Home Appliances Samsung Expands Its Bespoke Appliance Line With Discounts

Samsung Expands Its Bespoke Appliance Line With Discounts

Samsung Bespoke Air Dresser blending in with home decor in a living room

Samsung recently added new models to its Bespoke line of customizable appliances: the Bespoke Air Dresser and the Bespoke Kitchen Suite. These new appliances, along with the Smart Dial Washer and Dryer, Jet Robot Vacuum,  and Jet Bot Vacuum, are currently or will be going on sale this month, some with temporary discounts.

Bespoke Air Dresser inside a closet.
Bespoke Air Dresser in a closet

The Bespoke Air Dresser steam sanitizes clothes, with up to 24 cycles for different types of fabric such as  wool or linen, which helps extend the life of clothing. The process also deodorizes up to 99% of any odors that stick to your clothes. The Bespoke line is all about color options. For the Air Dresser, consumers can choose Crystal Mirror, Glam White, Glam Pink, Satin Beige, Cotta White, or Cotta Charcoal. With no water line required, set-up is simple and easy; just plug it in and it’s ready to go.

The Bespoke Kitchen suite with all smart  appliances.
Samsung Bespoke Kitchen Suite

The Samsung Bespoke Kitchen Suite features the Wi-Fi-enabled electric range oven, which comes with an air fry option and convection+ technology, which uses a heated fan to cook food faster and more evenly evenly. This oven is already on sale and comes in the Tuscan or Navy Blue colors.

The Bespoke 4 door flex refrigerator in the colors white and rose pink glass.
4 door flex refrigerator

The suite also features a 4 door flex refrigerator that comes in White Glass, Blue Glass, Grey Glass, Navy Glass, Rose Pink Glass, Champagne Rose Stee, Navy Steel or Matte Black Steel finishes. Also cool: The lower right space can configured as either a fridge or freezer through via the unit’s settings. This is great for people who run out of refrigerated or frozen storage space. This refrigerator will go on sale by October 31st.

Samsung Smart Dial Washer and Dryer stacked in top of each other.
Samsung Smart Dial Washer and Dryer

The Samsung Smart Dial Washer and Dryer is already available. When the two units are stacked together, the dryer can be controlled through the washer so users don’t have any struggle to reach different buttons. Even if they aren’t stacked, these connected appliances can be controlled remotely through the Smart Things mobile app.

A product shot of the Jet Stick Cordless Vacuum.
Jet Stick Cordless Vacuum

Lastly, select Jet Stick Vacuum models and bundles are up to 30 percent off and some Jet Bot Vacuum models are up to $100 off this month. The Jet Stick is a battery-operated cordless vacuum that comes with a dust pin for easy clean-up, while the Jet Bot has object recognition technology that identifies obstacles in the house and steers the vacuum around them.

The Jet Bot Vacuum cleaning wood floors.
Jet Bot Vacuum

This sale of Samsung appliances is a great opportunity for consumers who have been wanting to update their home appliances in a premium and design-focused way, but don’t have the budget.