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LG, Lowe’s Team in Energy-Efficiency Upgrade Program

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In commemoration of “ENERGY STAR Day” 2020, LG has joined forces with retailer Lowe’s and Rebuilding Together Greater Charlotte, a volunteer-based critical-home-repair organization, to help deserving families within the Charlotte, N.C. community with energy-efficiency upgrades to their homes using ENERGY STAR-certified LG home appliances.

The upgrades will help make life easier for five Charlotte families during and after the pandemic, and they will save the families money over time. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, on average, a house equipped with ENERGY STAR-certified appliances will save more than $700 over the products’ lifetime. This project, explains LG, is part of the nationwide Building a Healthy Neighborhood program, which brings together volunteers, neighbors, community leaders and local organizations to revitalize neighborhoods with safe, affordable, accessible homes and thriving community spaces.

For each of the houses’ energy efficiency upgrades, LG provided a refrigerator earning the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2020 designation and ENERGY STAR certified dishwasher, washing machine and dryer, all delivered by Lowe’s. Rebuilding Together completed the kitchen makeovers by installing a range hood and new LG electric or gas range. In some of the homes, Lowe’s and Rebuilding Together installed the new LG WashTower, which combines energy efficiency with convenient controls, built-in intelligence and advanced cleaning. The LG WashTower offers a full-size ENERGY STAR certified dryer above a full-size ENERGY STAR front-load washer. (ENERGY STAR certified washers and dryers use 25 percent less energy and 33 percent less water than traditional models.) The families’ new LG ENERGY STAR-certified dishwasher features QuadWash technology that saves water by eliminating the need to prewash or rewash dishes by hand. The dishwasher uses two separate blasts of real steam for better cleaning, drying and sanitizing. LG’s support of ENERGY STAR Day ’20, in cooperation with the EPA, Lowe’s and Rebuilding Together, “reflects our commitment to the environment and the community,” said Christine Ackerson, LG’s U.S. head of corporate social responsibility and sustainability.