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TCL and LG Join the Roster with Sports Partnerships

TCL and LG Join the Roster with Sports Partnerships

In an unprecedented fusion of inventive technology and the world of sports, industry titans TCL and LG have forged groundbreaking partnerships with major sports organizations such as the NFL and NCAA. Shattering traditional boundaries, these collaborations transcend mere sponsorships, ushering in a new era where the seamless integration of consumer electronics and athletic prowess electrifies the global sports landscape.  

As TCL and LG redefine the playbook for corporate partnerships, their alliance with iconic sports brands promises to reshape the very essence of the fan experience, pushing the boundaries of innovation and excitement to unparalleled heights. 

Image of the TCL QLED TV with the logos for TCL and the NFL displayed to demonstrate the partnership between the consumer electronics brand and the sports organization.
Unleashing the ultimate game day experience as TCL joins forces with the NFL. Image courtesy of TCL.

TCL’s Global Sporting Odyssey 

TCL, the world’s second-largest TV brand, has embarked on an ambitious journey to elevate the sports-viewing experience. The company’s commitment is manifested through its diverse and strategic partnerships across continents, embracing football, basketball, cricket, and rugby. 

TCL’s dedication to uniting the global sports community is exemplified through its Premium Partnership with the CONMEBOL Libertadores, highlighting a commitment that spans referee shirts to LED billboards. As Europe becomes the epicenter of football excitement, TCL’s strategic alliances with the Spanish and Italian National Teams until 2026 reinforce its devotion to European markets, creating a platform for an exhilarating Summer of football tournaments. 

Expanding its influence worldwide, TCL extends its reach to Australia with an official partnership with the Australian Football League (AFL). Simultaneously, in cricket-loving India, TCL proudly stands as the official partner of the Sunrisers Hyderabad Cricket Team, promising millions an immersive viewing experience in the upcoming cricket season. 

Venturing beyond traditional fields, TCL gears up for the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023, aiming to deliver the excitement of the world’s largest basketball tournament to fans in the Philippines, Japan, and Indonesia. This underscores TCL’s unwavering commitment to diverse sporting landscapes across the globe. 

In a move that transcends sporting boundaries, TCL France has established a lasting partnership with the French Rugby Federation (FFR), spanning three years. This collaboration guarantees exceptional entertainment experiences for rugby enthusiasts, with TCL securing exclusive rights in the television, soundbar, and home appliance sectors until 2025, solidifying its presence on and off the field. 

The LG OLED evo TV with the NCAA March Madness logo displayed to show the partnership between the consumer electronics brand and the sports organization.
Where innovation meets athleticism: LG’s partnership with NCAA redefines the game, delivering an unparalleled sports viewing experience. Image courtesy of LG.

LG Dives into Collegiate Sports 

At the forefront of consumer electronics, LG has pushed its brand into collegiate sports in the hopes of becoming an integral part of the vibrant tapestry of fan experiences across the nation. 

As the pulse of campus life quickens and rivalries escalate, LG’s OLED TVs stand as the epitome of game-day perfection. With impeccable picture quality and stadium-like sound, these TVs transport fans into the heart of the action, forging an unparalleled connection even across vast distances. 

LG doesn’t just stop at bringing fans closer to the games; it takes them behind the scenes with the Rivalries playlist. This exclusive journey into the playbooks of legendary collegiate sports moments becomes an intimate exploration of the history and strategy that define these thrilling matchups. The NCAA Championships Channel 100 on LG OLED TVs opens the gateway to relive the nail-biting moments and cheer for beloved teams on-demand. 

Injecting an extra dose of excitement into game days, LG introduces the “LG Let’s Go!” game show. Fans engage in a spirited competition, vying for exclusive tech treasures, including the coveted StanbyME Go. Hosted at LG experiences on select campuses, the game show becomes a focal point, heightening the already charged atmosphere. 

The celebration of college football passion reaches its zenith with the Campus Clash competition. After a spirited video contest showcasing the best student sections, fans take the reins to vote for the ultimate fan-favorite. Grand prize winners receive an LG Creator’s Kit and an extraordinary drone video shoot courtesy of JayByrd Films, immortalizing their fervor for the game. 

LG’s commitment to ensuring fans catch every thrilling moment extends to the Championships Channel 100. From basketball to lacrosse, the channel becomes the epicenter of NCAA championship excitement, offering live and Video On Demand content. Exclusive original programming adds an extra layer of immersion, making LG the conduit for sports enthusiasts to live, breathe, and celebrate the fervor of collegiate sports. 

A man points a remote at the TV while watching a sports game with his feet up.
Immersed in the action: A testament to the game-changing synergy between sports organizations and consumer electronics, crafting the ultimate viewing experience for fans worldwide.

The Power of Technology and Sports Unite 

Both TCL and LG recognize the unifying power of technology and sports, leveraging their global presence to inspire greatness and connect with fans around the world. As they continue to redefine the viewing experience, the synergy between consumer electronics and sports has never been more potent. Whether on the football field, basketball court, or rugby pitch, these partnerships underscore the shared passion that transcends borders and unites people through the magic of live sports.