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ErgoAV to Display Award-Winning, Ergonomic Workplace and Home Solutions at CES 2024

The global pandemic brought a seismic shift in the way people around the world work and the tools and technology we use daily. The once normal routine of going to the office is becoming less and less as more individuals resume their work at home or in a hybrid office.

Reports indicate by 2025, 22% of the U.S. workforce will work remotely and 60% of companies will operate in a hybrid model. With the evolution of workspaces, remote work, consumer behavior, and purchasing patterns, ErgoAV fills the gap in keeping individuals connected to their most loved technology with not only ergonomic designs, but advanced technological solutions that are designed to suit the new normal.

Photo courtesy of ErgoAV.

Consumers are seeking office furniture that makes their lives easier and features advanced technology integrations, while providing functionality. ErgoAV’s commitment to combining cutting-edge technology with features that promote productivity and overall healthier lifestyles is how ErgoFx Standing Desk is redefining how people work.

ErgoAV’s Ergonomic Product Line-up

With best-in-class lift columns, the ErgoFx Standing Desk adjusts seamlessly to accommodate people from under five feet to over six feet tall. The unique-to-market three-column design allows for increased adjustment range, ensuring maximum comfort. The Integrated Wireless Phone Charger, compatible with iPhones and Androids, automatically lifts and swivels users’ phones for easy conference calls and facial recognition. The LED-lit Front Fast Charging Panel consisting of 100W max of power, 2 USB-C ports, and 1 USB-A port provides easy access, quick charging, and the Concealed Power Supply Compartment offers an integrated 120-volt AC 5 outlet power strip.

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Combining the ErgoFx Standing Desk with ErgoAV’s Monitor Desk Mount with Docking Station, available in single or dual-arm, provides connectivity and increased productivity like never before. With organization at the forefront, this mount combines a mounting system and docking station into one simple solution, while also maintaining organization with built-in cable management so work is never interrupted. With a universal design and versatility for an at-home office or hybrid workplace, the mount is compatible with monitors up to 34” and 22 lbs to create a custom setup that works for all users. Connecting all your most-loved devices is simple with a single cable, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free connection. With charging via the various USB ports, anything from laptops to smartwatches can be charged directly on the docking station. Transferring files between devices via the USB ports as well, while the AUX output makes it possible to focus on audio from meetings and presentations or listen to music while working. The built-in HDMI port also allows for quick and easy streaming to the monitor in stunning 4k at 30 or 60hz.

Photo courtesy of ErgoAV.

Ergonomic Entertainment Solutions

ErgoAV’s solutions go beyond the workplace, but also the home. Upgrade your entertainment space with ErgoAV’s Motion Mounts with advanced IsoTILT™ technology allow for increased versatility. With toolless tilting, these mounts ensure TV angles remain stable, regardless of the TV’s size or weight. The Motion Mounts are compatible for TVs from 39”-98”+, emphasizing versatility for every entertainment space, easy installation, mobility, and performance, with a sleek design that features a magnetic wall plate covers, in-arm cable management, for a clutter-free appearance.

Visit ErgoAV at CES 2024 in the Venetian Expo, Booth #51952.