Home Appliances LG Dishwashers Get Energy Star ‘Most Efficient 2023’ Title  

LG Dishwashers Get Energy Star ‘Most Efficient 2023’ Title  

LG Dishwashers Get Energy Star 'Most Efficient 2023' Title  

LG Electronics has earned the coveted Energy Star “Most Efficient 2023” title for its new line of dishwashers. The designation is handed out by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and recognizes “products that deliver cutting-edge energy efficiency along with the latest in technological innovation.” LG’s LDTH7972S model was showcased at the 2023 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show. The dishwasher turned heads at the trade show thanks to its smart top-control unit with one-hour wash-and-dry capability. The technology makes it one of the most effective, time-efficient, and elegant dishwashers on the market. 

According to the EPA, products must meet stringent recognition criteria outlined by the agency in order to be eligible for the Energy Star designation. LG had nine models meet the criteria this year, making the company one of the top three listers of Energy Star Most Efficient dishwasher models. The electronics company has committed to reducing its carbon emissions by 20 percent by 2030, while also expanding its use of recycled plastics in its products. The move to more sustainable products is a larger trend in the consumer electronics industry, with many major companies pledging to work towards a greener future. 

In other news, wireless audio company EarFun has launched the world’s first pair of earbuds that combine Bluetooth LE audio technology with the latest Qualcomm chip. The Air Pro 3 model features impressive sound quality while delivering notably low power consumption. The earbuds boast an active noise cancellation system, an anti-wind noise algorithm and Bluetooth tech to connect to plenty of compatible devices. 


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