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Dos Marcos Keynote at Nationwide PrimeTime Focuses on Selling Experience Over Product

The very entertaining team of Mark Quinn and Mark Kinsley presented a keynote titled Driving Store Traffic & Creating Transformational Experiences.

Among the many wonderful experiences at Nationwide PrimeTime are the always insightful keynotes and the one delivered by Dos Marcos, the very entertaining team of Mark Quinn and Mark Kinsley titled Driving Store Traffic & Creating Transformational Experiences, was engaging, memorable and dare I say it, experiential.

The Dos Marcos Mattress Podcast is a fun and lively show dedicated to serving people, championing the mattress industry, and connecting the bedding business to the benefits of better sleep. Quinn is the Co-Founder of Spink & Co. and Kinsley is the CEO of Englander Mattresses, and their presentation was an experience in and of itself.

Their unique and lively approach was on display during their virtual keynote that focused on experiential retailing and delivering a transformational experience for customers that goes beyond simply selling them a product.

“When I ask mattress retailers what they sell, they typically say I sell mattresses or furniture,” Quinn began. “And I always say no, that’s not the business you’re in. The business you’re in is sleep and life improvement.”

That statement set the tone as the two gentlemen explained that appliance retailers should always be selling the fact there is so much more to the product, than simply the product itself. It’s about how it fits into and enhances their lives.

“When a person walks into your store, they are almost always going through some sort of transition,” Quinn said. “We believe you can win during these transitions. These transitions give you the opportunity to transact or transform.”

And there is an important distinction between these two opportunities, as Kinsley explained. “Transacting means you take their money and give them a product in return. Transforming means you begin a true relationship that enhances that person’s life in a meaningful way.”

They explained that consumers are entering a transformation economy that’s all about the “experience” behind buying a product. In fact, they claim this experience is everything.

Quinn spoke of how along with selling mattresses he also sells the notion of how important it is to get a good nights sleep. Along with that mattress sale, Quinn has sleep specialists that explain to customers how to enjoy a better, deeper sleep every night. This goes far beyond simply selling a mattress and the sale has now become a fun, helpful and memorable experience.

Again, it’s that experience that stands in front of the sale that differentiates one location from the rest.

Kinsley offered up a unique twist that Chick-fil-A has added over the years that helps lift the fast food experience to a new and unique level. The owner of a Chick-fil-A in Kansas started a Daddy-Daughter Night tradition nine years ago and now hundreds of locations host their own events, each with their very own touches to make it special for everyone.

Each year, Chick-fil-A restaurants across the country plan a special night for little girls and the first man in their life. The restaurant makes every little girl feel like a princess and decorates the restaurant into a magical scene complete with menus, tablecloths, flowers, balloons and sometimes the guests of honor show up in limos.

This is “experience retail” at its best, and even though appliance retailers aren’t in the chicken sandwich business, the notion and effectiveness of this idea is obvious – Chick-fil-A is building relationships, making memories and leaving a lasting impression on their customers.

Regarding the thought process behinds true experiential retailing, Kinsley said, “It’s a shift in thinking that requires real chops, true wisdom and a culture of serving and guiding. That culture of transformation starts within your four walls.”