Home Appliances Nationwide Announces Partnership With Installation Nation

Nationwide Announces Partnership With Installation Nation

Nationwide Marketing Group partners with Installation Nation

With low-interest rates in the housing market, people are taking the opportunity to buy and then move into their dream homes. This dynamic has fueled a major increase in demand for home appliances and consumer electronics. As a result, retailers are struggling to keep up with demand to deliver and install products. To remedy this challenge, Nationwide Marketing Group, at its 50th-anniversary PrimeTime event in Nashville last month, announced a new partnership with Installation Nation to bring its members premier access to delivery and installation services.  

“Any independent retailer will tell you, delivery and installation services have the potential to eat up a ton of time and money, especially when consumer demand is so high and the labor market is as tight as it is,” said Derek Mattila,Vice President of Business Development for Nationwide, in yesterday’s press release. “Our partnership with Installation Nation will provide a critical supplemental service to our members when they are running tight, allowing them to keep delivery and installations going without missing a beat.”

Installation Nation boasts a network of more than 1,100 licensed and certified technicians, who will provide Nationwide members with specialized delivery and installation services for their home appliances and consumer electronics sales. Installation Nation has a reach covering 80 percent of the US population, and has performed more than 3.5 million product installations throughout the course of their time in business. 

The partnership works on a case-by-case basis via a web-based portal that allows members to pick and choose the specific services that the customer requires from Installation Nation. There are no minimum submission requirements in order for members to use the service, and retailers can schedule installation and delivery for the customer. With competitively priced options, Nationwide’s partnership with Installation Nation is the missing link for retailers looking to streamline delivery and installation and grow a satisfied consumer base. 

For more information, members interested in the program can contact Derek Mattila at derek.mattila@nationwidegroup.org. Nationwide Marketing Group works with more than 5,000 independent appliance, furniture, bedding, electronics, specialty electronics, custom installation, and rent-to-own dealers across the United States to give independent retailers the market power to compete with large chains.