has brought out its new Designer series Dual Fuel and Induction 36-inch ranges, giving consumers the option of customizing this Italian-made range in up to six trending colors, three knob designs and four fuel options through use of a customization tool available on the Verona website.
SMEG Portofino refrigerator

SMEG Unwraps Portofino Refrigerator

The Italian luxury appliance manufacturer SMEG has brought out its first new refrigerator design since it introduced the Retro Collection in the U.S.: the Portofino freestanding model.

GE Appliances Announces New Small Appliances Category

GE Appliances (GEA), a Haier company, has announced a new business launch into small appliances that will expand its product offerings beyond major household goods.

Howard’s Opens New Flagship Marina Pacifica Location

In addition to serving as the appliance hub for south L.A. and Orange County, the Howard’s Marina Pacifica store functions as a luxury brand showroom featuring demonstrations of technology and connectivity, in-store kiosks, and live product vignettes.
Black and Decker Vacuum

Petra Adds Black+Decker Vacuums to Lines

Consumer technology wholesale electronics distributor Petra has continued its expansion into housewares with the addition of Black+Decker's line of vacuum cleaners. Black+Decker has been a...

BSH Home Appliances Corp. N.A. Names Kaeser SVP; Iacoviello to Retire

BSH Home Appliances Corp. has announced that, effective Sept. 1, Christopher Kaeser becomes senior vice president of sales, BSH Home Appliances, Region North America.

GE Appliances Invests $62 Million in Kentucky Plant Production, Job Creation

GE Appliances (GEA), a Haier company, announced a $62 million investment to expand production at its 750-acre manufacturing complex in Louisville, Ky., along with...