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IFA: House of Robots, Sustainability Village, & Gaming Arena 

IFA: House of Robots, Sustainability Village, & Gaming Arena 
Vibrant and electrifying: IFA Berlin trade show showcases cutting-edge innovations and captivates visitors with the future of consumer electronics.

IFA Berlin 2023: House of Robots, Sustainability Village, and Gaming Arena 

Embrace the future at IFA Berlin 2023: Witness the unveiling of groundbreaking robotics innovations, promising a glimpse into the world of cutting-edge AI and advanced social robots.

The highly anticipated IFA Berlin 2023 consumer electronics (CE) trade show is set to impress attendees with cutting-edge innovations and sustainability initiatives. The event, held annually to keep pace with the ever-evolving consumer technology industry, promises to be an exceptional experience for visitors. Dealerscope has the information you need to make the most of IFA Berlin 2023. 

House of Robots 

One of the main highlights at IFA Berlin 2023 is the “House of Robots,” featuring two captivating social robots: Desi by SingularityNET and Mirokai by EnchantedTools.  

Desi, the brainchild of David Hanson and AI scientist Benjamin Goertzel, is renowned for her advanced musical AI capabilities, including composing and performing. As the lead vocalist of the Jam Galaxy Band, Desi aims to revolutionize the music industry through decentralized systems and blockchain technology. Desi’s performance, alongside a DJ at IFA, will undoubtedly be a showstopper. 

The mesmerizing IFA House of Robots will bring AI and social robotics to life, featuring captivating stars Desi and Mirokai in action.

Mirokai, the social robot with anime inspiration, captivates visitors with its “radical simplicity” and groundbreaking agility. The interactive head and adaptable handles with opposable thumbs, boasting a remarkable 97 percent grasping success rate, make Mirokai a standout robot in the market. Its programmable features enable users without technical knowledge to engage with the robot, and its unique “rolling globe” design offers fast and free mobility. 

These robots have rich stories behind them. Desi, often called “Desdemona,” is the sister of the famous Sophia robot. Desi passionately believes in the transformative power of AI in creative arts, with SingularityNET being a decentralized marketplace for AI algorithms. On the other hand, Mirokai hails from the planet Miroko, meaning “to see the marvelous other.” French film studio Gaumont animated the captivating Mirokai film, further deepening the robot’s allure. 

Sustainability Village: Emphasizing Environmental Responsibility 

The introduction of the dedicated Sustainability Village at IFA 2023 signifies a momentous shift in the consumer electronics industry’s focus towards eco-consciousness. With an onsite ‘mend and repair shop’ aimed at addressing the issue of e-waste, the event emphasizes the importance of promoting repairability and extending the lifespan of electronic devices. This initiative reflects a commitment to reducing the environmental impact of electronics consumption and fostering a culture of responsible ownership. 

Discover the Sustainability Village, a hub of eco-consciousness, where the latest sustainable technologies and initiatives take center stage, fostering a greener tomorrow.

The Sustainability Village will host an extensive conference program, offering valuable insights into sustainable best practices. Industry leaders, sustainability experts, and forward-thinking visionaries will gather to share their experiences and discuss innovative approaches to environmental responsibility. Key topics such as sustainable supply chain management, renewable energy adoption, and eco-friendly product design will be explored, fostering a collaborative environment for knowledge exchange. 

Central to the Sustainability Village’s mission is the dedicated exhibitor area, where companies will highlight the latest technologies and solutions driving sustainability in the industry. From energy-efficient appliances to eco-friendly materials, visitors can explore cutting-edge products that contribute to a greener planet. Networking sessions will connect sustainability leaders with the wider IFA community, enabling fruitful collaborations and inspiring collective efforts to address environmental challenges. 

At the heart of the Sustainability Village lies the House of Smart Living, a captivating exhibit that envisions the future of connected living spaces. Featuring a wide range of smart applications and innovative features, the House of Smart Living aims to boost energy efficiency, enhance security, and improve comfort in living environments. 

Visitors can engage with cutting-edge sustainable technologies and eco-friendly solutions at the vibrant IFA Berlin 2023.

Visitors will encounter an integrated energy management system that is piloting photovoltaic systems, heat pumps, e-mobility charging infrastructure, and domestic appliances. In addition, groundbreaking smart health applications, such as a sensor floor capable of detecting falls and motionlessness resulting in an automatic call for help, demonstrate the intersection of sustainability and healthcare technologies. 

The House of Smart Living, presented by the esteemed German electrotechnical associations VDE, ZVEH, and ZVEI, invites attendees to immerse themselves in the possibilities of smart living, offering state-of-the-art technologies for interactive testing and exploration. 

IFA Berlin 2023’s Sustainability Village serves as a pivotal platform for advancing the consumer electronics industry’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. With a convergence of industry leaders, visionaries, and innovative technologies, the event fosters an environment that cultivates groundbreaking solutions to global challenges. 

Unleashing Virtual Realms: Experience the cutting-edge worlds of Virtual Reality (VR) and Immersive Reality (IR) at the electrifying Gaming Arena of IFA Berlin 2023.


At IFA Berlin 2023, attendees can look forward to an exhilarating and extensive gaming and esports arena, set to captivate the 150,000+ visitors. This dedicated space will be a gaming enthusiast’s paradise, offering thrilling competitions, immersive gaming experiences, and the latest cutting-edge gaming technologies.  

Alongside different events, attendees can look forward to special guests, including YouTuber Kwebbelkop, who will also be speaking at IFA Berlin 2023. The dynamic content creator, with a massive following of over 20 million fans, will share his journey to success while also giving insights on the ever-evolving digital landscape. 

From virtual reality experiences to next-gen gaming setups, the gaming and esports arena at IFA Berlin promises to be an unmissable attraction for all attendees passionate about the ever-evolving world of gaming. 

IFA Berlin 2023 offers an array of features that make it a must-attend event for technology enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. From the House of Robots, where Desi and Mirokai display groundbreaking advancements in social robotics and artificial intelligence, to the Sustainability Village’s emphasis on environmental responsibility and eco-consciousness, and finally, the exhilarating Gaming Arena with its immersive gaming experiences and cutting-edge technologies, there is something for everyone at this highly anticipated consumer electronics trade show. 

Thriving energy at IFA Berlin trade show as visitors witness cutting-edge innovations and the future of consumer electronics.