Home Appliances Revolutionize Your Kitchen with the UltraFast Combo from GE

Revolutionize Your Kitchen with the UltraFast Combo from GE

Revolutionize Your Kitchen with the UltraFast Combo from GE
Image credit: GE Profile

On June 5, 2023, GE Profile announced the new UltraFast Combo with Ventless Heat Technology is available for purchase. With the latest addition to the GE Profile laundry collection, consumers get the best of both worlds for laundry day in time- and energy-saving.

In addition to eliminating the need to transfer loads between the washer and dryer, the UltraFast Combo can complete a wash-and-dry cycle for a hefty load in approximately 2 hours. No more waiting for the buzzer to go off before starting the next cycle either. The UltraFast Combo automatically begins drying straight after washing.  

The ventless heat pump technology and the High-Airflow Ventless Drying System of the UltraFast Combo make it 50 percent more energy efficient in the drying department. The elite energy efficiency of the UltraFast Combo has earned it Green Builder’s 2023 Sustainable Products of the Year award.  

No dedicated laundry room? No problem. The ventless design of the UltraFast Combo allows owners to set up the washer-dryer anywhere with a water hookup. Plus, the appliance has space-saving design and comes with a 120v plug requirement, giving owners the speed and power they need without the limits of their home layout.

Other innovative features of the UltraFast Combo include: 

  • Adaptive SmartDispense™ Technology automatically dispenses the right amount of detergent.  
  • MicroBan® Antimicrobial Technology prevents odors via antimicrobial protection on the gasket, dispenser, and draining system. 
  • The free Smart HQ app lets users manage their laundry remotely when connected to home Wi-Fi. 

Ken Rudolph, Senior Director of Product Management for clothes care at GE Appliances, said about the UltraFast Combo, “We’ve created the ultimate powerhouse for laundry by bundling the power of cleaning and drying and matching that with energy-efficient features and a compact, flexible design.”