Home Business News CE Today 9/29/23: News from LG, TCL, and Dreo

CE Today 9/29/23: News from LG, TCL, and Dreo

CE Today 9/29/23: News from LG, TCL, and Dreo

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LG Business Solutions Appoints Michael Kosla to Senior Vice President of Sales

Michael Kosla, the new Senior Vice President of Sales at LG Business Solutions.

There is a new executive in town at LG Business Solutions, and his name is Michael Kosla, now the Senior Vice President of Sales. Previously the longtime Vice President of Hospitality Sales, for which he held a 12-year tenure, Kosla was promoted to his new role as a way to drive customer engagement, accelerate growth, and maximize synergies across the business.

Kosla is a seasoned leader with three decades of sales experience at LG Business Solutions, LG Electronics USA, and Zenith Electronics. In his previous role, Kosla led the team responsible for LG Business Solutions’ dominant market share in the hotel and hospital TVs markets. He was also instrumental in further developing the cruise ship, hospitality and fitness business segments.

His responsibilities as Senior Vice President of Sales will begin effective immediately and will include handling all of LG Business Solutions’ product and solution sales across vertical markets that the business serves in the United States. Kosla’s role also encompasses digital signage and IT solutions for a broad range of customer areas, including education, corporate, broadcast, stadiums, transportation, and more – in addition to emerging business areas such as robots and electric vehicle charging stations. 

TCL Is the Official Partner of the German Men’s National Football Team

Image courtesy of PRNewswire.

Consumer electronics brand and provider of smart home technology solutions TCL announced its official partnership with the German Men’s National Football Team at the DFB Campus, the headquarters of the German Football Association. The partnership will last for four years. It serves as a decisive way for TCL to promote its new TCL QD-Mini LED lineup and XL TV sizes, which boast bringing the stadium experience home.

“We welcome TCL as a new partner of our men’s national team. With TCL, we have another global player in our partner portfolio that will also support us with their technology expertise and innovations in connecting more closely with football fans worldwide,” said Dr. Holger Blask, Managing Director of Marketing & Sales and spokesperson for DFB GmbH & Co. KG, in a press release. “We are pleased to be able to contribute to increasing TCL’s brand awareness in Germany and beyond.”

TCL has been expanding its sports partnerships globally as a way of providing retail partners and consumers with a high-end sports and entertainment experience across its product lineup. At the beginning of 2023, TCL was announced as the official partner of the NFL in North America. This partnership with the German Men’s National Football Team is the brand’s way of becoming more involved in a range of European competitive sports leagues.

“We are absolutely thrilled to join the national team family to support. We are living in the mobile era, and we do almost everything on the go. However, when we sit in front of the TV together with friends and family to watch our national team, we want to see it on a big screen TV. TCL invites you to the world of immersive viewing experiences like you feel that you are in the stadium together with the national team. Enjoy the best immersive moment with TCL’s new super big-inch TV series with the industry-leading 144Hz ultra-fast panel refresh rate panels to capture every speedy moment of the national team’s game. All the goal moments can be better reproduced with a bigger TV screen,” said Carlos Li, General Manager of TCL Industries Europe Business Group in a press release.

Dreo Launches Smart Humidifier Series

The Dreo Humidifier Series. Image courtesy of PRNewswire.

Smart home appliance brand Dreo launched a line of smart humidifiers that promote a healthy living environment. The Dreo Humidifier Series contains three humidifiers powered by proprietary Mistwave technology, with features like a smart control and monitoring system, accurate humidity detection, and a range of enhanced safety features.

Mistwave generates 2.4MHz of ultrasonic waves for high-frequency water atomization, enabling the humidifier to emit a fine mist that avoids the formation of wet patches, thereby reducing the risk of mold growth in the home. The humidity chip in Dreo’s humidifiers offers precise and reliable humidity detection. The smart humidifiers deliver real-time, 24-hour, and 30-day humidity reports for users. Users can also set up to ten different humidifying schedules, which remain functional with or without an internet connection. Dreo’s humidifiers feature NTC+fuse double protection, water shortage protection, boil dry protection and overheat protection to ensure the humidifiers are safe and reliable for everyday use.

Each model in the series comes with features that will enhance every living environment. The HM713S has cool and warm mist functions with a PTC heater as the heating element. The HM512S features a demineralization cartridge that effectively absorbs calcium and magnesium ion minerals in water. The H-Type Ion Exchange Technique inhibits the generation of scale and reduces the generation of white powder, promoting a clean and healthy humidification. Finally, the HM311S has a wide mist design that makes humidification more efficient for all spaces.

For more information, visit Dreo’s website.