Home Appliances Signature Kitchen Suite: Luxury Tech for the Home Chef

Signature Kitchen Suite: Luxury Tech for the Home Chef

The Signature Kitchen Suite PowerSteam dishwasher blends seamlessly into kitchen decor.

Delicious meals may be made in the kitchen, but that is certainly not where the magic begins. The minds behind LG Electronics’ Signature Kitchen Suite recognize this and are pledging to “deliver performance, design and precision” to the luxury built-in kitchen appliance market by “honoring the ones producing [the food], the ones preparing it, and all the ones lucky enough to be enjoying it.” 

This “True to Food” model is prevalent in the Signature Kitchen Suite, which “embraces a new generation of forward-thinking cooks, or Technicureans, combining their passion for food with their appreciation of innovation.” The new line promises to not only feature leading technology but also provide more flexibility in food preparation.

The line features a duel undercounter convertible drawer refrigerator, which comes panel ready or in stainless steel. There are six temperature zones for pantry, fridge, bar, seafood, meat and freezer. It features ThinQ technology and has flexibility from -7 to 50 degrees independently in each drawer.

Maintain freshness with precise temperatures in each drawer of the duel undercounter convertible drawer refrigerator.

The undercounter wine refrigerator, which holds 41 bottles, features Wine Cave technology as well as the Signature Sommelier app and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The undercounter wine refrigerator provides protection from vibration, light and variations in temperature and humidity.

The star of the show, however, is the 36-inch Duel-Fuel Pro Range. According to Rod Gower, Director of Business Development, it is the “swiss army knife of cooking.” It is the first of its kind to feature a “sous vide” module, which is a cooking method that uses precise temperature control to deliver consistent, high-quality results.

The 36-in Dual-Fuel Pro Range features sous vide functionality.

Additional highlights of the Pro-Range include two-zone induction and ultra-high and ultra-low heat burners. According to Gower, it is the largest capacity steam-combo convection oven. Additionally, it delivers under 39,000 BTUs and low ambient heat, so no makeup air kits are necessary.

The 36- and 48-inch Pro-Rangetops also include the sous vide option in addition to knob cooktop controls with LED display control panel and full Wi-Fi capability.

The company’s 36-inch Induction Cooktop, with four inductors at 3,700 watts of power each, includes two flex cooking zones and pan size sensors in addition to a seven-inch color TFT LCD touch control panel. Its center element zone offers 7,000 watts on “boost mode.”

The 36-in induction cooktop can accommodate smalls pans as well as large griddles.

The PowerSteam Panel-Ready Stainless Steel Dishwasher (pictured at top of page) not only features its namesake PowerSteam technology but also QuadWash cleaning technology and Signature Fit integration. Disappearing into the kitchen’s design, the dishwasher’s paneled door slides away when it is opened allowing it to be mounted at any height while also being fully hidden behind the panel.