Home Appliances Dreame Technology ‘Reinvents’ Smart Floorcare

Dreame Technology ‘Reinvents’ Smart Floorcare

Dreame Technology, a fast-growing company in smart home appliances, has announced two new products in Europe – the M12 Wet and Dry Vacuum and the H12 Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum, which feature new and ‘breakthrough’ technology.

M12 Wet and Dry Vacuum

As a two-in-one intelligent floor cleaner, M12 promises powerful wet and dry cleaning for hard floors and handheld cleaning for the rest of the home. It features an upgraded to-the-edge cleaning design that helps to clean along baseboards and deal with hard-to-reach corners, the company says.

M12 is equipped with six 4,000mAh batteries to deliver over half an hour of wet and dry cleaning or up to 60 minutes of handheld vacuuming on a single charge. Meanwhile, a large 920mL Clean Water Tank provides ample water for vigorous hard-floor cleaning. The vacuum also intelligently adjusts its suction power in real time according to the mess detected, ensuring effective cleaning while minimizing noise and saving energy and power.

It also features a pop-out handheld vacuum unit for convenient portable cleaning equipped with a powerful brushless motor, which can be used for cleaning sofas, desktops, window sills. Plus, with a maximum suction power of 12kPa, the M12 promises robust cleaning for any type of mess throughout the home.

M12 is available on online and offline platforms in Germany now, and will be available on Amazon stores in the rest of Europe on November 25.

H12 Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum

The H12 Pro comes with an edge-to-edge cleaning design to solve the problem of hard to clean corners and clean close to baseboards to thoroughly mop up spills and eliminate stains. This design extends the brush to each end of the wet and dry vacuum to clean much closer to edges and remove dirt more thoroughly, Dreame Technology claims.

H12 Pro has a powerful self-cleaning function, the company says. The machine is therefore capable of cleaning itself as it works on the floor thanks to a serrated brush scraper, which detangles hair and scrubs off dirt so the user always has a clean brush.

The vacuum can then be placed on the base and, with the press of a button, the roller is thoroughly rinsed. The brush is then thoroughly dried with hot air after self-cleaning in just an hour and a half to help prevent mildew, mould, and unpleasant odour.

Finally, the12 Pro features a dual tank design. A 900mL Clean Water Tank and 700mL Used Water Tank offer plenty of water to thoroughly clean hard floors throughout the home, Dreame Technology says. The large water tank can reduce the number of times the user refills dumps water while cleaning, which saves time and makes it perfectly suited to large areas, the company claims.

The H12 Pro will be available on Amazon from early November.