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Our Favorite Appliances at CES

Not to be outdone by the cool cars and innovative TVs at CES, there were a few companies that released appliances that should not be overlooked. Here are some of our favorites across the show floor.

Samsung Electronic’s Bespoke 4-Door Flex with Family Hub Refrigerator
Everyone always keeps an eye out for the newest updates to Samsung Electronics’ Family Hub + Refrigerator. This year, the updates include a bigger and more immersive 32-inch. screen for the Bespoke 4-Door Flex with Family Hub+, which essentially introduces the smart Family Hub features to the customizable, 4-door Bespoke Design. The new larger dashboard takes advantage of the bigger screen, allowing users to easily monitor and control their compatible home appliances. New features include Samsung TV Plus, which offers more than 190 free channels, while Google Photos integration transforms the platform into a digital photo frame that makes it easy to share and display photos. This product is set to launch in North America and Korea in the first half of 2023.

HISENSE HFG3601CPS Slide-In Gas Range
The Hisense slide-in gas range features six burners, including a dual ring power boil burner that boasts 18000 BTUs for near-instant heating. Its large 5.8 cu. ft. capacity allows users to cook family-size meals quickly and the convection design circulates heated air around your food continuously for faster and more even baking and roasting. The Fast-Preheat feature saves valuable time, while the Air-Fry option provides a simpler and healthier way to enjoy “fried” foods. Other modes like dehydration, pizza bake, keep warm, bread-proofing, roasting, frozen bake, and boil allow home chefs to experience new cooking techniques.

Chiere One from Tineco
Whether a beginner cook, an aspiring at-home chef, or an experienced food connoisseur, the CHIERE ONE offers a hassle-free cooking experience that leverages digital technology to deliver quality and healthy food. A 7-in. touch screen guides each step of the cooking process with video and audio, while an intelligent heating system evenly heats food and shortens the overall cooking time. Common seasonings — like water, oil, salt, or soy sauce — can be programmed to be automatically dispensed in the proper amounts, at the correct time. A built-in scale precisely measures and adds various ingredients, and the appliance is cleaned by the intelligent, steam self-cleaning of the inner wall of the wok, the stirring fin, and the lid.

LG Electronics’ LG Signature Refrigerators – 2023 Version
Slightly in the shadow of LG’s flashy TV launches, LG Electronics also unveiled some fun and different appliances at the show that should not be ignored. LG Signature and Instaview has been around for some time, but the newest version takes it a step further with dual top panels with the Instaview feature, which allows users to simply knock the door to turn it translucent and see inside.  This fridge also boasts a ultra-large (26 cu. ft.) capacity of a standard-depth fridge, with a counter-depth footprint, for 25 percent more space compared to most refrigerators on the market.

Clear Drop OC (Organics Collector)
Kitchen designers are still trying to figure out the best way to encourage composting, without complications or smelly side effects. One product trying to fill that hole is the Clear Drop OC (Organics Collector), which uses a patent-pending automatic process compacts and seals organics without releasing harmful substances. The OC takes any organic refuse for no more under-sink garbage disposal problems. Easy to use, it stores organics for up to seven days without unpleasant smells, with infrequent removals of around once a week without smelly liquids draining from the garbage recycling during transport.

GE’s Stand Mixer
This is definitely not your mom’s average mixer. From GE, this mixer actively monitors changes in texture and viscosity through motor torque feedback to optimize mixing performance. Over-mixing and undermixing fails are no longer a risk in recipes that previously required intuition and experience, as an automatic shut-off feature will turn the mixer off when completion is reached per a recipe in the app. There is a built-in smart scale, and users can connect the voice-activated Smart Stand Mixer to Alexa or Google Home and use voice commands for total control. In addition, the front-facing digital display that shows the speed, time and weight of ingredients.

Brava Glass
For the first time since 2018, Brava has updated its original $1,300 oven with Brava Glass. Brava Glass boasts all the features of the original, including the ability to air-fry, roast, bake, broil, toast, reheat, slow-cook and warm. Now Brava glass has the addition of a glass front door so users can see the food as it cooks live; the original version only allowed the user to see inside via a phone app. Brava Glass retails for $2,000.