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Know Your Coffee Machine Inside and Out, Featuring Bruvi

Choosing A Coffee Machine Means Knowing It Inside and Out

Everyone has their ideal coffee drink, and most are pretty particular about the method in which it is made, whether it be a classic drip coffee maker, an espresso machine, or a cold brew pitcher. The downside is that coffee machines are typically engineered to make one type of coffee. A coffee lover who enjoys various drink iterations might have to reconcile with one machine over another, lest they spend an exorbitant amount of money on multiple machines and ordering out.

The BV-01 Brewer by Bruvi. Image courtesy of Bruvi.

That is where Bruvi comes in, a company that combines multiple drink preparation methods into one machine: the BV-01 Brewer. The coffee appliance by Bruvi tackles common snags that come with owning a coffee machine by enhancing the coffee-drinking experience, no matter which variation you are preparing.

Good Coffee is Next to Cleanliness

In environments requiring moisture and warmth, coffee machines can become breeding grounds for various kinds of bacteria, yeast, and mold if not cleaned properly and regularly. In 2015, Nature conducted a research study on ten coffee machines between two brands to examine the genera of bacteria that colonize the machines. The results found up to 67 types of bacteria between the two coffee machines. Bacteria like Pseudomonas and Enterococcus were found throughout the machines, most notably in the waste trays and capsule containers. Pseudomonas species cause a range of infections in humans, including pneumonia, endocarditis, and infections of the musculoskeletal system, among others. Enterococcus species can cause urinary tract infections (UTIs) and digestive issues.

Cleaning methods vary per coffee machine. A drip coffee maker with a glass pot might require less intensive cleaning than an espresso machine. Bruvi recommends that the BV-01 Brewer be cleaned weekly, specifically the drip tray and cover, pod waste bin, water tank, and cover, with a soft cloth and mild dish soap. The BV-01 also incorporates hygienic measures in its design to ensure every coffee is made clean and simple. Bruvi’s proprietary Hygienic Brew feature prevents coffee from touching the inside of the brewer to ensure there is no cross-contamination, protecting users’ health while maintaining the flavor authenticity of the inserted coffee pod.

Many Varieties, Limited Preparation Options

Coffee is beloved for its various flavors, iterations, and taste complexity. Specialty brews with beans roasted to a specific degree to evoke a particular flavor have a hand in this. Still, coffee is only as good as the machine it is prepared in because different drinks require different preparation methods. As a result, there is an abundance of machines on the market that are designed to prepare a specific kind of coffee drink. This leaves many coffee enthusiasts choosing which coffee drink they desire to make the most, which can be a fraught decision.

The BV-01 from Bruvi is a coffee shop within a machine that can brew seven different beverages, from drip coffee to espresso, Americanos, and even matcha lattes. Users select the drink they want to prepare on the touchscreen, and Bruvi does the barista work for them. The machine ensures that each coffee drink is prepared properly. It has an adjustable drip tray for pulling espresso and filling tall travel mugs. The BV-01 also features Auto Precision Brewing that scans each Bruvi coffee pod and automatically adjusts up to seven parameters, including brew time, temperature, and water pressure, to craft the perfect drink. The machine is the first single-serve brewing system to brew cold brew from a pod. 

Video courtesy of Bruvi.

In addition to making a variety of coffee drinks, Bruvi also has a range of B-Pods that feature sustainably sourced blends by specialty roasters. B-Pods are eco-friendly as well. Designed for landfill disposal because they “substantially break down much more rapidly than untreated plastics,” B-Pods can be thrown in the trash without emptying leftover grounds or separating the pod into parts meant for recycling.

Smart Simplicity

Nothing warms the heart and wakes the mind up like a ready-made fresh pot of coffee in the morning. Programmable coffee machines that can automatically brew coffee have been a staple of kitchens for decades because of their convenience. 

Bruvi builds on this tradition by incorporating smart technology into the BV-01, which is programmable and controllable via the free Bruvi app, available on the App Store and Google Play. With the Bruvi app, users can control the brewer remotely from their phone and schedule brews ahead of time. It also features a personalized dashboard that informs users of their coffee consumption and when to clean their brewer. 

A consumer does not need to be an expert when it comes to choosing the right coffee machine or brewing the perfect cup of coffee, but knowing the upkeep required for coffee machines certainly helps with the decision-making process. A coffee machine that is aware of the common pitfalls when it comes to coffee machine maintenance and tackles them head-on for consumers is the right and, ultimately, a delicious choice.

The Bruvi BV-01 Brewer is on sale for $338.00.