Home Appliances Samsung Home Appliances Unveils New 2022 Bespoke Lineup

Samsung Home Appliances Unveils New 2022 Bespoke Lineup

Samsung Home Appliances Bespoke kitchen suite

Samsung Home Appliances has announced its CES 2022 Bespoke home appliances lineup, which is themed  “The age of coming together.” Due to the success of the 4-door Flex in 2021, Samsung has decided to add the Bespoke French Door Refrigerator to its kitchen lineup. The fridge comes with the option of having a 3 or 4 door configuration and includes features from other fridge models like the Beverage Center, Auto Fill Water Pitcher, and Dual Ice Maker. The updated 4-door configuration has an increased storage size of 29 cubic feet and the 3-door configuration now has 30 cubic feet of food storage.  Consumers can customize their refrigerator with up to 12 colors and the choice between glass or metallic finishes. The glass finish comes in the colors Sunrise Yellow, Clementine, Morning Blue, Pink, Charcoal, Grey, and White Glass, while the metallic finish can come in Emerald Green, Navy, Matte Black, Tuscan, and Stainless Steel colors. This is not the only appliance with newly added color customizations: Samsung’s Bespoke Kitchen Package, which previously only came in Navy Steel, will have White Glass added to its color options in 2022. Now consumers can have a choice to see which color best fits their kitchen’s layout. 

Samsung Home Appliances Bespoke fridge

Another new addition to Samsung smart home appliances is the Bespoke Family Hub, which grants users the ability to mirror their TVs, stream music, order groceries, and more from their fridge. Samsung has embedded the Smart Things Hub software into the Family Hub so that users don’t need a separate hub for connected devices. The Family Hub has a 21.5-inch HD touchscreen with a bezel-less screen that helps the hub blend into the glass panel.  

Samsung is also adding a washer and dryer pair to its Bespoke smart home appliances line up as well. The Bespoke washer and dryer will have a round tempered-glass door and will be equipped with SmartThings to recommend the best clothing care cycles based on the users’ preferences and the clothing material. If the washer and dryer are stacked, the dryer can be controlled from the washer  The washer can automatically detect clothing soil levels so it can determine the amount of detergent needed. Users don’t have to measure out the amount of detergent for clothes because the washer holds enough detergent and softener for 20 loads of laundry. 

The last addition to the Bespoke smart appliances lineup is the Bespoke Jet. The Jet is a cordless stick vacuum cleaner with an all-in-one charging station that charges and empties the dust bin. The vacuum has 210 air watts of suction and can run for two hours when fully charged. The filter is washable so consumers don’t have to constantly buy new filters to replace the old ones, which is a good feature that reduces waste. The Bespoke Jet comes in Midnight Blue, Woody Green, and Misty White and with its sleek design, the vacuum can hide in plain sight without disrupting the layout of your home. 

Samsung Home Appliances Bespoke vacuum

Samsung has given consumers more options to choose from when choosing smart home appliances. It follows this theme by creating more customized experiences and products for consumers. Customization and personalization is an important factor to consider in consumer electronics and hopefully, Samsung will continue to provide more options with the appliances they release in the future.