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Acoustic Designs Group Opens Tech and Wellness Showroom

The new Acoustic Designs Group's Tech and Wellness Showroom in Scottdale, Arizona

In late October, Acoustic Designs Group held a grand opening of its Technology and Wellness showroom. The event consisted of the unveiling of the recent wellness technology upgrades to the group’s model-home style luxury technology showroom. 

The showroom is 2,500 square feet and uses Delos-connected appliances and solutions incorporated throughout the building. It also has a smart kitchen with an active Green Wall that uses AI technology to monitor, track, and purify indoor air through bio-filtration. Created by Delos, the HEPA filtration system effectively targets toxins and pollutants. The HEPA/ MERV16 unit is Sensitive Choice-approved because it can reduce 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.3 microns; it also helps mitigate airborne threats that can affect the breathing of people living with asthma and allergies.  

Another feature is the three-stage whole home water filtration system that purifies drinking water by removing iron rust, particles, chlorine, and heavy metals. This system reduces the need for bottled water and the impact plastic waste has on the environment; filtered water is also more cost-effective. Even the lighting was designed to promote consumer wellness. The Energizing Mirror provides both a bright white light that helps wake the mind in the morning and a relaxed softer light setting that encourages sleep. This is a helpful feature for people who have trouble waking up or going to bed early enough to get the recommended eight hours of rest. 

The showroom features DARWIN Premier, which is an automated home wellness intelligence network designed to monitor, calibrate, and respond to the changing environmental conditions inside your home. This device lets you view and control the parameters of your home via a wellness dashboard in your home, or from any smartphone.  

Chris Matthews, partner at Acoustic Designs Group, praised the showroom, saying: “Our showroom is a state-of-the-art technology and design space where our luxury residential clients can see and interact with the products we are recommending.”  

Now open, the Scottsdale showroom is located at 16074 N. 78th St., Suite B-104, in Scottsdale, Arizona.