Home Appliances LG Electronics Introduces New 97-Inch Wireless OLED TV

LG Electronics Introduces New 97-Inch Wireless OLED TV

LG Electronics Introduces New 97-Inch Wireless OLED TV
Image: LG

Living room decorating almost always centers around the nearest outlet; no matter how advanced TVs become, the box and accessories still need to be plugged in somewhere. Not anymore. LG Electronics announced the release of the 97-inch OLED TV with Zero Connect Technology, the world’s first OLED TV with 4K 120hz wireless connectivity. In a press release on August 8, 2023, LG announced that the massive television would retail later this month for $29,999, with the 83-inch and 77-inch TVs retailing at $7,999 and $4,999, respectively.

LG’s addition of the Zero Connect Box is a game changer. The box wirelessly transmits audio/video to the OLED screen. The box also supports HDMI, USB, Lan, RF, and Bluetooth and can transmit data three times faster than Wi-Fi. To accompany the OLED TV, LG announced its One Wall Design mount to blend seamlessly into the wall, so no distracting cords or boxes can hang from the mount.

According to LG, the intent of the Zero Connect Box is to ensure the view of the TV is uninhibited by cords and other distractions. Since the TV can be placed within thirty feet of the Zero Connect Box, users also have more possibilities when setting up the TV in their homes. The TV is not completely cordless, however. It does need to be plugged into a wall, but all other cords can be hidden away and out of sight.

“The technical feat of the 97M3 was made with LG’s decade-long commitment to creating new customer value as a market pioneer,” said Baik Seon-pill, Leader of the LG Home Entertainment Company’s Product Development Division.

LG is the only manufacturer on the market with a wireless OLED TV, but are more on the way? We’ll have to keep an eye out for more.