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Everything You Need to Know From Pepcom at CES 2023

Everything You Need to Know From Pepcom at CES 2023

The Pepcom media event at CES 2023, hosted deep in the Roman-themed maze of Caesar’s Palace, provided an intimate and luxurious setting for media and exhibitors to interact. The guiding mission behind Pepcom, which was founded by a group of journalists back in 1998, is to break down the space between journalists and the companies they cover to foster personal and lasting relationships. 

The event featured a plethora of product unveilings, as many companies used the stage provided by Pepcom to showcase the innovations that are set to guide them into the new year. From smart glasses to a multi-talented robot, the products displayed at Pepcom spanned the diverse array of categories making up the tech space. Below are just a few of our favorite products from the event. 

aeo utilizes advanced, multifunctional mobility to perform delivery, eldercare, and security services in real-world environments

aeo from Aeolus Robotics

Reminiscent of the R2D2 robot from Star Wars, albeit with arms, aeo from Aeolus Robotics is a highly functional service robot that can open doors, ride elevators, deliver food and disinfect surfaces. Standing at roughly 3 feet tall aeo is designed to function as a service aid in hospitals and care homes to provide patients with more independence and to take a significant burden off of hard-working staff. 

Dusk Sport from Ampere 

A CES 2023 Innovation Awards honoree in the wearable category, the Dusk Sport tint-adjustable smart sunglasses are both sleek and highly functional. The device features electrochromic lenses that can be adjusted both manually – on the glasses and in the mobile app- or automatically via InstaOptic a feature that utilizes ambient light sensors. The Dusk Sport also features speakers and microphones in to allow users to listen to music and make phone calls directly from the glasses. 

PYXEL from Educational Insights 

Unveiled for the first time yesterday at Pepcom, PYXEL, a small robotic puppy, is a unique educational toy that teaches children how to code in a fun and engaging manner. Utilizing beginner or advanced code depending on comfort level, children eight years or older can program it to display emotions, tricks, lights or sounds. PYXEL will be available this Spring at a price point of $124.99. 

Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower from Worx 

We are all familiar with robotic smart vacuums, but you’ve probably never heard of a robotic lawnmower. Introducing the aptly named Landroid series of mowers, which come in three different ranges of 1/8 acre, 1/4 acre and 1/2 acre. The device comes with an ample amount of boundary wire, which acts as an invisible fence for the Landroid. Featuring a 20V 4.0Ah battery, the device is autonomous but can also be controlled remotely via smartphone.